Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty for Significant Bags

I had significant bags on both upper and lower eye...

I had significant bags on both upper and lower eye lids. I had upper and lower blepharoplasty carried out about 5 weeks ago.

I was happy with the procedure. However, after 4 days the wound on the right eye opened requiring this to be recut and stitched. Because additional tissue had to be removed to repair the right eye the doctor decided to balance this by redoing the left eye.

I am encouraged by the comments that I have read in relation to the drooping of my lower lids improving over the next couple of months. However, I have noticed that my upper lids often twitch. Is this common and will it improve also with time?
Well my left eye just started twitching a little today. Hoping it's just part of the healing process. At 5 weeks I am finally seeing some of the residual swelling going down. Hoping to see the remaining swelling disappear within a few weeks... My right eye also has "tightened up" a little as it had a slight droop at the corner. This is where the most remaining swelling has been so I am guessing that it is tightening in response to the reduction in swelling. I wish they would tell you when you had blepharoplasty that the healing takes months. You may be ok in a few weeks but you are definitely not healed!
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Yes I would recomend this doctor as I made extensive enquiries with current and past patients prior to proceeding. All comments were positive. Many people express concern about having surgery in Asia. All of my experiences have been positive with the facilities and procedures dispaying a high degree of competence and hygene. This includes dental work I had performed.

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