Chem Peel: Great First Step to Loving Your Skin - Baltimore, MD

I started feeling like I had a tired and older...

I started feeling like I had a tired and older look when I hit 35. I have freckles and they get worse with sun exposure. I went to a local "spa" and paid $140 for a mini dermabrasion and chem peel and honestly didn't notice much of a difference... my intentions where not to go back.

My neighbor happened to have a cousin who is a nurse by trade and also when to derm school. She offered a full microderm and peel with an after care kit for under $100. HUGE difference. I have reversed tons of sun damage and my skin is tighter and clearer.

If I have bouts with some slight acne this clears it up as well. I think it's a great regiment to get into. I go every 4 months or so, but if I had the cash I'd go every other. Try this before getting anything else "done" if you just need a light lift to the tone of your skin.


Hi Britt! It really doesn't hurt anymore than a mild sunburn when they are done. The downtime is usually just a few days..but really if you don't mind looking like you have a dry face and peeling a little you have no down time at all. I usually stay in for the first few days..because I feel like everyone is looking at me (I have been assured they are not)A good place will send you home with a kit to use on your face for 10 days. A cleanser, hydro cortisone cream, rebalancer, moisturizer etc. Follow the steps and in a week your skin will look so much nicer. Good luck!!
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Hi Peace, 

Yay, I'm glad that although the first time didn't work, you found someone who you trusted who was able to do a better job and you ended up happier. I always wonder how badly these hurt and the downtime, that part scares me the most, is it as bad as I'm imagining? 

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