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I want to start off by saying i battled back and...

I want to start off by saying i battled back and forth with myself on weather i should write this review because i would open myself up up criticism and judgment from others but i figured if i had someone who i could have learned from their mistakes it would have helped me. This is my honest and true review. I had my first rhinoplasty in 2010 it was by a surgeon who was not qualified in the least bit to work with African American noses and i believe i was her first ever "ethnic" rhinoplasty. I've always hated my nose, it's something I've been teased about all my life so when i finally was able to save up enough money i consulted with two surgeons, the first was dr mobley and my surgeon Dr barr, my gut told me neither were really qualified for what i was wanting/needed but if i had to choose i definetly would have gone with Dr Mobley, the reason i choose to go with Dr barr was due to the cost being lower. Long story short i ended up hating the results! My nose was left uneven and left disphormed, after a year of no change she agreed so i had a revision which made things i would say 1% better. 

A year had gone by and i knew i had to have another revision, this time i did extensive research and felt confident that doctor kofi bohene was the answer to my prayers! I had surgery with him early january of 2012, my goals were to narrow the nose, reduce the nostrils and give me a smaller tip, all which he said could be achieved but one thing i would have to do on my end was be patient with the results. Immediately after having my cast off i noticed my nose was defiantly smaller but that the bone he used to form my bridge was shifted waay to the left instead of being in the middle like a normal nose and that my nostrils were noticeably not symmetric. 

I had flew from another state and my flight was due to leave the following day, he assured me that as long as i taped the nose to move the bone back towards the middle that would correct it, and as time went on the insymmetric in the nostrils would become even. I would say five months after surgery i came to the conclusion that the bone shifting was not going to move any further and that the swelling had increased instead of decresed which made my nose look 10× worse then my early stages of having the cast off. I reached out to him and he told me to schedule a visit to fly out to address the bone and swelling. He gave me a kenalog injection for the swelling and juverdem a temporary filler to camaflodge the shifting of the bone pertruding to the left and fill In the areas where the bone should have filed to the right side to make things even. He also used the filler on my nostrils to help camaflodge/fill the insammetric areas. 

After that visit i could honestly say things looked better. After a few months i noticed the filler had started to disappear. Instead of spending over another $1000 in expenses i decided i would go to a local doctor to have them inject the same temp filler, which by the way I've been having to get injected every 3months to keep up with the camafloging. I would say about over a year into doing this i was fed up and could not afford to pay 450-500 to get a temp filler when I've already spent over 25k in medical and travel expenses. Frustrated i reached out to him and he told me to fly out again to see what he can do. At that time i had the filler reinjected so he pretty much told me There was nothing he could do to address that issue since there was a filler in and if he used a permenete filler it would contriact and would not know where to place it since there was already a filler, at the time it made sense but now looking back i wish he had let me know ahead of time so i could have either stopped getting the filler or had it dissolved by my local doctor. He did however performe an in office procedure witch took about 3 and a half hours where he "fixed" my nostrils to where i would no longer need to get the temp filler, he also did something else with them to where when i smile my nostrils would not spread out as much, and shaved down a bump in the middle of my nose that had formed. 

After this in office produce i was given stitches and bandages for the blood and sent on my way. I looked 1000x worse i felt like my nose was 10x bigger specially in the tip and nostril area. It will be a year in October since i had this in office procedure and my nose looks worse then it ever has. I have reached out to him several times but his pretty much told me his done all he can do. I plan on getting my fourth revision with dr jason s hamilton in california within the next 6-7month's once i have the funds. I've done a phone consult and plan to do a in person one within the next 2-3 month's. He seems very confident that he can help bring the asymmetry back to my nose and harmony to help balance instead of take away from my other features, and help end this nightmare of botched rhinoplasties I've had. A part of my feels bad for writing this review because dr boahene is hands down an amazing person, and has been nice i would say throughout most of the process, but i just wish my results came out half as good as his level of "customer service" sorry for this loooong review but i really wanted to share my experiance to help others. The pictures I've posted are how my nose looks now.

O another thing as for the office procedure he did open up the nose, and did not put a cast or anything on afterwards just stitches which i think is a big part of why my nose looks 2x as big now then it did before, i think i have some scar tissue that has reformed and changed the shape. I was not put to sleep but i was given numbing medication.
Thank you all for the support!! My laptop that has all my pictures of how my nose looked after first two surgery's "which were with a different local doctor" and how my nosed looked after my initial surgery with boahene are saved on my laptop which is now broken. I'm looking to get it fixed and as soon as i do or can i will post those pictures. I have one picture of how my nose looked after my two surgeries "which again were with another doctor" but its not the best quality but i will post it to give you an idea of how it looked. I also have some of how it looked before i had the office procedure "with doctor boahene" but they are cell phone quality and with makeup on which ill post as well. The reason that i am leaning towards Dr Jason S Hamilton doing my 4th revision is because of his credentials and i have yet to come across one bad review on him. If anyone has had any experiences with this doctor please let me know so i can make a informed decision. Also another reason I'm leaning towards him is because doctor boaheane himself told me the last time i contacted him about being unhappy with the results and wanting to move forward with a revision from Dr Hamilton I quote " I know of Jason Hamilton. If I'm not mistaken he was actually a resident at my current institution Johns Hopkins. Since he had expertise in patients of African American decent he may a unique perspective that i dont" which is also what Dr Hamilton told me during my consult. That on top of the hour long phone consult i had with him "Dr Hamilton", and the research Ive done made me feel like he would the best doctor. But like i said if there is anyone out there that has dealt with this doctor i would really appreciate your input/experience. Thank you for the support again! Like i said in my initial review i was very spectacle about doing the review because everyone has had sooo much goods things to say about Dr Boahene and i do not want to take away from that, i just think its important to get all views when it comes to a doctor but i also wanted to share my honest and true review!
I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I very much sympathize with you. Please don't rush into a 3rd rhinoplasty before doing a thorough research and seeking more than one surgeon's opinion. I think it would be a good idea to interact with rs members who have had similar experience. This site has really helped me throughout my revision. It would also be helpful if you post your before pictures, before you had the procedure with Dr. Boahene so that we can compare your results. All the best to you and please keep us posted.

pictures of before surgery and after

Dr. B. refers to Dr. Boahene in my post.
Oh, well your photos only show a beautiful nose, truly, so be happy and Dr. B. did a great job on it.
Dr. B. refers to Dr. Boahene in my above post.
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He was pleasant just my results are horrible!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
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