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My senior year of high school my acne got really...

My senior year of high school my acne got really bad on my face. After failed year long trials of minocycline and tetracycline from my doctor I told my parents I wanted to go to a dermatologist. Because my brother has chrons disease my mom was worried about the link between the drug and the disease. My dermatologist said there was only 1 reported case between accutane and chrons. My mom asked if there was anything ather than accutane but the deem said that if you want your son's face to be clear he needs to be on accutane.

It's hard to believe after all of the acne I had on my face that my skin is actually this clear and smooth. This is a miracle drug. After a year I still have beautiful smooth skin. For those reading this with bad acne... My advice to you is use accutane. It helps tremendously. Your face will be beautiful again I promise.

I am so happy for you! Your skin looks great in your pictures. :)

It is wonderful that you have such a caring mom who carefully researched out the options before deciding to let you go on it. I'm glad all turned out well.

Did you experience any side effects while you were on it?

My lips were dry and I got nose bleeds but other than that, no. In fact it made me more happy than depressed because my biggest stressor was disappearing

I hear you there. Isn't it amazing the difference in confidence between when your skin is clear and when it is not?!

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