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Ive had 3 revisions, in the last one the dr left...

Ive had 3 revisions, in the last one the dr left me with what look like he pinched the side of my nose and stayed that way. There is a slight dent on it also, ive gone for second opinions and no one has an answer for me. Please help!

How has it healed now? Your nose itself looks good
hi am almost qualified in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery looking at the the photo the photo your profile is fantastic and tip looks very good the part your worried about could be resolved with a filler but its really hard to diagnose with so little pics just looks like a scratch to me.
Hello! I have the same problem with my left nostril. After my tip revision, he went to take the bandages off and it stuck to the skin and tore a hole in it. And now it it has a permanent dent/scar there that I can't hardly cover up with make-up:( Also- I recently sent in pictures for review on here with some questions. I still have yet to hear something and I can't even find my posted question/pics:(
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