Beginning to Plan!! After Waiting Too Many Years, Now It's Time! - Baltimore, MD

Searching Baltimore, Miami and santo Domingo :)...

Searching Baltimore, Miami and santo Domingo :) I'm not sure what my schedule will permit yet but my first priority is finding the best doctor.
Also hoping to find a travel buddy, cuz why do this alone when someone out there is going too! I was dreaming of going to the DR and staying at the RH for the first week the staying the 2nd week at an all inclusive resort while I recover. I can lay on my stomach in a beach chair in the shade, and a drink in my hand!! Oh wait, can I drink? Lol
Congrats and good luck!!! Did you figure when and with who your going too??? :D
Welcome to RS! Lol @ the beach part. I love the beach, and a drink in the hand will be so lovely. I don't know if you can drink a week or two after surgery though. =) There are a few doctors in Balt. : Dr. Markmann (hope I am spelling his last name right) I think he starts off at $12k, Dr. Rodriguez ($????). A few in Miami that have good reps: Salama ($8999), Pat Pazmino ($7500-9000), Dr. Perry ($???), Fisher ($5k+) DR: Yily, Duran both are usually around $3500 for BBL. Hope that helps some. As always continue your thorough research. Good luck on your search.
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