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Hey everyone! Im 19 years old, just under 5'8 and...

Hey everyone! Im 19 years old, just under 5'8 and around 220lbs. My entire life I have struggled with with my weight and I am at the point where I need a change! I have always been very active playing almost every sport imaginable and eating pretty well and yet remained chubby. I have always carried all of my weight in my stomach, I have had a "grandpa belly" since 18months old and never lost it! (no one else in my family is overweight)
I have considered surgery forever but I just recently expressed my concerns to my parents, who have agreed to allow me to see a PS. I have tried numerous diets, exercise regimens, therapy etc and nothing has worked, it has just spun me into a battle with depression.
My biggest concern is that I will be too heavy to be eligible for surgery. I have booked a consult on January 28, 2013 with Dr. Elizabeth Hall-Findlay who I have heard is amazing. Although I have never had children I have the same "bulge" many mothers get after having kids,stretch marks, my breasts are deflated and droopy and I am only a teenager. I am hoping for a breast lift/Augmentation and hopefully some sort of tummy treatment (since TT's are not recommended before children). I am not looking for a miracle I understand that this procedure is not a weight loss method and that the results probably wont last through a pregnancy. I have been dreaming to have a "normal" body my entire life I don't care if it needs to be fixed again! Beauty is pain, and I am more than willing to undergo this life changing experience!
If anyone has any advise or words of wisdom it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for reading!
* I will try to upload 360 degree pictures ASAP*


Also, I know how hard it is to upload pictures, I didn't do mine until I knew I had my surgery practically scheduled and paid for. No worries. :) might get a bit more advice if people are to see but don't do anything that makes you uncomfortable. How did your consults go?
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Hiya! Tummy tucks don't necessarily get completely ruined after getting pregnant but chances are you might have more weight and a bit of extra skin depending on your pregnancy. You are right though a tt is not a weight loss solution, some of your mid section will receive lipo but the main goal of a tt is to repair muscle damage and tighten the abdomen and remove excess skin. If you are worried about you're tummy you should look into plain liposuction along with your ba.
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As you can see i no longer post on this review as my tt has been held off. i have a bl/ba review explaining that procedure. Because they tighten your muscles and remove skin my ps said it would almost completely undo if I got it before kids. And I know what I Tt is.... Hence why I posted here. I'm not interested in the lipo I want the skin/stretch marks removed too.
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