So Eager to Have a More Narrow Nose! - Baltimore, MD

I've always wanted a nose job, but I never had the...

I've always wanted a nose job, but I never had the money for it and I was scared because I've heard so many horror stories. But I don't want a totally different nose, I just want mine to look more narrow and for my side view for the tip to not look so round >.< But my consultation is August 11th, so I guess we're going to see what the doctor can do for me. I'm nervous and excited though and I'll update with pics every week when I have the procedure done ;D
Please also give Dr. Monte Harris a look. He's done really great work as well.
Hi, how did your consult go? thnx for sharing about yourself. I just discovered the site few days ago, truly a God send. I'm so ready to start my journey for my new look! All the ladies have touched & inspired me. My initial consult is oct 25th so countng down till then. Let us know how you make out, take care..
Check out this web- site(www.kofi boahene . Com)As far as black nose is concerned, he's the right doctor.after my bad nose job in India , GOD saw my broken nerves!and sent me a deliverer/ savior.Am doing a reversion in nomore cos what most Doctors does out there is to experiment with black can also try Dr Sam rizk but he's impatience and wouldn't give you a listening hear like Dr kofi.But seriously, Dr rizk is good at what he does! But out of the two, I choose Dr kofi cos of his sense of humor.good luck!
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