Dont Think I Like This Product. Seems to Creep and Move and Disappear - Baltimore, MD

I feel like it moved out of my lips and didnt...

I feel like it moved out of my lips and didnt really stay around my eyes. Still love restylane more. Seems almost too soft and moves before it sticks. Not sure what else i can say but this wont let me post till i say more....ummm duhhhhh. Is that enough text yet lol. Oh look 31 more characters needed.. gezz waste of my time posting this one
I've tried Belotero twice in my lips and it only last around a month and a half each time! She tried once with just the original belotero and then again with belotero intense.. but both had the same effect and disappeared pretty quickly :( boo
Yes i agree. Too thin. Bummer.
We'd love a little more information about where the Belotero crept to and how long it stayed in place. Was the migration immediate?
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