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Juvederm Under Eyes= Bags Under Eyes!! - Barcelona, Spain

I had juvederm under my eyes 2 months ago and now...

I had juvederm under my eyes 2 months ago and now every morning when I wake up. I have read that some many people had this problem long time after did it, and it can become worst. At first I didn't have any problem so I think it was a right injection, but I don't know these bags are gonna be worst. I would like to know if people had this problem too and how it is now. If their problems begin at first or begin later. Thank u very much for your help, I'm a bit scared about

Sorry to hear you didn't get the results you were after.

Here is a Q&A that was posted by a community member going through a similar experience:

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And here is a review from a community member who talks about her bags looking worse after her injections:

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