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I cannot tell you how nervous I am about tomorrow....

I cannot tell you how nervous I am about tomorrow. I have wanted to do a TT for years but finally decided to do it. My emotional struggle is with the vanity of it, and feeling selfish. I have one kid I just got through college. Another one attending college and a 13 year old. Financially I can afford it, but I keep thinking... I could have taken the family on a great trip.
I also keep thinking.... What if this all goes wrong....ummmm what will my obit say? Morbid I know.
My husband is supportive (now) I know he doesn't realize how major this surgery is. I'm have TT and lipo on flanks, back and thighs.
Did any of you do the pain pump? Wondering if its worth the 300.00.
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I am not sure yet...

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I am 5 days PO and am starting to feel like myself again. It is very difficult to not do housework, laundry or cooking. It's 2 days before our Christmas Eve celebration and I have a lot of food prep to do. Going to in list my girls to actually learn how to make my quiche and overnight fluffy French toast. My swelling has gotten better. I iced a lot. My sister made me ice packs with her food sealer machine and used water combined with alcohol to keep it flexible. Worked awesome. I haven't looked at my belly button yet. I haven't looked at much of anything because I know it will look Scary.
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How was ur experience with Dr. BARNES? I have a consultation with him soon and would really love some feedback.
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good luck!
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Good luck!! I was fine with the Percocet and a few days post I Tylenol extra strength was fine.
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I think we all have had those same thoughts, so you are not alone. I felt very selfish as well...but trust me, once you see your stomach you will get over it! I did not have the pain pump either and did fine...actually did not take pain meds...just tylenol. Good luck!!
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Thank you. I didn't get it. Instead I donated the money to my sister who has been struggling. Plus she has been my caretaker. I'm glad I didn't do it now.
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Good luck with your procedure.. I did not have the pump and did really good. It depends on how you do with pain. Just stay down take pain meds.
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