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Hi everyone I am a 37 year old who is looking...

Hi everyone
I am a 37 year old who is looking into doing fat transfer in my face. I have done fillers and a liquid face lift it really did not work for me because of my features. I am a Nigerian with strong features to say the least but i want to make them look softer and fuller without losing my africaness if that makes sense. I am worried and scared because of the recovery time since im a full time grad student and i have a full time job. Im unable to take off from both. I have considered fat transfer for years now but always did something else i.e fillers. I will post before and after pictures; excited and scared at the same time. If all goes well this will be a great summer if not i will be under a blanket.

I agree with redroxie 100%...Please do not do this to yourself.  Read the negative views on this site that will tell you just how bad this procedure can go.  I only wish I had found this site first before destroying my face.  Its not just a question of finding a good doctor, the doc can have great credentials, but the procedure itself is very risky...and cannot be undone.  I have spent over $30,000 over the past 2 years in attempts to get back to myself again... with barely any improvement.  It causes permanent lumps, distortion & scars.  Many of us ended up with over-filled cheeks and look like chipmunks...but the worst areas that goes wrong are the eyes & mouth.  Before I went for FT, I used temporary fills and they worked great.  You just have to find the right one that will work for you & a good doc to do it.  Don't give up on them yet...just try different types & you will find one that you will be happy with.  And temporary fills can be removed if you don't like the look.  Or simply wait a few more years and get a mid-cheek face lift.  Its actually FAR less risky than FT...and you won't end up with lumps in your face.  I wish I could grab you by the hand and drag you from this.  Its been the worst mistake of my life...truly devastating, and I would hate for that to happen to you, especially at your young age (and yes 37 is still young, lol!).  And I'm only one of many.  Just read the reviews...50/50 is not good odds...and most of the favorable reviews are NOT for the face, but for breasts & butts where there is less risk of lumping.  I had this done to me by a very high end PS in Beverly Hills CA.  So even in the mecca of movie stars, in the high rent district, with a reputation of the finest PS in the country, your face can still be destroyed.  Please, just try to experiment with temporary fillers until you are ready for a face lift.  They are getting better & better and new ones are out now that are much improved.    
WOW i have read other people's experience about fat transfer and i am now terrified of everything. I have already paid for the surgery but im having second thoughts because of the reviews i read. I do not want to have regrets either way. If not fat transfer then what gives u volume like the fat transfer? Thanks
First of all, you are really young. I can't believe you need fat added to your face unless you've had large weight loss. If you have fat, you need to be realistic and know that cheaper isn't better. I would want the BEST doc doing my fat-which i had and still have issues. You need to have a serious conversation with yourself. Go see Dr. William J .Little in DC if you want fat. He is well known and well respected in that arena. Conservative grafting will require more than one session. He is known for doing fat grafting in multiple sessions and if you don't have down time, you should think about it. Fat distorts the face and it takes many months for it to settle in. I think you need to really understand what you're getting yourself into. It's not do it once and you're done.


Dr. Dean Kane

I have done some fillers and the liquid face lift with Dr. Kane; his prices were great. I was pleased with the fillers and the liquid facelift ( Almost 1year) but it did not achieve the results i needed. As far as the fat transfer in the DC area his prices were the cheapest. Most doctors were asking for 7-8 grand. His prices included everything, the surgery, lite lipo in my stomach area to get the fat needed, the hospital fee; everything.

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