I Think We Can Agree This Hack Job is 100 Xs Worse Than my Prior Ass - Baltimore, MD

This is what im left with 3.5 mths after cellulaze...

This is what im left with 3.5 mths after cellulaze with a lil lipo to balance out sides of glutes and thighs. What a train wreck these surgeries were. One bad day! Least I didnt die..its a wonder . Well see in all the surgeries ill need to fix this Nightmare. Will take fat grafting from other parts of me ..n not even sure i have enough to fix it, then how hacked up will those parts gets. Unreal, feels like a movie im watching. See other pics on profile for before and after. Ill add more later.

Dr Lickstein of Maryland

More filler around eyes again today 7/30/14. All the tissue was taken out during the upper lower eye lid surgery in April. My eyelashes go out from my eye and swoop all to the inside of my eye. Good indication to how my eyelids were pulled during surgery. Ptosis now and lids hang lower than before. Had an LA surgeon evaluate the lids and he said the uppers were tethered. He was very concerned about my eyes being overly dry because the lids wont shut like a normal untouched eye would. In 2014 surgery has come a long way.... or so one would think.... Now the good surgeons take the fat in the eye and reposition vs stripping all the tissue and leaving the eye extremely hollow and looking like you are sickly and near death.

Pants look stupid

I never ever had to think about what my butt looked like in pants or my yoga pants till after this surgery. I got these pants and was in awe of how bad the 2 sides of my glutes are now. Im always worried about it now and afraid ppl will notice. Guess kinda hard not to :( Love when surgeons tell u.... "now nobody is exactly the same on each side" omg what a copout. Duhhhh yes we all know this, i think we can agree this is a lil more than a little off. Lol Quite a joke. I think we can agree as well, that isnt that why cosmetic surgeons exist...for the most part...because humans want to fix things they dont like. Shouldnt they be artists as well? I sure would not like 2 boobs looking like this. Hmmm but since nobody is the same on each side...is it suppose to be acceptable???????? Then give me a cannula...bet i could do just as well

Axillary/lipo Update

Ill be trying to find the solution to all thesw messes in the fall. I dont want to go into a new year still living this bad dream. I just want to wake up and it all be a dream.

Hmm lil roll wear banana roll was...swaped for multi rolls.

Not sure why one would think asking about a roll under glut, would make this outcome even a little bit acceptable. Seems most surgeons know this is not an area to be messed with. I sure wasnt told that. I sure would NOT have opted for this racked look. So embarrasing. How in the world do you explain this to somebody that sees it??! Just taking your money and not carrying about the job done is quite sad. I expect more from ppl i hire to do things around my house. God forbid its my body and they went to how many years of college/med school. Pathetic. Oh and never back down when asking for your medical records. Thats illegal for them to withhold them. Also i have many many pics from my modeling to show before on any area.

4 month

Jus adding pics

My lil Lipo update. Of my lop sided butt. Thar i never in my life was worried about being able to see in clothes. I have tights on under yoga pants. I looked in mirror before leaving gym locker room...talk about ruining my gym happy time as well as my day. Glad the gym is empty or i would have left. I have worked out 30 yrs. Im known for a good ass. Now im just sick sick sick when i see this. The area i wanted smoothed was hip and saddle area.. see profile for before pics. It should have been such a lil fix. Now i have a saddle droop and long butt and droopy butt and he took out n blended into the fullest part of butt cheek...im not a surgeon but its common sense you take from there ur gunna have a saggy ass. I never said take away from my butt cheek there. Should not have been done. He was to be doing side where i had a tiny lil buldge. Now that area is 10 times bigger than before....why???? Because he cut way back into the butt cheek above it and dug in till there is no tissue under my butt cheek. Totally removed banana roll... see other pics on profile. So butt falls into my leg another nch to two into my leg now than other leg. Its unbelievable the damage this Dr caused me. The fix for all of it is nuts
Dont even know what can be fixed for sure. Sickens me still 4 months later. Ill be off work with no pay and no sitting for 4 plus weeks. Cant even go to store and sit. Fat transfer...and what will happen to the rest of my body they take fat from??? I never had a saggy butt in my life. Im the leg girl who loves squats and lunges. This sure has impacted my fitness, health and aging me even more from all the stress. Im a fitness trainer... this represents me.... and not in a good way now. So a lil fix wasnt a lil fix but a total mess up. Costing me SO much. Anybody i show the dent is like wtf
..they see it right away. If he had stuck to the lower part n blended the hip and stayed away from the glut itself may have been ok...oh and just touched a lil of banana roll....or perhaps been upfront with me like all other drs say now.... "I wont touch banana roll!" Why u ask..because it causes your butt to fall in your leg..instead of a banana roll. You will have a quarter of a butt cheek in your upper leg....then a dent and crossways lines like Freddie Kruger got you with his knife finger tips. This result may be fine for people that dont care and dont teach fitness and model for a living to pay bils and sometimes in next to nothing. My body is my income. Same as if his hands got in an accident or eyes and he couldnt work or was limited. Im so self conscious of it. I see a lot of gluts... a lot and notice even more now and can tell you.... i do NOT NOT NOT see this in any of them. Nobody has lopsided gluts like this. Yes nobody is perfect on either side, but nobody knows in clothes... this is pretty damn obv. I have one tight taunt cheek and one wrecked lazy looking one. I cant follow the muscle line on the glut either like the other...i read it can break down muscle and other tissues. Bottom line..nobody wants to pay and have their life, emotional state, savings, income, social life ruined from sometning that was.to fix and ne a 4 week heal till back to normal. Ill be fixing researching for a year

Somebody said earlier they couldnt tell with yogas on

So Ill share without the tights and yoga pants drawing it in. Now you can see the droop much better and the different from one side to the other. Ill also post the before pics of what I asked about in consults to show you where I marked to show in the consult my areas I wanted to be smoothed if possible. The black liner is where I wanted smoothed. I never wanted any taken away from the actual peak of the cheek. Anybody knows doin that will cause a butt to sag. I had no idea taking away from banana roll would cause my glut to fall into my leg. I assume from the pics now as it all settles and gets worse that he took away from the glut as well. I know he did its blended around mid way from top to bottom of glut. You can tell by the way the area that I originally wanted smoothed and some taken away ( saddle) its bigger now looking than before because the banana roll was butchered and I now have a dent where these is no tissue at all, you can feel no cushion at all. Its all gone. Now the glut falls into that area. Taking away from above the saddle and into the peak of the glut caused more sagging and accentuated the saddle..now more away from it above and below to make it stand out 10 times more than it ever did before. I never looked in mirror with clothes and noticed it. Only naked. Now in all my yoga pants from the side I see a cut in mid glut with a saddle hand full of fat pocket and a dug in under area. The more settling the worse its all getting as far as droop and part I wanted gone being worse than before by a long ways. The other side isnt bad, its acceptable ... at least its not saggy. So I have 2 different butts on one body now. Quite unnatural. I thought surgeons fixed this not made worse.. odd

if you can hold a pencil under your glut u need to squat more....

Well I could not hold a pencil before this surgery undet my glut in the crease. Now I could use it as a handle to stick a hand in a be picked up. Its very deep and I could hold a lot more than a pencil. I jus showed a nurse at a surgeons office it today...she just shook her head with her mouth open. The dent that makes the big crease now. Pinch test I read they do lol well if I grab the tissue on the left side in the crease it might be a pinch an inch. On the right, i can barely get anything to pinch at all. Its completely empty. No tissue left.

Oh look more shitty results forming with healing. Happy happy joy joy.

Healing nicely I see. Lmao. Funny thing about lipo... when you are told it takes 6 mths to a year to heal, you never know what you are going to be left with. Check this out, bet you cant guess right where the cannula stopped or ran. Lol. Ok you win.. u saw it. Blows my mind. I paid for cellulaze to help my legs and walk out with a mess that i will never wear a swim suit with again. Loath doesnt even begin to describe my feelings about all this. If you dont know your craft/job/what you have a paper saying you can do.....pick another.

Ice scoop instead of Cannula for liposuction??

Very interesting watching this deformity unfold.

$!/&ed up is best way to put it.

7 mths. Pretty much healed and this is what we got. Dent goes clear round till inner thigh area. Pants go in it. Cant even imagine wearing a swim suit now. Makes me sick. No female wants to pay for cellulaze then have this happen. To ruin another area. Its just plain idiotic. No responsibility either for what was done. Disputed my discover card payment. They fought it to keep my money, even though i have already paid out way more than that in consults, trip to la to figure out best way to fix. I dont want another area ruined to fix this up. He screwed me good, maybe doesnt appreciate women or their bodies, because we all know this isnt ideal for any female. Dont forget to make the medical board aware of bad experiences. Thats what they are there for and never go through with surgery if they take you a lot later in the day than planned. Its rushed, mistakes happen that can cost you the rest of your life. If your gut says the surgeon should measure your eyes prior surgery too, dont go through with it. Walk the hell OUT!!!!!!! Its your gut for a reason. If you ask and he chuckles like...ohhhhh we do that in surgery..... dont listen. Its your eyes. Surgeons now add far in surgery, they measure many times AND they let the fat there are reposition so you dont have dug out eyes, dark rings and look sick and 20 yrs older without make up. :( I was stupid, dont you be

Some should not be allowed to use a cannula to do lipo

Good way to see the dents and mess ups from the surgery 7 mths ago is wearing clothes. I have taken screen shot after screen shot of bums, fitness...some not...clothed..some not. Funny thing is in all i see i have NEVER seen one like this, with the sides cut out clear back into the glut, with the under ass dug out and caved in, with the glut line runninv clear out to medial thighs. Nope, none, not even one!! I say stop watching gay porn and see what a womens ass is suppose to look like if you are going to call yourself a surgeon who is trained in lipo and the human body and how its put together... just my opnion of course. All i can come up with is this one doesnt know what an ass looks like on a female that cares what one looks like. So if you dont have a clue, dont charge to act like you do. I didnt pay 5000 for cellulaze to have my body now look like its deformed and i was starting to get eaten my a zombie. Go to skilled surgeons who only specialize in a certain area...this jack of all trades is complete bullshit!!!! Never again!!!! Watch the right left handed too. Look at many many pictures of their work. This one messed up my left eye pretty bad... need lids fixed and hell idk what else and then flipping me over messed up my right glut so bad. So there u have it..... right handed surgeon. Oh and fought me for his money... like my career, my modeling, my fitness career, my wearing clothes, dating, ever wearing a swim suit again......... was most def none of his fkng concern. So BEWARE of these types who only want your money and couldnt give two shits about your life in every aspect. Anybody with a brain would know better than do what he did here. Its absurd .

oh look at dent from his skilled lipo lmao oh yea my ass and top off leg off not just my.ass he laughed off of me

Happy Holidays. 9mth post April Hack job Mangled Mess

Flying once again to LA to get fat grafting and possibly a lower body in the back, mostly on the one side. Not sure there is any other option for the cannula tracks he left me with and the deflation that continues to go on. Its getting worse. I have a tattoo this will completely mess up. This is one nightmere after the other. I just totalled my income this year compared to last i made way less than half of last year because of all this. 60,000 less. Thank you Dr. I hope you made lots more. Cost me a mint extra with surgery, travel, consults. So fkd up. Now ill be off 2 mths. 5000 in living arrangements in LA and not even mentioning surgeries for eyes, lift, grafting here and on eyes. Oh and flight out and back. Did i mention a nurse for both surgeries?? I dont think any female wants an ass that looks like this compared to what she had before. Ruined my income, ruined my life!! Now ill have a big scar back there....more ruined income till I can try and fix the tattoo that will be messed up and cover scar. At least 6 mths till a needle can touch there. This guy should not be doing surgeries on eyes or lipo. He made me into manly eyes. Small and not female looking at all now, with a rough, big brow bone because of how he dug out my upper eyes. Did I mention after 9 mths they still did not send me my medical papers?? Afraid perhaps. Lol What I saw that was sent to Discover was a complete joke. Clearly rewritten info.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Surgery done the same day as Axillary and eyes. Tried to ask questions after surgery when i saw all the messed up starting to show. I was treated like i knew nothing and it was no big deal...well it is a big deal. One that is going to cost me at least 25,000 to fix. 3 weeks at least, off work and not allowed to sit 3-4 weeks. Lost income and more cost of surgery costs

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