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I went to the doctor to get my monthly...

I went to the doctor to get my monthly prescription for accutane on yesterday. He prescribed me a lip ointment bc my lips are severely dry in conjunction with using carmex . I haven't had any breakouts since I have been on accutane. I was on a 10% fading cream for the dark spots, but he has taken me off until after I'm through with accutane. The doctor is monitoring my triglycerides level because they went up to 193 versus 130 from the previous month. Well keep me posted on you guys journey with accutane!!!! :-)
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I go for my blood work next Thursday so I am hoping that all my levels are responding normally ... Wishing you the best on your journey ! I too am on the accutane journey amongst others we are all excited one for another :)
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So glad you are taking the time to share, I wish you luck on your journey with Accutane. What type of acne do you suffer from?
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