I Think my Boobs Went to my A**!!! - Baltimore, MD

Contemplated having this done FOREVER!!!! Now that...

Contemplated having this done FOREVER!!!! Now that I'm 100% ready to do this...surgery paid for. Every complication imaginable has happened. Not sure if this is some sort of bad omen :-( Second prep labs done today. The lab tech was a student..bad experience! I hope she processed the labs properly... We shall see tomorrow..

Test results were improved!!

So I jumped the gun..my labs were all processed and looked very much better than the first draw. My PCP cleared me for surgery yet AGAIN on 3/28 Yaaaaaaayyyy right??? But then she says...as long as my hepatologist agrees :-/ I see him on Monday. ( I was diagnosed with AIH last year) Fingers crossed!!!

Going to have to wait a little longer :-/

Whelp...although my test results have improved, the hepatologist wants to get me down to 30mgs of Prednisone from the 40mgs I'm currently on before he's comfortable with me going under. I totally get it..I'm just ready to have it doneeee!!! Better to be safe now than sorry later though. Retest next week. Waiting.....
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Details? :) What are your stats? What implants are you getting? Good luck!!
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Thanks!! ...busy venting forgot to mention the stats Post B/A: 34B Implant size: 425ccs Implant type: silicone Implant brand: mentor Implant shape: round Placement: under the muscle Profile: high
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Complete under muscle or dual-plane?
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Complete. I'm thinking of going for a consult with another surgeon. It's so hard to get in contact with the surgery coordinator at this office very unprofessional. Will see how much $$ I'll lose by doing so tomorrow.
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Good luck :\ They need to keep in touch with you
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