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I had a mommy makeover with a company called medi makeovers they where really great at the start of my planing always answer my ? And said I would be in great hands be for and after my surgery I really believe them to the point they started having bad reviews from girls and the aftercare and results but mm told me there are 2 sides to every story as the girls were not doing what they had been told eg smoking ect so I thought as the dr had many good results I didn't think much of it as I was close to going to Bangkok on my own, mm was there the whole way and my results was great but 4-6 weeks I notice things changing in my tummy tuck not sure if my muscles had split or they didn't cut enough there was a bulge I had told mm and showed them photos and they sent it to the dr but was told its swelling and wait till 6mths so I did I did everything right from the start according to them if your results are a little better they are happy even if your not :( now as I'm wanting another TT next year with a thigh lift I wanted another dr at Bangkok9 but now they are all refusing even if I pay again because it looks great I'm told and they all have deleted me like they do to anyone who as problems mm said to get it fix somewhere else like here in nz now If I could afford that I would of done it here in the 1st place, I was on the mm main site on face book to say to girls that I had a TT and was happy to show my bfor and afters but they have blocked me from writing on there page I also have a review on there page that they won't delete, I am so mad now no one at Bangkok9 will see me,please be aware of this company and there surgery guarantee that is on there page to me is false advertising

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The 1st photo was bfor the after as I was happy then 6weeks I think my abs split why it looks like this but to them its fine all I wanted to do was change drs and pay again but now none of them will do it and the hospital have not emailed me since mm told me they will no longer help me yes as they said its better then my bfor but I may as well not had it done cause I still can't show my tummy and that was my dream, I will post mm messages I got when I was worried about them doing this to other girls bfor I had my surgery how I believed at the time it was the girls after care but now I know it's all lies and yes you will here they are great and they are but once your not happy that's it you will never see on there pages bad results or bad reviews cause it doesn't stay on there page for long

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30/05/2013 03:36
Hey Daniela I'm abit worried as some1 said dr Thiti is not good to go to because he is only Thailand based has never trained or gone overseas for more training and would not trust him because of that. Thiland drs are just as good as Aus and the US thanks Daniela

30/05/2013 04:12
Daniela Pratico
That is crazy - where did you hear that??? whoever said that does not know anything about him at all.He is highly qualified and takes 3-4 trips outside of thailand each year training and also offering training to others. I would be very interested in hearing where you heard that rubbish. I was chatting to him yesterday, and he had just come back from overseas. He is one of the most highly trained surgeons in Thailand. I think some of the other forums on the internet are talking a lot of nonsense, i spend a lot of time making sure we offer the best surgeons - hence me being here now in bangkok, my second long trip this year.

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Hi Tracey, I hope you are excited to be heading over soon. I know you are concerned due to some things you are hearing. i just want to say that without going into details - there is very much 2 sides to the story. So please dont get caught up in the drama that some people have decided to create. This is a very personal journey for you and you have to be comfortable with your decision. I know that our hospital and surgeons are amazing and from my own very personal medical issues that I have no issues with have treatment in Bangkok and my daughter will be having breast surgery early next year. I just hope you dont allow some people to ruin what is a personal journey for you with their untruths. It is very important to be honest and unfortunately these people are not and are not taking responsiblity for their own decisions and not following rules etc. I hope you are happy with your decision but if you have any doubts I wish you will be honest and if you dont feel that having procedures overseas is for you then that has to be your decision. Take care Daniela


Hi Tracey, great to hear and that you understand. It is all about you and with those women! there really is another story to them. Smoking is a big issue with one of them but not the only issue - there is a huge story behind those two! one of them was not even my client by the time she went to Bangkok. Anyway it is all about you and making sure that you are comfortable with your decision and that you are happy. There are amazing people going on the group and you will have a great time, with of course a little pain but hopefully not too much. Again please dont get caught up in the dramas of people who have too much time on their hands and just look forward to your journey and your experience.

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at least 8 surgeons all reviewed your post surgery photos separately - all unbiased - and they do not agree you need surgery

so it is best now if you want to email them direct with any further communication about your surgery

if you want to visit a plastic surgeon in NZ and ask them to give you a letter saying that they agree that there is a problem with your surgery as you are suggesting -then I can pass this on to the hospital or you can email them direct

I have done the best by passing on your information and photos as you have requested and if you do not agree with their answer then I suggest you email and contact them direct with your concerns. I have given you their details and you have their details on your receipts from the hospital direct

We are not able to do anything more as this is the limits of our abilities.
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