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So after 8 years of wanting to get breast...

So after 8 years of wanting to get breast augmentation I am finally going through with it. I am very excited to have nice fuller breast as I am a very small b and have had 2 children, but now I am unsure of the size of implant I want. My doctor recommended that I go with 350cc(full c) or 400cc(full c small d). I am 5'6 and weigh 130lbs. I want my breast to look beautiful and fuller but I do not want them to look to big for my body. I also do not want to have to wear another push up or padded bra again :) It would be very much appreciated if some of the women out there who are my height,weight and who have those size implants could give me some feedback or send some photos to ease my mind and help me decide which size would be right for me!! Thank you all so much!


Hi there and thank you for starting your story here on RealSelf! Here's what some doctors say about choosing the right size implants for you. Looking forward to following along on your journey. Please keep us posted!

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Hello there. I have very similar stats as yours. I'm 5'5", 130 lbs, 34 B. I don't have implants just yet but I will in two days! I'm actually sitting in the ps office right now waiting for a final consultation about size. I have been having a difficult time choosing a size myself. My doc originally suggested 350 natrelle HP saying that would get me to a C. I let him know I'd like to be D or DD no larger or smaller than that tho. So he bumped it up to 450 left n 475 right. I'm in the office to make sure this well do the trick n have a couple other questions answered. I have pics n will post more after surgery. Feel free to check out my review too. I also use a forum on just breast implants and have found it very helpful.
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Thanks for your info it really helps alot. I guess Im just worried that I may lose weight and if I did how would I look. So far Im really leaning towards the 400cc Im just so excited about having fuller breast. Another thing Im concerned about is if I will feel heavier in my chest area. When I tried on my sample sizes they felt really heavy, I'm wondering if that is what it will feel like after I have them done.

So 45 more days till my BA and the days are going...

So 45 more days till my BA and the days are going by so slow. I am so ready to just get it all done. I havent really been stressing just yet Im guessing the closer the date comes I will. The only concerns I really have are about the anesthesia , breast size and complications but not to much stress Im just keeping my fingers crossed that everything will turn out great. I am however debating whether or not I should have my right areola lifted to match my left during my augmentation. If anyone one has any advice on this issue it would be greatly appreciated.


Praying for you and your surgeon
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hey.. we have similiar in size and 5'5. 138 and i went with 400 cc... you can look at my pictures to see... i have on a sportdbra on my picture, but hopefully it will give you somesort of idea of how it may good..
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