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I had my Zoom whitening done yesterday. I read the...

I had my Zoom whitening done yesterday. I read the reviews on this site before getting it done so I thought that I should share my experience too. I was very worried about getting the procedure becausre of the pain. The dentist assured me that the pain wouldn't be bad if I don't normally have sensitivity to hot or cold foods. I worked mostly with the dental assistant as she was the one who explained the procedure, made my molds and prepared me for the procedure. She instructed me to brush with sensidine for at least 2 week prior and then gave me desensitizing gel to wear for four nights before the procedure. I was also told to take 800 milligrams of Ibprofen before going in yesterday. I had 4- 15 minute sessions done. I was fine until the 4th session when I started experiencing the "zings". They were not pleasant and I asked the assitant to take the light off at that point. From then, the zings did not stop until I woke up this morning (about 12 hours later). My teeth still feel very sensitive but it is nothing like the pain of the zings. My teeth are whiter but I'm not sure its something anyone but myself would notice. They did send me home with whitening trays to use so they should lighten up even more. Overall, it is worth it if you want/need it done quick. But it is expensive and you do have to be prepared for the pain.


Ugh, kind of a bummer not to notice super obvious results for that much money. Were your teeth relatively white to start with, or do you feel that there was quite a bit more that could have been achieved?

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I think my teeth were pretty average. But I thought for sure the zoom would make them much whiter. And after a few days, I started to notice they were streaky.

Oh, that is strange about the streaking appearing after several days. Is it still like that, or did it go away? I've heard of people seeing spotting or uneven color at first from the enamel being dehydrated but it seems most people see that right away.

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