Implants Along with a Full Lift

I had the implants along with a full lift around...

I had the implants along with a full lift around 11/30/09. I am concerned that the right one is bottoming out! I cannot tell and need a surgeons advice. My 2 wk post op appt my surgeon just said it was normal and it looked fine, took out the stiches and sent me on my way. But when I looked at pics online I saw photos similar to how mine look! I don't know if it's too early to worry about it and if I should just give it time or if it is obvious that there is a problem. Please help! I am so worried. Thank you for your time!

My doctor wasn't very personable. I chose him b/c of his results photos though, I wasn't looking for a friend! I do regret not choosing one that I was more comfortable with and who was more accommodating to me now. I have questions that I need answers to and he doesn't give me the opportunity to ask them he just seems too busy and he rushes me through. He doesn't offer very much information for post op and hasn't reassured me in any form or fashion to ease any worries that all people would have after surgery. I just feel like just another patient to him and that he isn't concerned for my well being or the results of my surgery.

As far as the results, I cannot tell yet, I'm hearing that it is too soon to tell.

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I'm also in Baton Rouge and I'm researching which Dr. I want to use. What Dr. performed your BA?
JH, It does take time to see the final results of breast surgery. Even if you do chose to have revision surgery I would advise that you wait at least 6 months after surgery. It also appears your implants are above the muscle. If you do have a revision you may consider having the implants placed partially under the muscle for more upper breast coverage. Dr Edwards
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I wish they would have an undecided option here because if the results come out like they are supposed to of course I'd recommend him! I just don't know if he's avoiding a problem and not telling me what's going on. If you don't mind a surgeon who isn't going to make you feel like you are is only patient, then yes, I guess I would recommend him, but like I said, only if he is being upfront and honest about my results.

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