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I had a nose job three months ago and still cannot...

I had a nose job three months ago and still cannot breath through my nose and have to keep my mouth open all the time to breath. My mouth stays dry and I only close it to swallow. My nose is mangled. It looks like someone hit me in the nose with a bat. I want to die every day. One nostral is huge and one is almost a pinhole. It actually twists to the right. It was straight before and I just wanted a tip narrower and to have my breathing problem in the left nostral improved. I think the doctor must have disliked me and did it on purpose because it looks like he must have tried to make it look this bad.

I cry every day and have stopped looking in mirrors. I am not rich and had to save up for over five years to get this done and the worst part is the surgeon I went to won't even talk to me now. I also have a bump in the middle that goes across the bridge that wasn't there before. Why did you do this to me doctor? I wish I had my old nose back!

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Who was your Doc?
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Who is this doctor's name? He sounds like a real piece of garbage. Make it known. Let everyone know not to do business with him.
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I had septorhino 1 month ago and I still cannot breathe through my nose. I know this is a long time from your surgery but can you remember when you started to be able to breathe. Also, why did it take your breathing so long to progress. I am having a really hard time with the mouth breathing and think something may have done wrong. I went to a double board certified Facial Surgeon and ENT specialist - he is actually very credible. He said it's swelling. Your thoughts?
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I can't speak as to how your nose looks, but I can to the breathing problems. I had the same thing at about 3 months (dry mouth, coudldn't breath thru my nose,etc) but now 7 months later I am completely normal with the breathing part. Don't notice a difference at all. So, I hope that gives you some comfort as far as breathing. I wish you luck in everything else.
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I am so sorry you had a bad outcome. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. If you are able to in the future, consult with a surgeon who is a rhinoplasty revision expert and consult with more than one. Each surgeon has their own way of doing rhinoplasties. Now the rest of my post is in regards to you telling people not to do it just because you had a bad outcome. First of all, there are over 250k rhinoplasties done last year. The majority of them turned out great. Yes, some don't but I have found through asking questions of those seeking revision rhinoplasties, that they didn't properly research their prospect surgeon(s) before agreeing to surgery, only consulted with one surgeon, and went to someone who was close to where they live. I'm not saying this is what happened in your case. But it seems to be a running theme for those who need revisions. Now they are paying 10-20k (or even more) and having to travel to get their noses fixed. What I have found are the most qualified Rhinoplasty surgeons are not only board certified in Plastic Surgery but are BS in Facial Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery as well. It's also important that your surgeon's practice be limited to the face/nose and not the entire body (boobs, butt, etc.). You don't want your surgeon to be a Jack-of-all-trades but a master of none. Also, it's very important for people to realize that rhinoplasty is the most difficult PS to perform and just because a Plastic Surgeon SAYS he can do it doesn't mean he has the talent and skills to do it WELL. It doesn't take much talent to stuff a breast implant under the breast muscle but it takes talent to sculpt a nose. In closing, if you don't go to a surgeon who specializes in rhinoplasties or who does more than 100-125 a year, you have a higher chance of having a bad outcome. It's the same as going to a general surgeon for brain or heart surgery. You also have to be willing to travel to get your surgery done if that is what it takes to go to the most qualified and experienced surgeons.
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Please try and calm down a bit-there are many people who love you bunches regardless of what your nose may look like-you need to get ugly thoughts out of your head and focus on what is next. I am guessing if you freaked out at him he would not want to speak with you. Can you go to a lawyer with before and after photos of what you describe as mutilation? If you are as disfigured as you describe it is possible a lawyer would take your case without fees upfront. It all depends on what type of paperwork you signed, how the Doctor handled your complaints and how you handled your complaints. If you came off threatening or freaking out good luck getting anyone to help you. If you could post before and after photos it may help to calm you as some people think they look much worse than they do. I am sorry you are suffering.
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