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Tear Trough Injections Via Microcannulae Using Restylane -Baltimore, MD

I've had hollows under my eyes my entire life as...

I've had hollows under my eyes my entire life as it runs in my family. I did alot of research on filler injections and found that results vary depending upon the injector. I went with a plastic surgeon who specializes in facial fillers and so far I think I made an excellent choice! I was so happy when she said she wanted to use the cannula as I've read the risk for bruising and swelling is less than traditional injections.

I just had my injections done yesterday. I was injected with a local anesthetic on my cheeks where the cannula was inserted. I had 1/2 a syringe put in EACH eye for now but my doctor believes I will need to come back for more. After seeing some of the "after" photos on here, I was really nervous I would end up with water bags under my eyes so I wanted to take a more conservative approach. I would rather under correct than over correct.

Immediately after the injections I only noticed a slight difference. Within 3-4 hours I could feel my tear troughs filling up and "hardening". I could feel the filler "expanding" which lead me to believe my results are not simply from inflammation but rather the filler itself. The results look amazing! My face hurts every time I smile, make dramatic facial expressions, bend over, and also hurts to the touch. I used ice immediately 10 mins on, 10 mins off, and slept with arnica gel. I also slept on my back with two pillows as suggested.

1 day post injection: The filler itself isn't expanding anymore than it had last night which is good! I'm definitely more swollen but it's not so bad that I can't go out or anything. The pain has significantly subsided. I think there's some slight bruising but I'm not sure if this is just the color of my skin or the tyndall effect that's supposedly common with Restylane. It's more of a gray/purplish/brown color.

I'm really happy with my results so far! I'm hoping that once the swelling resolves I will still notice a difference. If not, I can always go back for more filler! I'll continue to update you guys on how the healing process goes! :)
Thanks for sharing!  You were so smart to go to a doctor that specializes in eye injections, and to go conservative.  Definitely keep us posted on your healing, and if you go back to get a little more.  Sounds like this was your first time getting tear trough injections?


Second day post injection

2 day post injection: the swelling has gone down DRAMATICALLY! I slept with arnica gel so I wonder if that helped. The bruising is much more apparent but easy to hide with concealer. It's more maroon in color today. I still can't decide if I may need more filler but we will see! The pain has pretty much entirely resolved unless I really strain my face (which I don't wanna do). I'm hoping it doesn't go down anymore or else the lines will probably be visible again. But like the doc said.. I will likely need more than one syringe of filler.

Second day post injection

I have been interested in this procedure for a while but I am concerned about bruising. I am glad your happy with your results. Btw you didn't get a lot of bruises. Thanks for sharing.

Fourth day post injection

Still loving my results! I went out yesterday and I feel like I received so many more compliments than usual (don't mean to sound conceited at all). No one can tell that anything is different but I heard many times that I look beautiful and that I'm glowing. I wore concealer and mascara. Wearing it and using makeup remover didn't irritate me at all.
Just did my consult with Dr. Kontis today. Thanks for your post!
You look so much happier! Congrats. I live filler, now I'm thinking I should fill my troughs...
You're right! The bruising is nothing compared to some other photos I've seen. If you can, try and find a doctor that is comfortable with the cannula procedure!

More filler added

So it's been 12 days and now that all the swelling is bruising is gone, I decided to get another cc of restylane put in. Looking good so far! Will post pics soon!
Awesome! She's great.. Lemme know how it goes for u!
I saw Dr. Theda Kontis in the Baltimore area. I highly recommend her!

After second round of injections - day 5

After this round of injections I experienced some swelling and a little more bruising (still not that bad tho). The swelling kind of created a line where there was a buldge but that cleared up by the third day. Today is the fifth day! Here's a pic! So happy with my results!
Hi, it looks really good. Question: How much was it per injection? Might be a stupid question since I could easily split $1,050 and calculate it myself, but hey, it doesn't hurt to ask!
$525 a syringe!
Thank you MObrien! As I have started also my own research, could you please show photos how it looks today? Have your eyes returned back to normal before the injections? Have done additional injections in the meanwhile?

Update: 8 months later!

Dr. Kontis suggested I come back in 8 months but I think I'll hold off. Eyes still look great! No additional injections yet. I don't wear concealer or anything besides mascara and Chapstick anymore lol.


I live in Baltimore County and will be making my appointment with Dr Months today. I have TERRIBLE bags under my eyes and have been pushing this off for 3 years. Thanks so much forsharing.
I hate spell check!! Dr. KONTIS!!! NotDr. Months!
Dr. Theda Kontis

Dr. Kontis was very personable and friendly. She made me feel very calm and confident that I was in good hands.

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