Thinking my Labiaplasty Got Botched

I had labiaplasty surgery 2 weeks ago, and mine...

I had labiaplasty surgery 2 weeks ago, and mine looks pretty rough. HORRIBLE ITCHING, can't sleep it itches so badly. He left clitoral hood alone, and he told me beforehand that he wouldn't touch it, and why, so I am ok with that. My inner labia are gone, and I am ok with that too, but the sutures are VERY bumpy, and he seems to have left rim-like labia around my vaginal opening. Looks very inconsistent with the lack of labia between the clitoris and vagina. Not happy. Wondering if the rim-like skin is swelling, or do I need a rivision... it IS better than horribly excessive labia, BUT! I wanted to look pretty, not have extra skin sticking to my inner thighs, not have urine sraying out of the path of least resistance, not having labia pinched by the elastic in my underwear...etc... OS those problems are gone, but it's ugly with that skin around the vagina.

It took me 50 years to brave the humiliation of enduring this procedure, and it SUCKS to have to have it scrutinized and possibly re-worked. I'm so glad for these forums! I heard something about Care credits for revision work, or something...anyone know more about it?

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The itching is due to your body's natural healing process. I had the procedure done 3 years ago, and I remember the itching was intense, painful, and very uncomfortable. What helped me was a lidocaine 5% ointment that numbs the area. That tube was my best friend for a few weeks. You may be questioning whether or not you should have had the procedure. I did too, but it was the best thing I have done...once the itching and discomfort dissipated. The bumpiness of the sutures is normal. I had that too, and it went away with healing. You are only 2 week out. Give it some time before you jump to conclusions about your results.



You are so supportive!  Thanks for sharing your experience and side-effects.

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