Gained and Lost 110 Pounds in Total with 3 Pregnancies!! Need Boobies Filled Back Up - Banff, AB

I'm 5'5 and weigh 124. With each pregnancy my...

I'm 5'5 and weigh 124. With each pregnancy my breasts got smaller and smaller. I was a full C before and have been done breast feeding my youngest for 11months now and was hoping they might bounce back. They didn't. I did a lot of research and had consults with 2 different Dr's. On the advice of my Dr, decided on sub glandular, cohesive gel smooth round high profile 325cc or 370. Still not firm on the size yet. I'm thinking smaller is better, I can always make them bigger with a bra. Any thoughts?
It's nice you're able to do this for yourself after having 3 children! You may find it helpful to experiment with rice sizers at home to get a better feel for sizing. Another suggestion is to post some wish boob pictures along with your "before" photo in your review. That way other members can comment on whether they think you should go larger or smaller based on your goal look. Keep us updated!
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