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Botox is BAD - Basalt, CO

I too had a very bad reaction to botox. Hair loss,...

I too had a very bad reaction to botox. Hair loss, puffy eye lids, constant headaches, etc. I have spent the last 3 months with ice bags all over my head. "It should all pass in 6 months," I am told by the physician who injected me along my hairline and between my eyes for migraine relief. There is only more pain and no relief. People should think hard about what Botox truly is; botulism!

Wondering if it was Dr. Kruise who did your procedure. He ruined my eyes with juvaderm with a procedure he assured me could have no bad consequences! Just want to see if he is going around wrecking up everyone...

Hi V,

I'm so so sorry this has happened. It sounds horrible, I wonder if you had a really bad allergic reaction to the Botox. How long has it been? I would hope your body would try to start filtering it out soon.

You might want to check out our forum, Did you have flu symptoms after Botox. I know you are not having flu symptoms, but many of the ladies there are suffering from all sorts of adverse effects from Botox, so hopefully you would find support and maybe some help. Please keep us updated. 

Thank you so much for the review,


Hi there I have had botox for several years now and love it. I actually had a sore throat yesterday when I went for the injections and just have a cold now. The only problem I have today is that my right eye is twitching on the eyelid and it is making me crazy - they treat botox for eye twitching so why has mine started today. Hope it goes soon. Hope everyone feels well soon also.
Dr. Urquhart

Discounted my bad result and insisted it wasn't related to botox

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