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I am a mother of 2 boys. 12 and 5. I did not...

I am a mother of 2 boys. 12 and 5. I did not breastfeed them but my breast have been traumatized since the birth of my first son. I was an A cup before I gave birth and after I was a deflated 34 B. I've always wanted implants but never had the courage to get them. I'm very EXCITED :))) about my surgery on Sep. 18! I did my pre-op appointment last week and the Dr. and I Decided I would go with 350 filled to 375 saline moderate profile implants with the lollipop lift. Learned that I have a wide chest so I had to go with moderate profile implants. I've read that the pain Is similar to the breast being engorged with milk after child birth.... That had to be the WORST pain outside of childbirth that I've ever experienced but at least I will have pain medication this time! Currently counting down the days and trying to figure out how to download pics to the site :)

LOL! Yes, at least you can relieve the pain without having to worry about it affecting a baby! Your excitement is contagious and I'm happy for you, too!

Here are brief instructions on uploading photos to your review.

Please keep us updated! You're so close now. Only another week.

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