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I had a chin implant for over 20 years. Needless...

I had a chin implant for over 20 years. Needless to say I loved it! When i had my jowling removed I was misinformed and told to also replace the chin implant. I did and hated the new results. I have tried another replacement 8 months later....with same bad results. Three months ago had chin implant removed all together. It looks just as bad without chin implant and have an extended chin that drops a little. Will this swelling and or scar tissue go away since these two implants were all handled within one year? My old implant was a gel implant that was strategically placed higher up on the chin than what plastic surgeons current do today in the text book version, lower on the chin line. Challenged, may go back to Dr. who originally talked me into replacing it and insist he put old gel exactly where it was originally. Will he be able to see the pocket where the original was placed for over 20 years?? Truly worried on what to do at this stage. For now, allowing more time for the tissue to heal. Thanks for any additional advise. This have been a very difficult journey!

Hi. Do you still have the implant removed or did you get another one? If it is still removed, how does it look now? I'm interested in talking people that had removal or revisions. I'm really unhappy with mine and debating between removal or revision, but seems most people are unhappy with both. Also, have not come across many that have pics posted.
I'm planning on getting mine removed soon, and I've only had it in for 6 days.

Hi Trish -- We have a few community members here who have had their implants removed after such a long period of time. Drop by squarebull's review if you get a chance... he's really nice and helpful in explaining what you can expect.

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I was reviewing other patient details on this website.

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