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Pros: I can actually fit into my clothes properly,...

Pros: I can actually fit into my clothes properly, and have more self confidence.

Why I did it: I have always been a small breasted person, but I got serious into weight training and I dropped my body fat percentage to 15.2 and basically lost what little I had. I basically got it done so I could wear cute clothes and swimsuits.

It has been a little over two weeks since my breast augmentation and I am having some concerns with the look of my breasts. One concern I have is that one of my breasts is not only significantly larger in size than the other, but i also noticed when doing my massages that it is also much stiffer. The one breast is getting softer and softer every day and the other is still pretty firm. How long does normal swelling last, and could that be the reason for my breast to be firm? Secondly, that same breast, the larger one, is actually sitting slightly lower that the other one. Wouldn't the one that is healing quicker be "dropping" before the other?? I did notice in the mirror that my incision is also slightly higher on my breast..sitting a tad higher than the crease. Could that be a sign of my implant "bottoming out" or is it still too early to be worrying about all of this? I'm 5'3", 105lbs, was a 32AA and I got 325CC silicone implants under the muscle, which put me at about a full B/small C cup. Lastly, i am a long distance runner and serious weight trainer. How long should i wait until running? And how long until weight it okay to do lower body?


Thank God because it's stressing me out and i paid too much money so it's darn depressing. Thank you for responding back i feel better. I will keep you posted.
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The hardest thing is being patient! I panicked for two months looking for an answer when the answer was being given the whole time - just wait! I'm almost 7 months now and they are perfect!! Glad to ease some of you're anxiety!
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I am experiencing the same exact thing! My right breast is larger and sits lower and also the incision is a bit higher than the crease and breast is firmer than the left. Having read this gives me hope that my right breast will catch up to the left. I am two weeks post-op and i have been very depressed thinking that it will not be corrected but i feel there is hope now.
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Despite what i'm seeing in the mirror, my doctor did an extremely good job with what little he had to work with, and they don't look fake at all.

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