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Im had smrt lipo on upper/lower abs and waist....

Im had smrt lipo on upper/lower abs and waist. Only had leakage the day of and yes I pushed the areas whn I showered the following day but no fluid came out. Now I am swollen with hard lumps all over and having issues with fluid build up in my feet and ankles. Im hoping nothing has gone wrong! :((


do you have pics? also any idea how many cc's they removed? i had the same issue, just got smart lipo on lower abs and sides 2 days ago, had very little drainage the day of, and none to speak of since. i called, they said it doesnt matter and that some people have allot and others have less, depends on how much the doc was able to get out during the procedure, the rest will go away naturally but slower, through urine, etc.
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Sorry, no pics :(.. But I had 3,000 cc's removed
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