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I have used 50% glycolic acid twice now on my face...

I have used 50% glycolic acid twice now on my face and have not noticed any peeling? why is this? it makes my look shiny and nice but no peeling and no reduction in wrinkles?

I don't know if im doing something wrong? I need help because I was really hoping that this would work to help out with my dull boring skin!

Did you moisturize after the treatment? My specialist told me not to. She said to wait four days as moisturizing would basically undo all the work we had done and would stop the skin from properly shedding. She said to wait four days post treatment for moisturizers.

Sorry to hear you aren't getting the results you had hoped for. Have you considered going to see a board certified dermatologist to advise you on the best peel for your particular skin?

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