I'm excited and nervous all in one!! I am 42 years...

I'm excited and nervous all in one!! I am 42 years old, married 11 years, and Blessed with two beautiful young boys, ages 8 and 3. I was pretty thin before getting married & starting a family. I am amazed at how God new what He was doing when he created woman to be Mommies. Our bodies are incredible. My belly stretched out tremendously with both my pregnancies. I also developed hernias, one with each pregnancy. Two years ago I had both inguinal hernias repaired. Through the years, I gained weight, lost weight, was a yo yo. I lost almost 30 pounds a little over a year ago. I've been pretty successful in keeping most of it off. I'm now left with a stretched out tummy & sagging boobies from breast feeding both boys and losing weight. Which leads me to today- I yearn to have my body back. I remember having conversations with my husband after our first child about getting a breast lift when I was done having our children. Well, my husband got a vasectomy 19 months ago, so as long as I stay married, I'm not having anymore babies. I'm getting my body back!!!

I've had my first appointment with a plastic surgeon. Turns out I have an umbilical hernia! No wonder my belly button hurts every now and again! I will also need a lollipop breast lift with implants. I am currently a 34 C, but all skin!! That saddens me, didn't want so many scars... So, I'll be getting a breast lift w/ implants, tummy tuck w/ hernia repair and lipo. I am scheduled for Saturday March 15, 2014.

I emailed the Doctor with plenty of questions and she has replied... It's becoming more of a reality. At first my husband was very quiet about it, I thought he wasn't on board. When I met with the Doctor I kept expressing I didn't want to go too big because I didn't want others to know I had gotten a "boob job". I laughed at her response, "who cares?" As the weeks go by my DH has brought up the idea of getting big boobs, not obvious big, but big enough for my body type. Since I'm already a full C (all skin) it's difficult to know if a full C implant would look similar under my shirts???? I've been wearing clear gel inserts in my bra for a month now so that it's not completely obvious after the procedure. I think some people will wonder - but do they dare ask? LOL

I am being very careful with who I share this with. As I've read so many wonderful helpful reviews on this site, I am learning that even close family members will react differently. I have only told my DH, sister, mom (who will be taking care of me), 2 co-workers, and best friend (who has also had work done by this doctor). It's also difficult to talk about with my sister or friends who are over weight. They think I'm crazy for doing this, especially since I lost all that weight... But they don't see what my clothes hide and how I "feel". I want to feel "Hot" for my husband again. It is a personal decision, based on each of our own experiences which got us to this same point, to have a "Mommy Make-over."

I am a 2nd grade teacher and have spring break coming up. I will take the week before off, giving me a good 3 solid weeks to recuperate. I won't lie, I am scared! I have been praying, and know that if any doors close, it's because I am not suppose to go through with this. I am getting my body back!!! =)

I am so glad to have come across this site. So many honest reviews have really helped me already. Thank you!
Congratulations on your decision! Good luck and keep us posted. Can't wait to see before and after pics.
Thank you~
Thank you! I'm scared! It seems to be happening so quickly. Good look to you too! =)

Want it back, but better!

Amazing how God created our bodies~

What the clothes hide~

Thank you for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's a handy checklist of supplies that might help you during recovery. Please keep us updated on everything! March will be here before you know it.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
Welcome Getting it back! I'm also a 42 yo mom wanting/needing the same sx's...and more! lol I'm headed to Dominican Republic in Dec. with Dr. Robles. Tomorrow I have my last consult at USF (teaching/residency hosp near me), then I'll be putting up a page/blog/review. I'm so jealous of your arms! Even in your preg photo they look good/small! Looking forward to following your journey! Btw, I feel the same way about wanting to feel hot for my hubby!!! Not easy when you put on lingerie and all you have is skin titties!


Thank you to all the ladies that continue to share their experiences. It continues to help me, as well as so many others.

As someone recently shared, and I too have noticed, there seem to be a lot of great reviews of procedures done in the DR. You ladies look amazing! I will be having my procedure done in Tijuana, Baja California. I understand that Mexico has it's Department of Health and only has about 45 of Baja's plastic surgeons certified with them. The doctor who will be doing my procedures is certified with them.

Here is my question: How many hours were you under anesthesia for your Mommy Makeover? I asked Dra. Guadalupe Carrillo how many hours she expected it to take, and she said about 8 hours with REGIONAL ANESTHESIA.

Please, I would appreciate your advise, words of wisdom, and knowledge on this. Can a Mommy Makeover be done with Regional anesthesia? I know it's a lot being done at once, including a hernia repair.

Thank you!!! =)
Hi :) I recently had a mommy makeover (which included a hernia repair) I also had it in Tijuana with an amazing doctor. My surgery I can't remember how long it took but def under 6hours. 8 hours seems scary long! I had local anesthesia done & woke up once during the procedure (Bc ur also given sedatives so you can sleep/relax) but there was absolutely no pain. Just make sure ur doctors anesthesiologist is also board certified and you should be ok :-) best of luck!!
Thank you soo much! Your profile is also very helpful! You look amazing!
No problem. Are you going alone or with someone? They have people who can pick you up and bring you across the border... I highly recommend that! And thank you! :) It's the best thing I've ever done for myself

Getting a little closer to reality


I am so tired of wearing gel inserts everyday!!

I am obsessed with reading pre & post surgery posts! Although I am so nervous, I can't wait!

5 week jitters

Just realized I'm 5 weeks away from my new body!

Happens every time- whenever I purposely try to lose weight, I eat more! I've been able to keep my weight at 115 for a year now. I'd like to lose a little more, to get the most of the TT. I've also tried to start strengthening my lower body, but can't seem to keep the motivation going. I can see by all the great posts that the woman who were active had a much better recuperating experience.

Must get moving...
You are going to look fantastic, you are looking great at present and from what I have been seeing on this site Im sure you will be pleased with your results. To have your mum helping is great I haven't told any family my sisters are also overweight we are all very down to earth in our family and this is so far off anything they would expect me to do. But Im tired of hiding behind baggy shirts etc. Yay for us.
Thank you for your positive response. Will you have anyone helping you? I can't wait to get rid of so many of my clothes! Yay for us, is right! =)
Um, still working on finding help. Someone to come in and do my 2-3 loads of washing a day would be helpful. Hubby can do school drop offs and hopefully all the after school activities. Still searching for a cleaner to do a few hours a week. My family don't live close. Im confident It will all work out! It has too!

Can I really be doubting?

I thought I was 100% sure on everything! now I'm starting to doubt.
Are these too many procedures at once? Tt w/ hernia repair, and bl w/ implants. I never thought I'd go to Mexico for any health care, and found myself finally ready to go with a certified PS in Tijuana, Mx who has been highly recommended by my close friend.

I've disclosed to one co-worker who has had breast augmentation twice here in California. She thinks it's too much in one surgery. Too long under anesthesia. Hence the doubt...

Thank you to the ladies I've reached out to w questions. I'm feeling a little more secure again. I'm going with a certified PS who does these procedures often. She knows what she can and can not do.

As the thought of only getting the implants sank in, the more I realized I do want the flat tummy again. I know it doesn't have to be done all at once. My husband, who I thought wouldn't like the idea of tt, has assured me that he would support me with any decision I make! even if it's to have 2 separate surgeries.

Any comments or advise is appreciated. I know we merely share our opinions w/ each other, but it still helps!

Thank you fellow rs ladies! =)

1 Month Away- nervous, anxious & stressed!

Wow! I can not believe I am 1 month away from my Mommy Make over. I have been having those crazy dreams so many RS ladies have mentioned.

I bought my vitamins & supplements and started taking them last week. I am feeling excited, yet nervous and anxious. There is so much I need to get in order before my surgery date. I need to begin packing all the things on my list. Make sure everything is washed & put way. Then all the "What if's" start running through my mind.

I'm taking one week off of work, the week of teacher parent conferences. So I need to get all my stuff ready in order complete report cards & start conferences 2 weeks early. I'll be holding them up to 2 days before surgery. I also need to prepare sub plans and materials for a sub all week. Hence my stress. No downtime before surgery.

Stress= Eat everything in sight! Ugh. I'm frustrated because whenever I'm under this type of pressure, I eat. My plan was to lose at least 7 pounds before surgery, so ps could take the most skin, but instead, I'm gaining. I also eat comfort foods when I'm sick and I've been sick over a week. I guess I should just be happy I'm sick now, and hopefully not on date of surgery.

I'll have 3 weeks to recuperate- including spring break. I will stay at the clinic the night of surgery. My friend will be staying with me. Afterward, I'll be staying at my parent's house. My 3 yr old will stay with us and my dear husband will be taking our 8 yr old to school. My precious mom, who doesn't say no, will be caring for me & possibly picking up my son from school each day (we live 1/2 hour away from her). She'll be blessed with having the 3 of us stay with her the two weeks of spring break. I'm praying I will heal well, and make it back home my 3rd week off. I know it will be a lot on my 68 year old mom. (She is a blessing, and watches our 3 yr old M-F, 6:45am-5:00pm. God Bless her!

I'm going to Tijuana this Wednesday to see PS. She didn't respond to my 2nd email full of questions, hoping she doesn't tell me I'm not a good candidate for a MM after all, just to get me off her back. Ha Ha Ha... I should be getting the lab paperwork and all the surgery information. Going back to her office hasn't been easy, as I'm tagging along with my dear friend who just had a procedure done. I won't go to Tijuana by myself, and don't have anyone else to take me. So glad my passport came in. Last time I only went w/ my birth certificate, and was hassled on the way back. Not sure how I'll do it to go back to the lab before surgery.

I think my body is reacting to this stress also. I had my period last week and was spotting yesterday. No! Can't happen! If I start again this week, I'll most likely get it again during surgery time. Oh well. What can I do. AND... One of my repaired inguinal hernias has really been hurting me. What's up with that? There's nothing I can do about that before MM. And I don't want to go under the knife again for a LONG time after this big surgery.

I know I've rambled on now. Please keep me in your prayers- that I do what I can do each day, that everything comes together, and surgery goes well. Thanks again for all your detailed journeys ladies. I know I definitely feel more confident in my choice to get a MM.
Hi, I know exactly what your feeling. Im counting every day, 20 to go. Im feeling all the same things you say you are. Im desperate to loose more weight before my op. And I too have not told many people of my makeover. I am even going back to P.S on Thursday to re-check implant size,I don't want to be too big and reading these reviews has made me want to make sure Im not going to big. I have the same thought also that I would rather not let on to anyone about implants. 5 hours is what I have been told for surgery time for TT and BA. I will be in hospital for 5 days post. ( thank goodness). My youngest children are twin 7 year old girls and a 9 year old boy so still busy days. My 18 year old is working but my 16 year old is learning to drive, so at least After a couple of weeks he can drive while I supervise. Never the less VERY nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. Im getting closer to arranging a cleaner/housekeeper to come twice a week. You have my support and thoughts are with you all the way. Take care. .

Official countdown begins...

My official countdown begins. I saw PS yesterday and made my first deposit!

I feel much more confident now. My biggest concern, as many of you know, was the amount of hours I'd be in surgery. As the office secretary was setting the date with the hospital, I heard the doctor say 6 hours. Whew! We discussed the protocol, she gave me all my paperwork, prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medicine, as well as lab paperwork both in English & Spanish. I'm hoping to be able to get my family doctor to order the labs for me here in the States. Otherwise I have to somehow make it back to Tijuana.

We discussed exactly what I was wanting: breast lift with implant, lipo, and tummy tuck w/ hernia repair. She felt for my umbilical hernia again, and said she could really feel it. I mentioned my left inguinal hernia that has been bothering me. I was worried I had torn it or something. She said it was fine. Another relief.

She went over different implant sizes. She suggested, and I agreed, to a full C cup. We put some gel implants in my bra and she pulled my belly skin back, oh my! I hope they won't look huge! She is going for 480. She will deduct whatever my breast size is from the 480, and add the difference.

Ps then marked my body and showed me where she would do lipo, and where the TT incision would be. Depending on how loose my skin is on my sides after lipo, she'll know if she has to make the incision a little longer.

After her marking me & pointing things out, I realized my body really isn't proportionate and one boob hangs lower than the other! My thighs carry the fat differently, and so do my sides.

She advised I stop taking all vitamins and supplements 15 days prior to surgery.
I asked what type & size of bra I should buy- 36D!!! (I'm a flat, loose skinned 36C).
I went today and bought stage one bra, 36D and stage two, 36C. She also said I did not need a faja during the first days. (After reading so many reviews & my ps's faja comments, I was sure I'd have one right away). PS said she'd talk to me about faja at my first post op visit. (I was hoping to buy it ahead of time).

Paying my deposit:
I was worried about taking so much cash across the border with me. My girlfriend takes her large amount of cash w/ her all the time. I just couldn't. The office manager was great & emailed me their bank account number. I deposited $100 yesterday morning. Once the office tells me it shows posted, I will deposit the remaining balance. (It felt weird depositing a large amount of money into an unknown account).

23 Days...
It's been a week since my surgery. Each day is better than the previous day. I would say the first three days is challenging but each day gets easier than the day before. I am down to taking one pain meds a day and more than likely will stop it by tomorrow. The first three days was every 4 hours. I had my first post op appt yesterday and everything looks good. Hang in there. I know the waiting can get you nervous but try to do normal routines and not think about it too much,
I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Yes, I am anxious, and trying not to obsess on RS as I was before. I feel much better about going through with the surgery now. Pain meds... My PS wasn't going to give me strong meds! (She said in Mexico it's pretty controlled) and said I really wasn't going to be in pain... Ummmm, I disagree! Hahaha... She added another med to take along with it. The pharmacist said it was stronger than Vicodin and Percocet- ok, I'll take it! =) I remember the pain from my two inguinal hernia repairs, those first days were painful, I'm expecting the same. Glad to hear you're tapering off.
My mom and grandpa has all the pain meds available...LOL...so I can bring my own over the border?

Lab & meds

My husband and I are going to venture out to Mexico tomorrow by ourselves. It's been over ten years since we had last gone across the border to Tijuana, we live in San Diego. Now that we both got our passports in January, we may go a little more often. It's been my dear friend who has been taking me to see PS. She and I had some laughs this past Wednesday when she took me. She drove across because she needs to practice for when she takes me for my surgery & drives me back. We will have a Medical pass to come back. Normally, we take a taxi.

So, my husband & I will be walking over and taking a taxi to the lab and the pharmacy to pick up my meds. I'm praying my lab work shows everything is good to move forward. I'm a little worried because it's only 22 days left til the big day.

FYI- if you plan on having your surgery done in Tijuana & are purchasing your meds there too, take cash or make sure your CC / ATM card works out of the country. I didn't feel comfortable taking so much cash with me on Wednesday, and completely didn't even think about purchasing my meds that day. Well, PS gave me the prescriptions so we went to buy them at the pharmacy... $163... Ummm, my cash was at home. So I tried my ATM card 2x. No go. I tell them I will have to go back with the cash on another day... They had already stamped the back of my prescription with their inscription! So, I'm going back tomorrow to the same pharmacy, hoping they won't deny prescriptions because it's already been stamped...

Wish me luck!
Good Luck!
Thank you.
I am strongly considering going to TJ cause I live 4hrs (or less) from San Diego...the PS has unlimited after visits but recommends me to stay 2weeks...Well, when his assistant found out I dont have to fly to San Diego she was like you can stay 5days and come back if need be...so is TJ really that close? I've never been to TJ...but, I've driven (alone) to San Diego...anyway, I am DELIGHTED I FOUND YOUR REVIEW!

Meds & lab results in hand

My husband and I went across the border to Tj yesterday. We had some errands to run early in the morning & dropped off our boys at my mom's house, so by the time we arrive to the border to look for parking on a busy Saturday morning, it was 10:45 am. Not a good idea. I would suggest arriving much much earlier.

If you plan on walking across the border & never have before, or it's been a long time, it's changed a lot. Park to the left side of the Mexico entrance, you will then be on the pedestrian walking side to enter into Mexico. Because it was so packed, we parked on the right side of the entrance. We had to walk up the stairs to the pedestrian cross bridge, back down & followed the signs to the pedestrian entrance. Once we were in Mexico, we had to walk over another pedestrian cross bridge (to go back to the same side of the entrance as we had parked), that is where all the taxis are parked.

It seems as though most taxi drivers know landmarks, a sap posed to street names. I told the driver I needed to go to the "Tacos el Gordo" by the Costco, and the lab was 2 doors down. The taxi driver charged us $5.00. My experience in the "LabExpress" was great. We arrived there around 11:20 am. They were very friendly. I do speak Spanish, so I was able to communicate with them. I don't know if anyone in the lab spoke any English. The charge for all the blood work was $85.00. They asked me if I wanted my lab results emailed to me. (I received them thru email 4 hours later!) My husband does not speak Spanish, so I did all the talking all day.

Since I had fasted from the night before, had done all that walking, & hadn't had my morning coffee (a caffeine headache is what worried me the most), I was quite jittery when we finished around 11:40. We ate tacos there at the taco shop.

We then got another taxi to take us down the same street to the same pharmacy I had been to Wednesday (because they had already stamped their logo on it). I told this driver to take us to the Brazilian steakhouse "Pampas", and the pharmacy was right next door.

I was very thankful I had gone with my friend Wednesday and the gentleman had explained my pain meds, because this new guy was NOT giving me the same strength! What's up with that. I asked why the boxes looked different than the bottles I had been shown before. He explained the boxes had the 2 ingredients mixed already. The bottles had two different pills that I need to take together, and this strength is much stronger, stronger than Percocet... I said, "that is what I want." The price difference was about 7 dollars more than Wednesday's, but I wasn't going to argue- I got the pain meds! LOL

The taxi driver waited for us and drove us back to the border, he charged us $3 to the pharmacy and $7 to the border, so we paid him $10.00.

Now came the time when we needed patience. We both just got our passport card, which is good for the "ready lane" pass. We waited exactly one houris the pedestrian line to cross back over. The other lane, people with passports, waited in a much, much longer line.

I had my copy of my prescriptions ready to show, but wasn't asked what I had in the small plastic black bag. Easy as that!

Overall we had a great experience. Our frustrations were parking & waiting in line to get back.

I was appreciative of my husband going with me. To me, it showed his support in this process. He doesn't talk too much about it. Every now and then he'll mention the new "toys" he'll get to play with. =)

I tried to be detailed in this experience for those who are considering going to Tijuana, Mexico for your surgery. I'm not sure I would be brave enough to travel alone, I'm a wimp like that.
Sounds like preparations are about wrapped up and the final count down is on. Best to you on sx day.
Thx! I'm trying! You ready?
am looking at gong to Mexico for Mommy makeover who has been TJ to have work done and by Dr and what was the cost? Deb

On the down stretch

Well, I can't believe it's really coming together. I am two weeks away, 15 days away from the flat side.

I need to get everything together now. I completed my 26 student report cards about an hour ago. Holding conferences early in order to take conference week off. I'm kind of thankful I'm getting my hernia repaired in this whole process, because I feel like I'm not lying to friends and coworkers. I'm just with holding some information.

I need to get all my medications labeled and together. Pack clothes to stay at my Mom's for 2-3 weeks. I do hope I heal as well as many RS ladies have, so that I can come home my 3rd week.

Well, if I didn't get enough vitamins & supplements in by now, it's too late. My PS advised me to stop all of my supplement intake 15 days before surgery. The one I'm concerned about is the 1/2 sleeping pill I take each night in order to sleep next to my sleeping bear of a husband. I think I may end up on the couch...

I tried to understand my lab results, they're in Spanish. I was able to understand most everything was within range. After reading so many RS reviews, The one I was most worried about was my hemoglobin, 13.5, yes!! Then, there was trying to understand the 3 results bolded in red. What did these mean? Red alert.
From what I could gather, I don't think they're anything to worry about. My good cholesterol was high at 80.5 instead of 59, eosinophils was .6 instead of 1, and T.GO. (AST) 14 not 15 (Internet says not a concern). The good cholesterol was crazy, but reading online, it seems as though ranges can vary, and my results were very close to the lab ranges in Mexico.

I'm beginning to get excited. I'm tired of wearing these gel inserts! I'm tired of trying to perk this lazy skin up! I'm tired of trying to find clothes that will hide my extra skin.

These will be the fastest 15 days I'm sure. I will be so busy I won't have too much time to worry, think, research or check in on RS reviews.

Happy healing ladies! Good luck to those about to cross over to the flat side! May God give you His peace as you go on this journey.
Hello, anytime someone posts on my comments I read their story. Thank you for sharing. It's almost your time, I wish you the best in your recovery. Time was going so slow two and now it's flying by. Everybody is so great with being honest and caring, this site has been awesome! I look forward to reading more about your adventure(:
Thank you. I feel so fortunate to have come across this site. My confidence to go through with sx is because of RS and all the real stories shared. Best wishes so ready!

Getting things in order

Finally starting to get things in order. I truly appreciate my husband for helping me this weekend. He's tackled all the laundry so that I can get all the rooms organized. He'll be out of town next weekend for several days. My goal is to get my bags packed so I can take my boys somewhere on a last hurrah before my sx. My husband said I need to stop thinking that something could go wrong during sx. In the event something did, I want my boys to remember their last fun time with Mommy. Although I am feeling God's hand has been in this process. Even Mother Nature is working with me. My monthly visitor came by yesterday, yay! One less thing to worry about.
It won't be the last hurrah, but it will be great time to remember. You have given me a great idea thanks. I go in on 10th March OMG.. hubby away both the 7th and 9th so Ill be having a hurrah too. all the best.
I like what you posted today as well, so much going on right up to surgery day. Then it will be one day at a time.
Thank you mumofive for your positive encouragement you always give me! Here's to our own Hurrah we'll be celebrating soon ourselves!


Anxiety seems to be trying to make its way in. I'm not second guessing myself about MM. As I've mentioned, all the RS reviews have really given me the confidence to know this is what I want. I just don't know if it's everything that needs to get taken care of, including work, that has my body reacting. I woke up yesterday with a knot in my stomach. It came and went all day yesterday, and woke up with this gnawing pain. I continue to pray God close doors where needed, and for peace. My body, however, knows subconsciously. I refuse to give in to this anxiety.

Your MM post sx reviews gives me an exciting hope I can't explain. My husband prayed over me this morning & prayed my body would be prepared for surgery, and I would heal well so that I can experience the new transformation I am looking forward to. I love a RS's comment recently when they said we are like butterflies, I Love It!

Fly Butterflies, fly as God intended you to! And now, you will have the confidence to do so!
Praying for your smooth transition into flight butterfly sister! So excited for your transformation.
Thank you! We're almost there!!!
I will be thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery. I know the unknown is the scariest part. Now that I am on the other side of waiting and in my journey of healing and getting stronger, I will tell you that it is worth it. Listen to your PS post op instructions. Move around in bed to get the blood flowing--foot exercise to prevent blood clot. Walk around at least every two hours even if it is just around the room. Plenty of liquids and rest.

10 Days...

10 Days until my transformation... I packed most of my suitcase. Held my husband tight as he's on his way out of town for 4 nights.

9 Days...

9 Days... I went shopping tonight. Took two different lists from RS ladies with me. Purchased a lot of needed items. I keep looking for cotton button or zipper tops, no luck. Found another light weight work out sweatshirt. I figure I'll be wearing these topless until I can get tank tops over my head. I've packed several light cotton tank tops that are not form fitting. I can't imagine struggling to get myself into any of my t-shirts. I've also packed several loose fitting jogging pants, a light robe, baggy pj bottoms & a couple button pj tops. What! This is crazy! My first post surgery bra is a 36D! I haven't seen that since I nursed my first son 8 1/2 years ago! This, shall be interesting!

My mom is an angel. She will be the one helping me the most. And although I'm 42 years old, she is still worried about "What we're going to tell my dad." I guess you could say I come from a traditional Mexican family, and we don't talk openly about our personal stuff- not to dad anyways. "How are we going to explain to him why I'll be walking bent over", "He's going to get mad when he finds out I went to Mexico to get these procedures done". I have enough to worry about mom! My husband supports my decision. All my dad needs to know is what everyone else will know, I'm getting my hernia repaired! And there's no reason he needs to know I had anything done in Mexico, unless, anything were to go wrong. Then of course you can tell him, LOL. I stayed with them the first days after my inguinal hernia repairs 2 1/2 years ago, so my dad has seen me walking bent over in pain. Love my Mom.
Congrats and good luck with your mm! If you wouldn't mind, I would love to know how the lipo on the sides and back turn out. I had a consult today with a Doc and he suggestion no lipo because he said there is no fat:( I am like if it is not back fat then what is it? My body frame resibles your, so just curious how it turns out!
Thank you and congratulations on your decision. Absolutely! I'll try to answer any questions after. I'm going to try and post my journey in hopes to help other RS ladies. Their posts have been a great help for me. Good luck in finding a PS that will transform you into the butterfly you see yourself to be.
Thank you! I am going to have to catch up on your journey! Glad to know you are safe and you look amazing!! I had to give this a break as I am so scared to go out of the states and can't afford it were I live:( sooo frustrated!,

8 Days...

8 days... And I'm now feeling like I'm on the down stretch. I held 10 parent conferences this afternoon. And went to happy hour with college girlfriends to celebrate 20 years of sisterhood. I shared my excitement with my closest college friend only. I wasn't sure how she would react. She seemed to be genuinely excited & said she wanted to come by after to visit & "see". I shared my news with her because she is also a strong Christian & asked her to lift me up in prayer.

My husband is still out of town and I attempted to take a "sexy" picture to send him. As you can see, there's back fat & tummy cushion that doesn't belong. Ha!

My goal is to not only look sexy, but to feel sexy...

8 Days...

That picture was not just an "attempt" to look sexy... That was some serious sexy!!!
ProudNebraskaFarmgirl5, you crack me up! Read my comment to TikiTango about finally being ready to express my sexiness. It's time I focus on me for the first time!
Honey, you're gonna look so sexy!! You look so pretty. And even with the back fat and tummy cushion, you still look good!!! So excited for you.

7 Days...

7 Days and counting. I need to make sure, and reminded please, when I'm in pain post sx and complain, that I elected to do this. When my husband and I had our long talk about this MM, one thing he asked was that I not take anything out on him or the kids. It's not their fault. I pray that I will acknowledge when I'm being negative and try my best to get through the discomfort & pain. I pray for your discomfort & pain ladies.
So close! Mine is the 14th:) best wishes
Best wishes!!! Nerves are kicking in!
Can't wait to see results!! Good luck!! God bless:)

6 Days...

6 Days... And I'm actually thinking, "Do I really want to do this?" What!?? I just made my final payment this past Friday. Umm Missy, there's no turning back now! So many different emotions! Just need to get through these last 5 days of work. I have a jam packed week all around, including our tax appt Monday evening. I can do this, I must do this, I will do this.
I can only imagine the back 'n forth you must be going through! I'm 9 mos out and going through the same! I wonder if we were having sx in the US, would we feel the same...I imagine so. 10 parent conf's...WOW, that's a busy evening!! YOU'RE DOING IT! :)
I don't think I would be AS nervous if my surgery was here. My close friend will be staying the night with me in the clinic/hospital, but really, what can she do if something happens. Speak for me if I'm out of it I suppose.
I know this probably won't help, but if you were to have it here, chances are you'd be sent home soon after sx. To me it's a little more comforting that I'll be around people that see it day in and out and know what's normal healing and what isn't and are equipped to handle such instances. Hopefully your friend being there will be a comfort to you, knowing you KNOW someone, not just all alone! xoxo

5 Days...

5 Days and OH MY GOODNESS!! Can it really be??? The house is pretty much set. My suitcase is overflowing with who knows what. I'll be staying at my parent's pretty close by, but i don't want to have to come home to search for something to wear. I went shopping for some zip up or cotton tops- found one. I plan on just staying in pjs for as long as I can stand it. I surprised my 8 and 3 year old with a quick trip to Disneyland and California Adventure on Sunday! We have passes since we live an hour and a half away. My sister wasn't able to join us after all (and hubby still out of town) so I made it by myself! My 8 year old son is high functioning autistic, so he gets a guest assistance pass. I told each one they could each choose 3 rides and we were leaving by 5:00pm. They had a blast! My sister says I stress her out with my ever so busy schedule. But I told her this time my trip to Disneyland was for me, not the boys- Surgery Guilt.

4 Days...

4 Days to go and I FINALLY got the REAL confirmation by email! I had been in constant communication with Dra. Carrillo's office manager. And even though I had received my paperwork for sx, including pre op instructions and a map, I couldn't get an actual time I needed to arrive at the clinic. I finally received an email confirmation this evening. They changed the location due to too many surgeries already scheduled. I do hope this location has large enough recovery rooms as the original clinic did so that my friend can have a decent amt of sleep.

It's really happening!!! And my stomach is really showing me! I keep having to use the restroom. If only my bowels will stay like this while taking the pain meds! Speaking of pain meds, I find a few more Percocet from my previous hernia repairs here in the states!! Yes!!

Map visual of distance into Tijuana, Mx

Pix of 2 operating rooms @ SSD Medical Center

Do you have unlimited after care visits? And, can you message me your ps info?
You know, I never asked! Crazy! I will get her info to you.
OKAY...Dr Pantoja have unlimited after care visits so you can go back to have drain removed, stiches, massages (fee), etc

3 Days...

3 Days... It's really happening. God continues to leave doors open. I keep praying for God's hand to be in this process, and He hasn't closed any doors. In recent years I've dealt with vertigo & minor sinus problems. I was a little concerned last week, feeling like if I stopped my medicines that keep it under control (since PS advised to stop all meds) would bring on a sinus infection. I began feeling my symptoms. I love my primary doctor! I emailed him & told him of my upcoming scheduled plastic surgery & concerns. He ordered X-rays the same day! By lunchtime my results were in- all negative! So, doors weren't closed. I've done a few natural nasal flushes since, but I do feel some of the symptoms of the dizziness... I have not come this far for it to effect things!!

Bag is pretty much packed. House is clean. Laundry keeps getting done & piles up again. Geez... Oh well, can't have everything perfect. 18 parent conferences done, and 8 more to go tomorrow. One weeks worth of lesson plans- done.

Three more sleeps in my comfortable bed...
I have a magnet that says, "Don't you just love that 12 SECONDS when all the laundry is done?"! God is so good!
On day 2 post op my husband said to me- why didn't you tell me not everything had gotten done. I said, what do you mean? He said, there's lots of laundry that needs to get done. LOL. OH MY GOODNESS! I told him I had done loads of laundry before sx! He was doing laundry for several days! Ha!
Lol Our hubs, they have no idea!

Last 5 pounds!

I've been trying to let go of these last 5 pounds before Saturday, and it just wasn't happening. Well, I think because I kept having to make all those trips to the restroom this week, I lost those last 5 pounds!! I should be going into sx at 115 lbs. Wish I could have been at last years weight of 105, but this is my average weight. I'll take it!

2 Days...

2 Days... 2 Days... 2 Days... OH MY GOODNESS! I can't believe in 2 days I'll be transformed! What a whirl wind these last 4 months have been! My last 2 years really, but in regards to my MM, 4 months. I knew after breast feeding my first son I'd like a breast lift. Never did I imagine it would come true. When I went for my first consult December 2013, I went in blindly really. I thought I'd get information on BA and lipo. I left feeling very discouraged. Ps explained how I would also need a lift because I had too much skin and the implant would still sag, as well as lipo would not help with my stomach. I didn't want the lolipop scar nor tt scar. I came home and began my research. RS has really helped. Thank you ladies for all your post op pictures of your breast lift & tt scars!

It was still a few weeks before I engaged in a conversation with my husband about it. I knew by then that I really needed my pre baby body back. I was surprised at how open my husband was about the whole MM. Ok, I understand the Bigger perkier boobies, but the rest? I got the go from him. Applied for my passport in January and scheduled my sx date! I feel fortunate at how everything has really fallen into place. Even down to the money. I would have never had the money to do this, as we don't take out credit and we pay everything cash. But I hurt myself at work 2 years ago, and was surprised when I received money for my injuries. I did have to come up with the balance, but it helped speed things up for me. Now, it's here. Two more sleeps in my bed.
Omgosh!!!! I'm so excited for u!!! Plz let us know how everything goes as soon as u can!! Ur in my prayers!! God bless u!!
Thank you! I can't believe it's here! I will definitely post as soon as I can.
:)) can't wait to see the after pics!!!

1 Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Day!! It's here! It's here!!

I want to thank all of the RS ladies, and family and friends, who have kept me in their prayers this week. I was so anxious at the beginning of this week, and I definitely feel the peace from all the prayers. It does not feel like it's tomorrow. My bags are packed to head to my parent's on Sunday. The bag I'm taking with me tomorrow is empty. I don't even think I'm going to wear a bra there. I'm going to wear the same comfortable clothes to come home (clean undies of course). Packed my tooth brush, hair brush, my ID & passport, and a pair of flip flops in case I just don't feel like dealing w someone tying my tennis shoes.

My dear friend is a blessing. She will be picking me up between 6:45 and 7:00am. I need to be at the clinic in Tijuana by 8:00am. It should be an adventure getting there. Since they changed the location, she thinks it's where she had her eyebrow lift recently. LOL

I was so excited this morning because it would have been the last time I'd be wearing these darn gel inserts, and I just happened to notice that under my saggy boobs I had a red rash. Most likely from the edge of the insert. Of all times! I've been wearing those darn things since November, and I'm going to get this rash now?! I put Neosporin on it & tossed those inserts! It's a long line & feels thick & rough, I hope it doesn't scar. It never hurt so I don't know how long it's been there, after all I can't see under that sagging boob! Ha ha. So, it was the last time I wore that thick thick padded bra!!! Hello perky boobies & flat tummy, here I come!! I'll be getting up in 7 hours, hope I get some sleep... Nighty night.

Darn gel inserts

Tired of these darn inserts.

On my way!!!

Ok ladies, I'm in the car on my way! Thank you for your prayers.
You made it girl hope all is well. Praying for your speedy recovery, and let's not forget you bangin bawdy.... lol
Praying for u!! God bless u!!
Thoughts and prayers coming your way. Best of luck for a quick recovery. Happy healing!!

I made it!

I made it through ladies! I'll give details when I get back home to the states. I do really appreciate all your prayers!
ye ha! happy days. Good Luck
Congrats! Rest up :)
Great!!! I'm so glad!! God is great!!!

At my parent's

My mom is such a blessing. She is sitting right next to me making sure I have everything I need. It was a long surgery & a long trip back home. I'll update tomorrow. Pain meds are keeping the edge off. My dear husband took both boys home, will take our 8 yr old to school & drop the 3 yr old off here on the way to work tomorrow morning. Happy to be home.
Home is good. Stand up as often as possible and move around,just make sure you get up the right way and you'll be fine. Fluids Fluids Fluids......and drugs. Take care.
Great news! Continued happy healing.
congratulations! thank you for sharing your journey up to now. I am 10 days away from having the same two procedures. looking forward to hearing more about your recovery and seeing your results!

Day 3 post op

There is so much I want to share, but I go in & out of sleep. Quick update- I'm keeping up with all my meds. I had made a chart for the 4 meds I knew I would definitely be taking. I take the antibiotic every 8 hours, the pain meds every 5-7 hours, arnica for swelling/bruising every 8 hours, bromelain an antiflamatory every 8 hours, and MOM 2x a day (yeah! Today was my first! LOL). I have 3 drains; one for TT and one for each boobie. All 3 are draining great. I had to call my Mom's cousin last night, she's a nurse. PS had said not to drain boobie drains because it was difficult to do, but it was full!! So I've drained those two 5 times already! I really think I'm doing so well because I'm draining well and taking both Arnica & Bromelain.

PS also found an additional 2 hernias! She repaired one umbilical hernia (she said it was big) and 2 inguinal hernias on the left (I had double inguinal hernias repaired 2 years ago which was very painful). My boobs are what's very sore this time. I haven't felt too much discomfort from the TT.

PS had to put the implant under the muscle. She said I had so much excess skin, even w removing what she could, that my boobie looked huge! So she went under. Said she put 400cc's each. I can't wait to see what's under all these bandages! My 1st post op appt is tomorrow. Ok nap time. Wrote more than I thought I would.
Glad your surgery went great and you are on the flat side ;o) Congrats! I can't wait to see your post op photos! My MM is in just over a day! I am not getting implants though. Just a lift and tt. Happy healing!
Hope all is well!
I'm glad everything went well. Happy healing!

Crazy night

Wow, what a crazy night. I mentioned that my boob drains were starting to drain a lot. Well, at 7:15pm my left drain kept filling up fast. As soon as we emptied the drain, it filled right back up. I emailed my PS office manager telling her I had a few questions for the doctor. My girlfriend who had taken me to sx wasn't answering her cell phone, as she had PS's personal cell number. Mind you, I had emailed her earlier in the day giving her my car's license plate number for my medical car pass to cross back after my post op appt, and said everything was going great. Then she received my email with these questions. PS called me back and asked me questions... What I'm thinking happened initially is that the bandage over my breasts was not compressing as it should have been. The tape had really loosened, so the blood wasn't be compressed. But the concern of internal bleeding was still there. She was ready to have me go to Tijuana to see me.

I have my dad here who still thinks I had 3 hernias repaired, and a mom who is starting to freak out because the whole sx was in Mexico. PS called me back & said her assistant doctor that helped her w my surgery lives close by to me & would be calling me. It wasn't until 11:45pm last night that he and I finally spoke. He stayed on the line with me for 30 minutes. He had my mom take my blood pressure (thank goodness she had a little monitor). My numbers were normal to high, had me take it several times. So... If my numbers had been low it would have indicated internal bleeding. He talked me through everything, the blood coming out was still very dark with blood clots. It was surgery blood finally being removed, not new blood. The right boob had already drained all the dark blood at a slower rate. Goodness! PS told me to text him my vitals again in the morning & to keep an eye on the drains. By 9:00am this morning both PSs had called to check on me.

Day 4 post op

This afternoon was my first post op appt. Both the PS and her office manager were happy to see me & see I was doing well. They both said they didn't sleep well last night hoping everything was well with me. PS said she wished the other surgeon had let her know he had spoken to me.

Wowzer!!! I'll post my first 2 pictures my husband took of me as the PS changed my drains and bandages. She put tape around my nipple incisions and the compression garments over my tshirt to prevent any rash or itchiness.

I can't get the boob drains out until they are draining less than 5cc and tummy drain under 25cc. Once that happens, I will get my appointment back in Tijuana. Tonight my husband's coworker drove our car over for us. My husband thinks he can drive me himself now. We'll see!

First post op pictures

First post op pictures



Obviously, my breasts are still very swollen. My right breast looks larger because that muscle is tighter, I am right handed. Hope they both settle in the same!
Glad you're doing better, you look great and it's only going to get better!
Thank you! Congratulations on on your weight loss. That's something to really be proud of! Good luck on your soon to be procedure.
OMG...YOU LOOK AWESOME...I just noticed your posted your pics!!! YAY!


I'm all bandaged up so all I can see is the bruising from the lipo. I haven't felt any pain or discomfort due to lipo. Looks much worse than what it is right now.
Great to see that you're feeling so well. your results are going to be awesome!!! Happy healing keep in touch :-)
Thank you. This site has a wealth of helpful information. You'll do great. Have someone to help you 24/7. Try your beast not to use your arms or stomach muscles. Not easy- but you want to make sure the sutures inside heal well. I took Milk of Magnesium 30mg in the morning and 30 at night starting on day 1 post op. I'm excited for you!

Day 6 post op

Wow! Woke up this morning and my entire body finally felt like it had been hit by a bus!! Not what I expected 6 days in. I'm glad I didn't feel all this pain in the beginning. I made sure I took my pain meds like clockwork. By 4 days post op I was realizing maybe I had too much meds in my system & decided to spread out the time between dosages. Worked...until this morning. My boobs started hurting last night. Felt like they were pressing down on my chest and like a tank was rubbing too hard under my armpit (nothing was in that area). Put the bags of frozen peas on my boobies last night and this morning. Makes a big difference!

I also started rubbing Arnica gel on my legs on the lipo areas Wednesday evening. I think it really is making a difference, along with the Arnica and Bromelain tablets. I posted a picture yesterday of the bruising. I'll post a pic of today's bruising. I can't post any other pix yet because I'm still bandaged up. One day at a time! It's definitely getting easier.


Take it one day at a time. I know the bruises look awful but they will go away. Keep up with those meds. I think because of all the swelling the first two weeks especially, I primarily stayed away from looking at the mirror. It is just now that I am a month done that I am beginning to enjoy looking at my new perky boobs and appreciating it. Just the other day, I told my hubby that if my PS was in front of me right now, I'd kiss him and tell him that I love him....that's how happy I am with the results so far...now if he'll just let me hit the gym soon....sigh....anyway....get plenty of rest...sooner or later you'll start feeling shooting/electric pains on your body as the nerves starts to wake up again---that too will get easier.
Thank you for the heads up on the shooting pains, that one I hadn't heard about. I'm getting plenty of rest & drinking lots of water. Laying in bed w pillows under my knees is much more comfortable than sitting in the recliner. Thanks!
Sweetie, I still sleep surrounded by pillows. Since I still have to sleep with the CG on, I can't sleep comfortably on my side. I say the electric shock/ pain on boobs feel more like when your milk is coming while breast feeding. It's tolerable.


I can't believe it's been one week since my transformation. What a first week. I can't wait until I can say, "it's been one month", "it's been one year." Yes, each day does get better. My sister & brother in law came to visit today. She washed my hair for me. It hadn't been washed since Wednesday for my 1st post op appt. Twice in one week, woo Hoo! LOL my husband has been great with our 2 boys. He's come to pick them up at my parent's house each day after work. Dropped 8y.o. off at school & brought 3y.o. here each morning. I thanked him last night for his help this week. His response, "Please don't die, because I can't do it alone." I'm glad he's had this week to get a glimpse of everything I do every day. My mom has been a Blessing and I don't know just yet how I am going to pay her back. Husband tried to pay her double our child care we pay her for the week, and she wouldn't take it. We've had some good laughs, laughing at each other during this journey. My mom leaned on me, bending me over trying to get to her phone, my husband almost choked me trying to use a cloth behind my shoulders to lift me forward in bed, and my sister had lots of silly remarks. My 3 y.o. loves to help, and is in charge of putting one of the pillows under my knees. He also likes to walk next to me when I get "my exercise"- go for a walk around the living room. My 8y.o. said he had a dream that my drain tubes were connected to his leg, he woke up & it was the blanket that was bothering him. This morning my mom was in a deep sleep & I hated to wake her, I had to pee so bad! I called my dad to help me sit up (he only knows about the hernias) and he made me laugh when he said I had more chords connected to me than an iPod.

My drains are still draining... Oh well. I won't see PS until drains are ready to come out. I ordered my compression garment, faja, from them. I'm hoping it comes in & is there when I do go in. PS said I need to wear it at all times for 3 months. Yee haw! Great! I am still snug in the material she wrapped and taped around my tank top at post op appt. She also put me into the bra she had recommended I buy, 36 D. Now, here's my big question for the night: when will I be able to start massaging these beauties?? I realize my right muscle is tighter because I'm right handed, but my goodness! What if these boobies don't even out??? My nipples are so uneven. Ok ok, give it time, it's only been a week, but they can't stay like this! LOL. My boobs hurt this evening & felt hot to the touch. I'm afraid I did too much. I was told by PS not to use arms at all. Well, when my sister was trying to dry my hair I couldn't stand it. I have crazy frizzy hair & if it's not dried a certain way I end up with a big clown fro. I wound up holding the round brush & turning it while she held the blow dryer. I tried to keep my arms as close to my body as possible. Needless to say, I gave myself a little scare w/ that one, placed frozen peas again & took my pain meds. The bruising from lipo continues to improve. Here's to a good week & an even better second week!

1 week Pix

Wow! What an adventure. Aside from all the pain and everything I bet u r loving the bonding ur Doug with ur mom and kiddos!! It wonderful how they all take care of u. Very very happy for u.
Thank you. I am blessed all the way around. Your turn is coming soon enough!
I was told by my PS to start massaging my boobs 3 weeks post op. My hubby enjoys that task. I was told that I can do arm circles forward and to the sides immediately. My PS told me not to even bother getting sized until Week 6 because the boobs are still settling. I found these great comfortable sports bra at Walmart....Hanes---2 for $12. I wear it under my tank tops. Right now I live in tank tops and tights. :) I also felt the hotness in my boobs but it goes away. Take care

Compression Garment (faja) for TT and lipo

I ordered the compression garment (faja) my PS shared with me. It is made by Quirutex, but was unable to find the same one online. They will order it for me & hope it arrives before my next appt. the cost is $120, but I don't mind paying that because I saw that it will meet my needs. It has extra padding in the lipo areas, a large opening in the crotch, 2 zippers to pull up after I've put it on, and cotton inside to prevent sweating- since I'll be living in it for 3 months.
Looks great so far. The bruises will be gone before too long and the ringing in the breast is interesting sensation to say the least. Continued happy healing to you. Will be back to check in as your updates post.

Day 8 Post Op

Overall I can say I have had a pretty good week. There are still two things driving me crazy. 1) I'm still dependent on someone helping me get out of bed and 2) I still have all these drains in!!!!!! LOL. I know the drains are good, and prevent any infections by the excess blood and fluids being removed & not sitting in my tummy or boobie area, but they are a nuisance. I have the common two drains in my tummy, but I also have one for each boob. In all the reviews I've read, I don't think I came across any other woman with boob drains. I have been surprised at the amount of fluid that has drained from there. In the first few days, there were a lot of blood clots. The dark blood was all the surgery blood. It is clearing up now. I can't get those removed until each drains less than 5 cc's in 24 hours. It's the patient waiting game for now, because I can't get another peek at my new body again until I see my PS. She taped me up pretty tight as my first compression. I want to seeeee!!!!!!! Happy healing ladies!!
You look great! I'm sure your breasts will settle in and you'll be thrilled with the results. In the mean time, it sounds like you have a great support system!
Thank you. I am Blessed.
I know the drains are a pain, but if you're still draining, the longer you leave them in the better. I still have trouble getting in and out of bed and can't stand up straight either. You're going to look awesome when you're healed!

Day 9 Post Op

Day 9 had no big changes. I was more tired & in more pain through out the whole day. I slept a lot. The first day both boys were here all day. My 8 y.o. is on spring break now for two weeks. These are the two weeks I have to heal, then I go back to work. I can't see how I'll be walking upright, but I need to have faith. One day at a time.
How is your tummy? Happy healing
Hi Prayflat, my tummy is still under bandages- it's driving me crazy that I can't see the transformation! It feels somewhat jellowy, which would be the swelling. It still feels kind of numb to the touch, an awkward feeling. Look at your curves! Just imagine when your swelling goes down! Are you taking Bromelain or Arnica for swelling?
0h hope u feel better. Mine is very swelling still. I haven't taken anything since day 4or 5 po. I have eaten 1 can of pineapple daily. My dr wouldn't allow me to take any herbal med before and after surgery yet. I have some issues with the move repair area. Just went for a ct scan. Will update the result in my profile as my dr calls Good luck!

Day 10 Post Op

10 days- the 10 days prior to sx we're filled with anxiety, questions, sleepless nights, determination to lose those last 5 pounds, and stress to leave everything in order. These last 10 days have really flown by. I knew I was doing a lot of procedures going into sx, but whoa, there's a lot of recuperating going on here. I've needed to be careful not to use my stomach muscles, not just because of the TT, but the 3 repaired hernias. All 3 were quite big. I haven't been able to use my arms in order to allow the BA & breast muscles to heal well. Then to add on top of that, the bruising due to lipo. I put a lot of trauma on my body & am amazed at how well I have felt considering. And here I am feeling anxious at how slow this process is going. I keep looking at it as, I've only come this far in a week and a half, and I only have a week and a half to be able to walk upright & head off to work. I thank God everything has gone so well. I am able to stand straight, though not recommended by my PS, but I can feel the skin pulling so tight.
My tummy drains are still draining 40cc's in 24 hours for three days and my boob drains go from 18 cc's in both 24 hours and 12 hours... Not consistent yet nor anywhere close to 5 cc's!!! Patience, I know. Drains are a pain- literally now. Three of the four keep hurting now. I'm still bandaged up tightly unable to see the healing process my body is going through. I'm also still wearing the compression leg tights. I continue to be more comfortable lying down w pillows behind my back and under my knees. My wonderful mom is slowing down. She's tired- taking care of me and my 2 boys, but will never complain. Happy healing ladies!

Lipo Day 10 post op

As my mom always says, this too shall pass. You will be up and drain-free before you know it, and enjoying your new body! And can you remind me of that in May, when I'm frustrated because of the drains and down time? :-)
Absolutely! We know what we're suppose to do, it's just difficult to stay idle for so long.
It really is a process isn't it? I hate feeling helpless as I'm sure you do too. Hang in there honey! My energy came back yesterday...probably 90%. That said, I have the energy but can't physically do anything! Horrible feeling :( We'll get thru it and look back with a smile.

Day 11 Post Op

Today marks 11 days since sx, but it's also 7 days since I've seen my body!! I was bandaged up 1 week ago and the suspense is killing me! I actually contacted my PS's office and spoke to her nurse. PS was in surgery. He basically told me I need to have patience, that I had a very invasive surgery, it was nothing simple. I need to allow my body to heal in order to get the best results. He advised me to relax, listen to peaceful music, talk to my girlfriends, drink calming tea & take short walks around the house. He said to continue to walk bent over, not to straighten up yet. He reminded me that I had elected this surgery, and I needed patience. He didn't say anything different than what PS had told me last week, and her nurse wasn't there. He also told me everything I keep advising other RS ladies to do- give your body the gift of time to heal correctly.

I've asked my hubby to help me change the gauze from the drains. Hope to takes some updated pictures without removing the compression bandages on my abdomen!!

2nd post op appt

PS's contacted me to go in tomorrow at 4:00 to be checked by PS. Feeling at peace. Even if I don't get drains out, I'd like her to make sure everything is healing as it should be.
Hoping your drains come out today!
They did! They did! Wa hoo!
Woo hoo yay you! I hear its such a relief when they come out and that the healing just seems that much quicker!

12 days Post Op ~ Happy Day

Yes! Drains are out!!

My husband & I ventured out driving to Tijuana by ourselves for the first time this afternoon! It was my 5th time within this year going, so I felt pretty confident on the roads needed to get to PS's office. Today was my husband's 3rd time going in the last month, so he felt pretty confident in being able to successfully get us to my PS's office. He even memorized the streets to one of the best corner taco shops! LOL

I went to my appt with the mind set that PS was going to check my drains and change my bandages. She drained each one as much as possible & nothing more came out. Yay!! At first she was only taking 2 boobie drains out, but others showed to be ready too!! Then it took PS & her nurse who helped with my sx, to put my compression garment on!! How the heck am I suppose to do this by myself?? I'll deal with it when the time comes. This shall be interesting! It feels so good on my tummy right now! However, the straps under my armpits are already cutting off my circulation. They realized they should have probably put my bra on first, then CG. PS also put a strap above my boobs to press my right boob muscle down. It's time to start massaging it, to help it move into place. She said my left boobie is perfect right where it is. Uummm.. These boobies are huge!!! I'm having a difficult time envisioning what they will look like once the swelling has gone down. So far, it's not the look I imagined, but I'm sure I will like them. I am in a 36 D bra and size small CG. I also need to sew the top front of bra to tighten it because if I go to 36C right now, it may irritate the incision under my boobies. I can't breath... Hope to sleep tonight, I'm tied up!!! LOL

Washing & drying my hair, taking a bird bath & getting to my appt really did exhaust me. I can take a full shower in 2 days when drain wounds heal, can begin getting myself out of bed slowly by myself & can begin to walk straighter now. I can relax now in knowing I will have one week to practice walking. My first day back at work will be March 7th. PS wanted to give me a 2nd note to take another week off work. I had to turn it down, as I've already used 5 of my sick days. She said she will give me a note for light duty. I love how much pride my PS takes in her work. She takes each patient as an individual and listens to what each body tells her. May God continue to Bless her & her talents.
U r lookN great! Those boobies are A-1 but I didn't realize you're surgery is only 12 days new. Wow! I don't know why is didn't realize that but u seem to be coming on along fine:-)
YAY to being DRAINLESS!! I know you are HAPPY!!!
Congrats on loosing the drains. Hoping all goes well for u to go back to work. My day was a good one. Everyday is better and better. I really like ur review, I can picture u and ur hubby walking the border hand in hand. It's so sweet. Take it easy and get some rest, as I will TRY to take my own advice. I've always been great at being the caregiver and taking care of everyone in my fam but not really good at lying there and letting someone take care of me. Maybe that'll change when I'm old, lol. I'll be looking watching for ur updates and thanks for ur comments much appreciated;)

Bikini shopping

I haven't worn a bikini in about 13 years. I've worn tankinis, and two summers ago, before my weight loss, I wore a one piece. I'd say the last time I wore a bikini with confidence, I was 25 years old. When I got married 11 1/2 years ago, I became very conservative, and stopped showing cleavage. I don't enjoy guys looking at my boobs. So, where will this leave me now? LOL I would love to wear a bikini this summer and show off my new & improved body, but I think it can be done in a sexy & classy way. Also, I plan on wearing wrap a rounds or swim shorts, until I have enough time (or will power) to work on my booty. I like this black halter top bikini set & want to order it before it becomes unavailable...but I have no idea what size I'll be by summertime. LOL
No drains!! Yay! I, too, am conservative, and I haven't worn a two-time of ANY kind since I was about 8! I also have a daughter who is almost 10, going on 16, and I don't want to wear a bathing suit that I will regret later with her! So, I'm going to try to find a moderately sexy one piece, but I'll buy tons of sexy lingerie for my husband! ;-)
Lingerie... This shall bring a new beginning in the bedroom =)
Ooh I like that swim suit !!! Halter tops are my addiction. I have one in almost every color and lots of black ones!! Ur hubby will love it;)

Breast implant questions & answers

This site, although a different PS, has some helpful answers that are to the point. I thought I would share, may you find it helpful too.


"Sloshing" sensation

Now that I have all my drains out I am am to pay closer attention to what my body is telling me. PS showed me how I am to massage my right boob in order to aide it in falling into place and looking like my left boob. Oh my goodness!! All I can hear is the sloshing sound inside each boob! WTH! LOL. It is grossing me out. Not the incisions, not the drains, not the blood clots in the drains, but this sloshing sound! It's not only when I massage my boob, it's whenever I move my arms. I hope my body absorbs this fluid soon. I don't even want to mention it to my husband. He may not, but I don't want him to be turned off by my new boobies. When he took me to my post op appt yesterday, he was in the PS office w me, ready to take pictures with my cell phone, and suddenly told me he was really hot and needed to go back into the waiting area. We aren't sure what happened, he told me after he felt like he was going to pass out. May have been watching PS remove my drains, or the blood clots she removed, but he had to leave. But he walked out w my cell phone! LOL Which is why I didn't get any updated pictures from when all my garments were removed before getting the compression garment put on. So, I STILL HAVENT SEEN MY NEW BODY!!! Geez... LOL
Lol that is too funny about the sloshing sound , don't let it bother u girl, he's not gonna not like ur boobs bc they noisy. U never know it might make him wanna play lol !!
Glad you're doing better! You made it to the weekend! Enjoy! I'm going to attempt to enjoy some time out of the house with my hubby & boys. Our boys have been cooped up all week at my moms on this 1st week of spring break.
Glad to know things are going well! I also wanted to let you know I will be having a consult with Yale in April. Thanks for your help!!

Going Home!

I'm going home! Husband is dying for me to go home. Not sure why, I'm still useless, LOL. I got the ok from PS to, very carefully, go up & down my stairs. No exercising, no lifting anything & no raising my arms for 3 more days. It's still very difficult to roll myself out of bed, it hurts & I don't know where to put more pressure- my stomach, my legs, my arms...it all hurts. My bed at home is up high & will need a stepping stool. This shall be interesting.
You look great, have such a good attitude and sense of humor about everything... I think it helps a lot with recovery! Lol aw your poor hubby, wonder if you gave him a panic attack with all the sexiness going on? Take care & Happy continued healing... Heres to a speedy recovery! :-)
Thank you. My husband made me laugh yesterday, he called my mom & told her he was taking me back, that it was still within 30 days & he should still be able to get a refund. Said I was broken & useless. LOL love the sense of humor. Hope you're doing well today.
LOL!!! That is too funny! Well I'm glad your feeling better... We all go through the emotional roller coaster through this journey. I return back to work on Monday as well and I'm sooo not ready to go back (I told my husband he better get another job bc he cant make me go back lol) Take it easy and enjoy these next few days before its back to business ;-)

My experience with Tijuana, Mexico

I prayed on whether or not to have a MM. I prayed on whether or not to get my MM in the states or in Tijuana, Mexico. I had two great PSs who were highly recommended. One in the states & one in Tj. I opted to go with Dra. Guadalupe Carrillo in Tijuana, Mexico. The good Lord never closed doors in this journey. My very good friend has had several procedures done by her, and I've known the PS's brother & sister in law for years. The first time I met PS I knew right away she is a very humble surgeon. She is very down to Earth & really cares about each patient. She takes her time talking to her patients. She studies your body & tells you what she knows is possible to do with your body type. This is her passion, and it shows. I am very happy with my experience with Dra. Carrillo.

My experience with Tijuana has also been a good one. As I've mentioned before, my husband and I had stopped going over. We would go every once in a while to eat tacos & do some shopping. We live pretty close to the border. Then we never applied for our passport or passport cards, and didn't want to deal with the hassle. When I went for my 1st consultation December 2013, the agent gave me a hard time coming back. The difficult part for me has been trying to find someone to drive me to appointments. The driving in Tj really scares me. My friend who introduced me is not always available, and that is understanding. I tagged along with her for her post op appt in December. After my husband and I talked about the pros and cons of the MM, we agreed to go through with it. I emailed the doctor's office manager and asked if she could forward my questions to the doctor, or if Dr had her own email. She advised me to email the PS directly. I did, and she responded within a week. My friend had them pencil in the date I wanted when she went back for one of her appointments. I went back for a 2nd consult mid February 2014. PS marked me up so I could have an idea what what she would do. We decided on what size my implants would be, full C. PS gave me my prescriptions I would need & lab work paperwork.

Driving over to Tijuana that afternoon had a long line to cross over. You never know if there will be a lot of traffics or not. Always give yourself enough time, if you are considering driving to Tijuana. That evening we went to the pharmacy PS recommended. I hadn't taken enough cash with me & we have a protection thing set on our ATM cards, so I wasn't able to get my meds that night. I talked more about that earlier in my posts. Mexico (or maybe just Tijuana) provides a medical pass for patients who have had work done. It is typed up with the make of your vehicle and license plates. This pass allows you to bypass only some of the traffic to get to the "Ready lane" lanes to cross back. The "regular" lanes are much much longer. That evening was the first time my friend was driving back to the states using the medical pass. We weren't exactly sure which way to get to the border using the pass. We ended up missing the correct lane & wound up heading toward Rosarito. Yes, we were laughing... We were able to turn around & end up on some side streets. Not so funny... We turn down a street trying to get to a Main Street & just as we get to the signal lights and realize we ARE GOING THE WRONG WAY, a motorcycle cop is flashing his lights at us. Oh yeah, not laughing. He's ready to give us a ticket and have us FOLLOW HIM back to who knows where to pay the ticket! Um No thanks! We explain our situation to him & ask him if he can show us how to get to the border. We (secretly) give him some cash, hahaha, and he guides us to the border! Geez! We couldn't stop laughing at that adventure.

Getting my lab work in Tijuana was also an adventure, not as exciting as w my friend though. My husband didn't feel comfortable driving over yet. He hadn't been to Tijuana in a along time, and they've done a lot of changes & remodeling. I also posted about this earlier. We took a taxi.

My friend did drive me to the clinic for my sx. She stayed with me Saturday night & drove me back. I was released from the clinic at around 1:00pm. This next adventure was horrible. I was nauseous & in pain. The IV meds are not strong. It was a hot day, my friend's card did not have A/C. I was starting to get a caffeine headache because I hadn't wanted coffee that morning. I didn't hVe water with me either. Fortunately, there are people selling different things in the lanes while people wait. A young guy had a sign selling coffee & lattes. We ordered coffee & water! Paid him him he came back. I felt horrible, uncomfortable, hot nauseated... I knew I had to throw up. I opened the car door, unbuckled & tried. Dry heaves... Talk about pain! The cars were moving so s l o w... I took a couple sips of coffee then water. Eventually, I threw up. Felt somewhat better, still hot. Had the compression stockings on. Oh my goodness. Ok, it took us THREE HOURS to get back across to the states. We crossed at 4:00pm. I'm sure I t was due to it being a Saturday & beautiful weather, so there were a lot of people crossing that day.

On 3 days post sx I had a little scare that evening because I didn't know if one of my boobie drains was draining too much too fast. If the cc's from drain didn't slow down, my PS wanted to see me that night. Again, I needed to find someone who could take me to Tijuana at 11:00pm. Fortunately, I did not need to go in that night (I posted about this earlier).

For my first PO appt my husband asked his coworker to drive us over. He hadn't been in years either. He got us there and back safely, although we took the same road to Rosarito instead of to the border... For my 2nd PO, my husband finally felt comfortable in driving me. Thank God! Everything went well, except for him almost passing out when PS was removing my drains.

I have 4 appointments for the ultrasound massaging for the lipo and 2 more appointments with PS. I need a ride to these appointments!!!!... Can anyone take me? LOL Another girlfriend is going to take me for my 1st ultrasound this Tuesday. She drove over by herself & kids last week, so she feels comfortable. And I know how to get to the hospital where PS's office is.

I am very grateful to all the RS ladies who have shared their experiences, positive & negative, pros & cons. I share my experiences of going back and forth to Tijuana, Mexico and San Diego, California for other RS ladies who are considering going to Tijuana for sx. My experience overall has been great. If you are considering sx in Tijuana and do not have relatives or friends who live there, please consider staying local for at least two weeks & try not to do this alone. Your body will determine when your post ops will be & when your drains will be removed. Each person heals differently, and there's no prescription to say how many days it will be before you're good to travel back home. Happy hunting ladies. Happy healing. Happy new found confidence!

Board certified PS in Tijuana, Mexico

Ladies here is the website with the Board certified PS in Tijuana & Mexicali, Mexico. Go to www.saludbc.gob.mx, click on "Listado de médicos certificados en cirugía plástica."

Lipo Day 15 PO

Bruising looks so much better. I never really had pain from lipo. I feel some soreness once in a while.

Finally saw my body @ 15 days PO

I finally saw my new & improved body yesterday @ day 15 PO!! As I took off my CG, I knew it was going to be a challenge to get back into that thing. It was my first shower, yikes! LOL My husband helped me wash my hair, as it's still difficult to raise my arms. He couldn't believe how much hair I have. It took a while before the shampoo lathered- another moment of my husband understanding what I go through every day when trying to get myself ready. Although I loved taking a shower, I didn't like the feeling of the pressure I felt in my tummy & boobs. It felt like all the blood was going straight there. My husband put my CG & bra into the wash & it seemed like time was going by so slow. That love hate relationship so many of you speak about with that CG. Walking downstairs without it felt awful. I'm sure nothing was going to happen, but it felt as though everything was falling out. LOL Talk about exaggerating. I was happy, after the struggle to get back into the CG, to be tide up again.

I got some pictures of my body, finally. I can see I am still swollen above and below my new bb. My mid area where my bb is, is quite tight. My right boobie is still high. I've been massaging it and have kept the compression strap on it, even sleeping with it on. I can't believe how tiny my waist is.
Not bad, it'll be beautiful once all is healed up!! Boy specially if u go tan, I know tanning is bad but it's like magic concealer, it's hides everything!!
Tanning- it's been a good 14 years since I attempted to get a tan. Getting excited! LOL. I ordered that halter top bikini! Can't wait! Just sucks not knowing which size to order. I couldn't believe it was 99cents! What's up with that Amazon? It was $23 for shipping. LOL
Right?! If you order a certain amount they drop the shipping or lower the rate, personally I'm addicted to ebay, sometimes u have to bid , but a lot of stuff is free shipping. I just ordered some rose seeds from there yesterday, they have amazing colors!! Like a red and black true blood( my favorite show) !! Can't wait for that bikini to come in girl!! You know I'll be waiting on those pics!!

15 Days PO pictures

You are looking great! Remember to take it easy. Happy healing to you.
Thank you =) I do wish I was a year out like you. 2 1/2 weeks went by fast, and now I'm feeling anxious. It's day 17 & I'm wondering if I made the right choice. I'm sure I'll feel different in another 2 weeks. Sigh...
Its tough around 2 weeks. That's when my emotions went crazy! You made the right choice. By 4 weeks po most of the pain is gone. You'll be great. I promise, it does get better. A year down the road you'll be delighted you did this.


Ok, I made it to day 17 and I'm grouchy! There! I said it! I'm plain 'ol grouchy!! I want to walk normal. I want to sit normal. I want to stand normal. I want to lay down normal. I want to get out of bed normal. I want to feel normal already!! I saw my PS today. I thought I was going in to see the nurse for some ultra sound massages for lipo, instead nurse & PS cleaned my incisions, put new tape on, took out some stitches on tummy, boobs and new bb. Nurse did a little ultra sound massaging on my right boob. No lipo massaging. Then...PS said my CG was too loose now, whah!!! I'm already in a size small CG, and she closed me in to the tightest hooks!! I can't breef!!!
you are looking wonderful, wishing you the best.
Thank you~
lol I know the feeling....I'm in two CG's to maximize compression grrrrr. Not fun being squeezed when you're whole body is bruised. You are looking great and you will feel normal again. We have to remind ourselves that this is temporary. Just think of the dramatic change from day 5 to day 17. We had major surgery and three weeks is such a short time in the grand scheme of things. I felt the same way last night...telling my husband I wanted to feel normal again. I drift off and think of Summer and wearing a bathing suit and not covering my fat roll and then I'm good! Hope you are feeling better. Chin up!

Better days

Thank you ladies for your uplifting positive comments. 19 days is a long time to be stagnant when you're an active person. Those of you who've had a mm, know too well what I'm talking about. Pre sx, we can only imagine what we'll go through, and we can prepare ourselves. But when we're actually in the moment, it's difficult sometimes to remind ourselves, that's it, it's only a moment in the scheme of things. We've gone through a lot years before this & those struggles, be it low self esteem, embarrassment, infidelity, etc. make this struggle so worth while. I do want to feel normal again. My was able to reflect and realize my grouchiness this week was due to me not taking my pain meds & I was allowed to feel pain. Ha! Imagine that! I started driving 2 days ago, so couldn't take my pain meds. That day was the same day PS tightened up my CG. Great. I'm already in a size small CG. I didn't think it was possible to get myself into something so tiny.

I can't believe my 3 weeks of recovery time is coming to an end. I head back to work on Monday. I don't know how I'm going to get through the day. I still walk slow and as much as I try to walk 100% upright, I'm still bent over some. By 3pm I'm ready to take a nap. I'm sure I'm going to come straight home at 3:15 after dismissing my students everyday. I'll already have to take a half day off on Tuesday, it was the only day and time my ps could get me in again (I'm telling you, I still don't know how many PO appts I have). I'm assuming she's going to take out the rest of the stitches? I'm hoping my husband will be able to take me to this appt, otherwise I just may have to drive myself! Yikes!!!! My 2 friends who have taken me are also teachers & are heading back to work Monday from spring break.

Work...not only am I thinking about how I'm going to get through the day with 26 second graders (I can barely handle my own 2 kids at home), but I also have to deal with teachers asking me questions. I only shared with 3 teachers at work. The rest I'm not close to, and do nothing but talk about each other. Well, my team partner happens to be the one with the biggest mouth & my long term sub happened to mention something to her about my surgery. I had only told work I was having hernia surgery (1 hernia at the time). My sub mentioned lipo. So of course my partner caught on and said, "what else did she get done?" So now I'm sure the whole staff knows I had hernia surgery & lipo done. I'm sure she will be checking me out from head to toe to see what else is different. I don't have a poker face. I can withhold information, but when asked, I can't lie. Since my stomach will obviously look flatter, I am going to attempt to say I had lipo in my stomach, if asked. My husband says who cares who knows, everyone is going to see that I have big boobs. I just don't think it's anybody's business. Also, when you have a small frame & have lost weight, others don't comprehend why you'd get a tt. I just do not want to have these conversations with anyone.

My dear husband sent me a text today saying he misses me & wishes I was better already. He really has been patient through this whole process. He wasn't use to bathing the boys each night, and did slack off this this week. But I'm not griping, this was my choice, not his. He has been very supportive. This June will be our 12 year wedding anniversary, and a new beginning in so many ways.
Happy healing ladies!

Update on Day 20

I cleaned my dressings again. I am impressed with the thin incision lines I found under the dressings. I've had several surgeries prior to my MM and those incision scars healed very well. So I assumed with time, or at least a couple of years, these scars would heal very well too. I don't like taking the dressings off. I get the willys. I started to get anxiety & I couldn't get the dressings back on fast enough, especially on my bb. I've always had a thing with my bb being touched. I wonder if I'll get the same feelings with my new bb. It looks to be healing well, but I couldn't stand seeing that there is still open space between bb and skin around it. It may sound unclean to some, however, I think I am choosing to stay in this CG 24/7 and not shower as often. The incisions are healing well on their own, and I don't need to help them along. LOL I use flushable wipes each time I use the restroom & I wash my underarms daily, and I'm ok with that.

I remeasured myself. My breasts are the biggest wow. My weight, butt & waist are the same as before surgery. I'm still @ 117 pounds. I can't wait to see where I'm at once this swelling goes down. My gut below bb is bigger, hence all the swelling. I tried on my pre sx jeans yesterday & they were far from closing. I am a pear shape right now, especially because my waist looks so tiny. My hips look really wide. This is a new look to me. I wore a pair of jeans from before I lost weight over a year ago. I can wear leggings, but I don't like the way the CG looks at the knee. These are my measurements:

Thighs under butt 36" now 35" (yeah lipo!!!)
Around butt 38" now 38" (same)
Below gut 35" now 36" (swelling)
Gut bb 34 1/2" now 32" (back lipo & tt)
Above bb 32" now 30"
Waist 30" now 30" (same)
Around nipples 35 1/2" now 37" (Yay to bigger fuller boobies!)
Saggy nipple to nipple around neck 29 1/2" now 27" (Perky boobies!! Wa Hoo!!)
Gettingit...are you sure your thighs are 36" each?
I measured all the way around below my bootay, not each leg.
I like my waist measurement w/ the CG on better! 28" LOL

Day 20 Pictures

You look great! I can certainly identify with you wanting to look HOT for your husband, and you are right--we all have our reasons for wanting it done.
Thank you. I think RS has been wonderful not only in helping woman prepare for these journeys, but also to be therapeutic. We need to share with other woman, and when it's confidential, we are more free to share our personal experiences.
I agree! And it helps to know we're not alone!

Must be

I must be feeling better... Today is the 1st day I have felt stir crazy. It's not like me to sit around. My sister, who is also a teacher, always tells me I'm crazy because I always overbook myself, especially during our breaks. My 8 year old hasn't done anything but play with his 3 year old brother during his 2 week spring break. I did 4 loads of laundry today (although I can't hang any of the clothes because I can't reach the hangers LOL) and we're taking the boys to the movies tonight. Woo Hoo!! Date night with my 3 y.o as we're going to see the Muppets Movie & dear hubby and 8 y.o. are going to see Captain America. My back is starting to hurt, I better take a Motrin to get through this evening. I'm going to have to learn to say no once I go back to work. I don't want to over do it & wind up messing something up. I like how things are healing so far. Here's to my last weekend before hitting reality smack in the face early Monday morning! (How am I EVER going to get out of bed before 9:00am??????)
Awe congrats on taking the kiddos out and getting out urself!! Awesome ur moving around, even if it's just a little. Girl I'm praying work goes good for you and those children behave ;)
Thx. Going to the movies that night was difficult. My 3 yr old was done w the muppets movie within 30 min LOL so I kept having to take him to restroom & lobby to show him bro & daddy were still in their movie. Too much movement for me. Yes, my students were good for me, lucky them they get another sub this week. Take care of yourself girl! =)
Hope work went well. Surprisingly it went okay for me Tired now though !! How u keeping? ?

Back to work

Back to work after 3 weeks recovery time. Overall it was a good day. By noon I was feeling enough pain throughout. Took a strong Motrin at 1:00pm. By 3:00 I was pretty swollen, my ankles hurt. It hurt more to walk around. I spoke w my administrator after work & explained to him that I really need to sit more throughout the day with my feet up. He was ok with it. I washed my CG tonight, I hate taking that thing off. I exploded 10x more! It was difficult & painful getting back into it. Tonight was the first time I had tears in my eyes. The frustration of the pain got to me. I was able to end the tears as my husband helped squeeze me back in. I'm exhausted. I hope to be able to leave each day earlier than I did today.
The swelling amazes me. RS ladies had mentioned it & some call it swell hell... I get it. I had to let go of the CG in the front, it was way too tight & was digging into my sides. Here's to another good day!
Hang in there....this too shall pass
Thank you, catnthehat. Reality of doing so many procedures at once is setting in. Mornings are the easiest :) How are you doing?
Glad that you have one more week to take things easy. Sorry to hear about your setback. Like I said before, I think my turning point was about week 5 where I felt about 80% back to normal....you'll get there! As for me, doing well. Still have moments of swelling. I have my CG on part of the day! when is work out I use a different one and then I still wear it through the night. It's a love hate relationship! I've been slowly going back to the gym routine. My MIL left two weeks ago, so I'm flying solo again with my girls. Take care and take it easy.

Swelling info sites

These 2 sites explain simply why we experience swelling with TT:


Praying things start going a little smoother for you bae. I really hate to see you ladies suffer like this, and it's that much worse when you guys have to go to work:/ I really hope it gets better;)
Thanks hunny! It comes with the plan LOL. Reality of doing so many procedures sure is sinking in. Great job in keeping your figure up XbubblesX !!!
Thank you !! Hurt my back yesterday cleaning I think, and was about to start exercising again , well that's postponed lol

Mornings are easier

Mornings are easier. The swelling isn't so bad. I was able to move my gc to the tightest position. After reading the articles I shared, I better understand the importance if keeping the CG pretty snug. It makes sense! I do want the best for my money! If torturing myself while keeping snug in this thing means my cells will repair themselves better & tighter, as well as won't leave room for so much fluids to gather, then I'm all in! I want to look Hot for my hubby!! =)
Hi missy. Hope today going easier for u honey. I am like u yesterday. Broke down as soon as I turned.the key in my door after work. I spoke too soon. Swell hell aren't the words!!! I am feeling awful reading your review. I haven't been wearing my cg tight at all!! Im such a dummy! I thought it was just for support and didn't know itd play a part in the overall out come. My f*!#ing ps never said !!! Argghhhh ive prob f'd up everything :( Bad bad day !!!!
No no no!!! It's not too late Hun! Just start wearing it. We're not done healing. The CG will definitely help. I'm so glad I found that article explaining how the CG helps. Put your feet up as much as possible. Don't be hard on yourself. We are all learning. Hugs!!
Thanks hun. So glad you posted that. Needless to say it was on tight today :) swelling bad under my t.t scar and around pubic bone. Is that normal you think?

Taken off work duty

Well ladies, there was a reason why I was so uncomfortable yesterday during my 1st day back at work. I was already scheduled for an appt with my ps this afternnoon. I worked half day since my appt was at 1:30 PM in Tijuana. I explained to ps how I felt during & afterwork, she responded with, "That's what I was worried about." She had wanted to take me off work this week. Well, she did afterall. I'm off until Monday. She said my body confirmed to her that I need to stay home. As she opened the top of my CG, she immediately saw how swollen my abdomen was. Fluid. Too much fluid. Seratoma. Yup. You can jiggle my tummy just by tapping it lightly. PS drained the fluid using a needle. There were bubbles of fluid. She drained about 25 cc's. She prescribed more antibiotics since I do have fluid still, another strong pill to help with swelling not to be taken more than 5 days, more Arnica, and a gel to apply on all the scars. My scars are healing nicely. I'll post a picture of a side view of my swollen tummy after my 1st day back at work and today's picture of my new boobies with all tape removed.

Ladies, listen to your bodies. It's speaking loudly to us, we just don't speak the same language. Happy healing RS ladies!!
You did it!! Happy healing to you!! it will get better!

Day 26 PO Update

Thank you RS ladies for your well wishes. I'm taking advantage of more time at home. I'm relaxing & watching things around me pile up (haha). My ankles still feel tight, although they don't look as swollen as they did at the beginning of the week. I took the CG off last night to see what was going on. My tummy looked much better than it did Tuesday, however I could still feel the fluid above my bb. Below the bb was hard & tight, back to its normal self of swelling. I do hope this medication will take care of the fluid that is still in there. Ps was not able to remove all the fluid. My husband watched as she stuck the needle in and moved it around under the skin searching for the pockets, bubbles, of fluid. (I'm surprised he watched being he almost passed out the last time he did). Ps could see and feel feel fluid, but wasn't able to find anymore pockets to take more out. My husband said the first suction of fluid looked as though she had popped a pimple, a lot of white/clear fluid came out. Then the rest was watery blood looking. 2 and 1/2 suringes of fluid. I purposely did not look.

My ps loosened my CG & left it as loose as possible. She said as I see the inflamation go down, to go ahead and tighten it. Because my tummy was so wobbly, the CG made weird lumpy marks that I didn't like. I figured this must be a good reason women use an ab board. I walked into my boys' playroom and got a thin children's hardcover picture book =) After I applied the cream ps prescribed on all the incisions and arnica on my achy body parts, I wrapped the book in a washcloth & squeezed it along with me into the infamous CG. Wow! I actually liked how it felt! Strange, huh? Felt like it provided more support. I slept with it, not knowing if I'd make things worse??? I was very happy to see the results this morning! There is still fluid at the top of my abdomen, below boobies. The book wasn't too wide, so it still left a little mark on the sides, but nothing like the mark from the day before. I tried using a wider book during the day, but that was uncomfortable. I'm going to look into purchasing (or making) an ab board!! Hoping it will really help me heal with a flat tummy! Yes!! LOL

Today was the first time I was able to shower & get myself out and back into my surgical bra & CG without my husband's help. I'm getting more independent! Woo Hoo!! I like how my incisions are healing. I'm amazed that in such a short amount of time, I can't feel some of the incisions when I run my finger along them! Also, now that the swelling is beginning to go down, my bb IS centered! LOL Here's to happy healing RS sistas!!

Day 26 PO pictures

Im sorry you had a rough first day back to work! Im glad that you got to take off more time to get that seratoma under control! RELAX and I hope all clears up soon!!!
Thank you =) I still have some fluid below the breasts, but not like last week. I see progress, that's always good =). How are you doing?
I'm glad you got some extra time off....I wish I could as well. I'm so exhausted during the evening. The swelling has been normal, but I have a couple of hard spots around my tummy incision that hurt when I walk. Not sure what that's all about. My boobs are sooooo sore. I thought they would feel better by now :( You're looking great!!

Day 30

Day 30~ back at work. What a difference from a week ago when I attempted to go back. By the end of the school day I was achy, not in pain & I didn't need to take a Motrin at lunch time. I'm still not walking at a normal pace, but I'm walking! LOL I told my husband yesterday that I finally realized where a great part of my frustration in recuperating slowly stemmed from. There are so many RS ladies who either had BA or TT, or both w/ lipo, and are out and about. And I need to remember that these 3 hernias is what has added to my recovery time. I didn't know I had a hernia, let alone three. This was not in MY plan. Ha! Ha! Ha! I was concerned yesterday, a day before heading back to work, because I woke up in pain- all over. Just when I thought I was ready. I prayed the good Lord would heal me & prepare me for work in the morning. I was good to go! God is great!

I love how all my scars are healing so far. There are several areas where I can't feel the incisions. I also like how low my TT scar is. It wasn't until I put my pre sx and day 30 pix side x side that I could see why my TT scar is the shape it is, it's not a simple curve across. It's the same shape I had before minus the excess skin! Makes sense! And that sloshing sound I had around day 12- it's gone! When did that happen? LOL I didn't even notice. Every once in a while, while I'm using my arms, I'll feel the implant under the muscle. It's an awkward feeling. Almost like a spasm. But like everything else in this journey, it will either go away or I'll get use to it. I would love it if my days could continue like today, or better. The uncomfortabless was bearable, I can go for that! =) I still don't feel "sexy"- geez, could it be this "CG"?!?! Or perhaps the bloating?!?! My husband happens to think otherwise, and that's what counts! =)

Good luck ladies who are waiting their turn. This is an amazing journey & well worth it! And for those who are post op, happy continued healing!!!
Glad your day back went well. I've tried telling others that said they are going to tell their doctor they want their incision line straight and low that it doesn't always happen that way. It goes with your body line and how your extra skin hangs. I'm just glad mine is gone! Congratulations girl, you look great!!
Thank you =) do you remember how long it took for your left breast to drop? Are you left handed?
Honestly, not sure that my left breast ever dropped completely. But, over tbe past few months it did drop more. My breasts dont look uneven or anything. I can tell a little, but nobody else can. No, I'm not left handed. But, I did notice after my surgery I used my left hand alot.

Noticeable curvy waistline

It's been many years since I've seen this curvy waist. Coworkers are beginning to make comments. Yesterday was the first time since my early 20's that I saw two different men look at my boobs before responding to me. This will be interesting...
YOU LOOK AWESOME and you haven't had any problems (that I have read)...GREAT...I think its because you was able to return to your PS....hmmmmmmmm....got me THINKING (again)...lol
Imma, you are too funny! But yes, ps made sure I had another round of antibiotics while I got rid of the Seratoma. She also prescribed another anti inflammatory medication which it appears may have been pulled by the FDA here in the states. I go bk in six days to see ps again as a follow up appt.
WHAT da WHAT!!!! YOU HAD SERATOMA????? how did I miss that????

5 weeks post op

I must say its nice to see the swelling going down. Mornings are still easier, however afternoons are not as difficult. By the end of the workday my lipo & hernia areas are sore, and I'm exhausted. I've noticed my boobs are harder & seem to be swollen in the mornings. Just yesterday as I was rubbing anti scar gel on my incisions, I felt some hardness above the anchor part of both boob incisions. I'm not sure if maybe my 2nd post sx bra is too small (36C) & causing this ripple like under the boobs. So I've gone back to the 36D in hopes that the somewhat hard lines will go away. I still have fluid in the area above my bb. It's not as obvious, but enough. I have a follow up appt in 4 days. My husband said ps may need to drain it again. Yikes, but I guess this fluid still doesn't know where to go. LOL.

I'm pleased with how my body is beginning to look without clothes. I think it's funny because with clothes on, you can't see a difference- I think anyways. I'm still not in my pre sx jeans because of the hard swelling in my belly. I find that I can't wear cute tops with all these CG & surgical bra straps going on. Darn it, I can't wait to sport a sexy body! LOL

Best wishes to the ladies who are anxiously waiting for their special day. Blessings & patience to the ladies who are recovering from their surgeries, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Silicone scar sheets

In the weeks prior to sx, I took in all I could learn from so many RS ladies. I comprised a list of "must have" items. Some items ended up being "must haves", others not really. One of the items I purchased was the silicone sheets. I took all the scar therapy items I had purchased to my PS to ask if I could use them now, and if she recommended them. She advised me not to use the silicone scar sheets. She said that they work best to help dissolve the scar tissue, when the scar is lifted and thicker. With the scars in my procedures, she said these sheets would have a negative effect. The sheets could potentially leave indentations. I share this information so that you may do your own research & ask your ps for their opinion before you begin using them. We've been through a lot with sx & financing, I don't want anyone to potentially end up with not so nice scarring.
Thank you for that info, how are you doing with work and such?
I'm doing better, thanks Hun! Thank God each day gets better physically. I wanna go shoppiiinnnngggggg!!!!! LOL! I want to see what these boobies will look like in a normal bra! =)
Oooh u ain't Neva lying. I tried on some bras and didn't fit right so I gave up. Praise The Lord you are feeling better. Oooh looka you get to sport the new bod at ur high school reunion and the wedding . U gotta snapshot the fit u gonna wear!! Gonna be lookin too sexxi!!

Update Day 38

My healing continues to be going pretty well. I'm surprised how well incisions heal. I know it will be quite a while before they looks great, but there are several incisions where I can't even feel the line. The anchor under my boobs healed so well. I was so freaked out in the beginning, it looked like a black hole. LOL Not a trace of that hole now. I continue to use the strap over my right boob to help it settle & massage the muscle. It is settling little by little. After I changed back to the 36D bra, I haven't felt the thick long bump of a line under my boob, above the incision. Am I going to remain a D? LOL Time will tell, but darn it, I want to buy another swimsuit online (thanks to xbubblesbx.) LOL

My TT incision looks great on the ends. The center part in front is thicker & kind of raised. I think it will be fine. I had been applying a scar gel from Mexico that wasn't the one prescribed by ps, but from the pharmacist. Not sure it made a difference. I began applying Mederma scar gel (which was one of the gels recommended by ps) and in just 2 days with a total of 2 applications, Wow! What a difference! I was thinking maybe I should have started using it a little sooner, but at the same time I feel as though my scars had a chance to begin healing on their own first. Wearing these "stretchy" pants is getting old. LOL I normally live in my jeans! My lower abdomen is hard and swollen. I still can't feel that area as usual. Although! I did notice this weekend, around Day 35 that I can now tighten my stomach muscles! I couldn't before. Granted, I still can't suck my tummy in all that much just yet, but it's working! It's not broken. Hahaha...

I'm not as swollen all over as I was a week ago. Each day I'm in less pain by the end of my workday. I'm walking a little faster. I do still have fluid in a small area above my bb, I assume ps may need to poke than darn needle in again to try & drain the fluid. I seem to feel the pain from the lipo areas (thighs) more these days. I think it's interesting that I never felt any discomfort the first weeks from the lipo. I'm also feeling burning sensations on my waist. Mostly when I move sitting positions or try to get up from sitting or lying down. It kind of feels like the skin is ripping apart. Although it's not fun to cycle into new pains every so often, I do appreciate that I didn't feel all the pain at once in the first few weeks. I was lucky. I am also feeling pain on both sides where my inguinal repairs were done 2 1/2 years ago. I'm not sure why I feel pain on my right side since nothing was repaired there this time. I've begun to sleep a little on my side. I put one pillow between my legs & under my boobs & between arms- it will take a while to get use to that big gap/space of perky boobs that was once filled with squishy boobs.

I will be going to Tijuana in two days for my 40 day follow up appointment. I'm hoping ps will be able to remove stitches in some boob areas that are bothersome.

I can't wait to be able to at least start walking for exercise. I still get so tired. We just found out my 21 year old stepson will be getting married in July (12 weeks), the day after my 25th HS reunion. Woo Hoo!! Time to start working on this body my PS helped get back!!
You are looking fabulous ! Glad to hear your doing better! =D
Thank you =)

2 piece swimsuit~ awkward & too small

Here's the "cute" swimsuit I thought I had scored on. Turns out I think the top is too small. It's gonna take a while before I really get to know these babies & purchase the correct size clothes. LOL I had no intention of wearing the bottom as is. I'd wear cute boy shorts or a wrap around I have. Because I purchased this at a cheap price, I'd bet the suit at Victoria Secret wouldn't fit "awkward" =)
It took me awhile to recover as well. I am 2 months out. I just had a BA and a lift. I really feel for you. You had a few procedures at one time. Recovery must have been difficult. I hated just the compression bras!!! Your breast seem similar to mine in the healing process. One of mine started out quite a bit higher and looks so much better now. .. looks like your a beautiful lady I wish you a continued speedy recovery. Congratulations on your surgery:-)
You've had such an adventure, I've really enjoyed reading your review even though I'm not having this surgery personally. Your recovery was rough! Do you think if you hadn't needed hernia repairs it would have been easier, or do you think everything together is too much? The lipo bruising looked like 'owwwww'. I think your review will help other RS ladies when it comes to taking time off work, it's major surgery, you wouldn't have a hysterectomy and go back in a couple of weeks, right? I like the bikini top, but I agree with you on the bottoms! they are cute so small, a cute sarong would look good. Happy healing!


I'm starting to feel anxious again. I'm too stagnant & need to start moving, but unfortunately my body is still telling me otherwise. Besides the bloating, I feel I'm gaining weight & besides watching what I eat, there's nothing else I can do right now. My love handles are getting flabby :( I had a big spurt of energy after work & came straight home to cleaning, things around here were really getting out of hand. But I think I did too much bending & feel my tummy swelling up again. Plus Aunt Flo is in town. I'm sure my ps will tell me if this is normal for 40 days PO. I had a lot done at once & continue to remind myself it's only a short amount of recovery time in the grand scheme of things. I still miss my jeans =)
Girl you will be in those jeans again and probly a smaller size soon enuff. Hang tight. If you have built up energy, move and do a FEW things but at any easy pace and don't try to do everything. I'm not one to be laid up , trust, so I feel u;)
My PS laughed at me & said my jeans were too big! I told her they were my jeans from 2 years ago before losing weight, I still can't close the zipper of my current jeans because lower tummy is so hard. Waaaa I want my jeans back! LOL. You lucky lady to have your natural sexy body & beautiful perky boobies!!!
Thank you, I am blessed, but it makes me feel humble and my heart goes out to y'all ladies that have troubles. I can't wait til ur in some lil sexy clothes takin pics!! If you find some cute stuff snapshot it for me;)

40 Day PO Update

I'm very happy with the way my body is healing externally. Internally, it's taking a bit longer than expected however I haven't had any complications, which makes me very happy. My tummy below my BB is swollen & hard, above my BB is squishy w/ fluid. The close up side pix shows the swelling very well. Have I mentioned I miss my jeans? LOL The left side of TT incision is healing nicely, the right side has some red markings around the end. I have my 40 day post op appt today. My husband will be taking me over to Tijuana & we'll be taking our two boys with us~ a family adventure =) Thank you RS ladies who have given me so much positive encouragement. May God continue to give you peace and strength.
Hope you are feeling better now. I know exactly how u feel. Am so swollen end of day. Couging and sneezing still hurts and im dying to see end results buy please just remember how much u got done and how long it takes to recover Just bc pain isnt too bad. We are both still healing. Baby steps hun. Believe me u look amazing. Your hubby is so lucky!
Thank you for you kind words & encouragement. Days are better & I'm not AS exhausted at the end of the day. I got home today & think I slept from 4:30 to 6:00. My body is very achy tonight. Yes, I can tell this will be a longer process than I anticipated. But months of recovery will be worth it in the long run, but I'm getting impatient, and so is my hubby. LOL (if you know what I mean).
Lol yep !! I know what you mean... Its good that you're resting when you can its important. We heal when we rest. I read online that the stages of recovery are 2-3. 2-3 days of being in bed 2-3 weeks of pain medication 2-3 months to feel "normal" and 2 years for scars to mature. You are only 6 weeks so lots if healing to be done. Plenty of time of amazing one on ones with hubby lol


I'm 41 days post op and have had time to reflect on my journey. I only dreamed of having perky boobies and a flat tummy after nursing my first precious son 8 1/2 years ago. Through the years, I had conversations w my hubby about it, but I didn't know how I would ever pay for it. We don't put anything on credit & pay everything cash. I hurt my back at work over 2 years ago & unexpectedly received several checks in 2013. It was also during a time I had gained weight, then lost weight & lost a lot of self confidence due to marital problems. I was never an insecure person until those issues arrived. When I received that money, I immediately began praying on it. I felt the money came at a perfect time. When I first began looking into PS's in San Diego & looking at my calendar, I was bummed that I had to put it off because I was still in the middle of accupuncture and physical therapy. It was in that sadness that I realized I really did want this mommy makeover. My marriage was coming back together and I knew I needed this for me. I don't remember how I came across realself only 4 months ago, but am so glad I did!!! It definitely gave me the confidence to go through with the mm. This is the only place, the only ladies, I can really talk to about my journey. I have a handful of friends who I've shared this with, but only one can truly relate & understand (because she has had the MM by the same PS). I can share pictures with them, but they don't understand the process, the emotional journey as you, RS ladies do. I thank you for your support, your positive encouragement. You don't know me, yet you ask how I am doing. I appreciate each one of you, and you will (oddly-LOL) always have a place in my heart because each, in your own way, have helped me get through this.

It's been 41 days~ oh how it feels so much longer than 6 weeks. After reading so many RS journeys, I thought in my head, I can handle this. I'll take 1 week off work attached to 2 weeks of spring break and I'll be all better two weeks after that for Easter. LOL It's as they say, "Here's my plan" and "Here's God's plan".

My visit w PS yesterday went well. She removed stitches from boobs, bb and tt incisions. I don't need to place the rolled up gauze in my bb anymore. She assured me that the reddish marks at the end of my right tt incision will go away. It's from the sutures. And yes, it's what I suspected. I still have seroma. She was able to remove fluid from above the bb, but wasn't able to remove any below bb. It hurt this time & it kept burning after. By the time I got home, the area was bruised. I think she moved the needle around a lot because she was really determined to remove fluid. She put me back on the strong medication for swelling for 5 days.

I put my body through a lot. I am still in pain. I'm good while at work. I'm not as exhausted after as I was last week, however if I sit on the couch I can take a good hour nap. I wish I could lay on my sides at least. When I try to move onto my side, I feel burning in my TT side area and the side of my boob hurts. My upper thigh's lipo areas hurt most in the morning. It also feels like burning. My waist also burns in the evenings, I assume it's the lipo areas. I didn't expect to have hernia repair when I went to my first consultation, I definitely didn't expect to be recuperating from 3 hernias. I asked PS yesterday if she did muscle repair. She explained yes, and showed me how high on my rib cage & all the way down to pubic area, she tightened the muscle that had become lose from pregnancy. I wonder, do all TT's include muscle repair? I really do like my plastic surgeon! She is dedicated to her work. She is a very humble person who takes pride in her work. During my pre op, while so was marking me up, she explained that doing a MM on a thinner person is more challenging for her because she has to make sure she does everything even & symmetrical. She also said when she does a tt on her patients, she does lipo in the pubic areas to remove the fat, so that it doesn't look like a man's bulge. I think she is an artist. She has done a really good job.

So, for now, I will continue to live in this CG. PS gave me 2 strips of soft foam to place on my fluid areas. It lays in the shape of a plus sign. One vertical laying on the stomach muscle she repaired, and one horizontal below bb but above tt incision. She said to wear it at night, however it would benefit more if I also wore it during the day while I'm moving around at work. I can't hold it in place while I put the CG back on all by myself, so I'll be showering at night when hubby can help me, or go back to those darn bird baths. LOL

I go back to see PS in 19 days. Funny, before sx I never asked how many follow up appointments I would have. My goodness, I feel like I'm always visiting her! I can't say enough about her. Even when she has a waiting room of patients waiting to see her, she always makes me feel that she's all mine. She takes her time with me. My dear girlfriend should be taking me to the next appt, she's scheduled an appt for her bi yearly Botox... Is that my step???? Heeheehee.....

Seroma continues

The foam strips should help in pushing the fluid out from these areas.
Girl keep that beautiful head up bc what it sounds like to me , is when all the swelling goes down , ur body is going to look amazing. Happy for you that ur doc is like ur friend. I know that must make everything easier. Always praying for you my girl. And ur message out to us was beautiful;)
I second exactly what xbubblesbs wrote :)
Thank you ladies =) I'm just so tired of being wrapped up, ya know? Although, I wouldn't like the feeling if I wasn't wrapped up. LOL I'm ready to be back to normal. When I had my 2 hernias repaired almost 3 yrs ago, I was wearing high wedged shoes 5 weeks later. Although, they didn't repair my abdominal muscle... Happy to be on this journey with you ladies =)


I've been too tired. I need to take more vitamins. Yesterday I took a 2 hour nap & forced myself to get up. I was worried I wouldn't sleep at night, so I took a whole Unisom pill instead of the 1/2 I usually take. I've still been taking the pain med once at night to relax my muscles at night. I thought I'd try not to take it, since I can't take it forever. Oh my- I was so uncomfortable. I can't even explain how I felt. It was as though my body needed to stretch all the time, uncomfortable!! I didn't figure out it had anything to do w not taking the pain med til this morning. I think I better take a Motrin before heading to work. I did sleep all night though :) But that was 8 1/2 hours plus the 2 hours earlier. Geez. My husband even asked if I was uncomfortable. I moved around all night. (Not sure how since I still can't sleep much on my sides. LOL) Maybe I'll try taking just the Motrin tonight.
I really feel like you will hit a turning point soon and start feeling allot better. I'll pray for a speedy recovery for you and a good night's rest. It's coming soon and you'll feel great and look so awsome! Hang in there!
Thank you, I appreciate it =)
Sleeping has been rough for me as well. I stopped using the wedge pillow because I want to be "normal" again lol. Since I've stopped my back aches. I wake up around 3:00 am every night so uncomfortable. My sides are very sore in the morning. Once I'm up and about everything settles down. I was taking my Soma pills to relax the muscles, but it hasn't helped. I may try Unisom so I can get a good nights sleep. Keep pushing forward....one day at a time.

As thin~

Why don't I look nor feel as thin as these pictures look? LOL
You look wonderful! I am So glad we have been able to follow each other's journeys throughout this crazy amazing time! What a roller coaster! I think we are both on the upswing of things finally! Yay. And I'd love to meet for coffee lol! Too bad Michigan is just a tad bit away from you! Lol ;o)
Just a tad but, see ya in a couple hours! Hehehe...
Wanna meet for coffee? LOL. There are a few gals I've "met" here on RS that I wish we could all meet up & chat! But I suppose RS will have to do =) keep up your Faith Hun, you are an inspiration to many.

Dra. Guadalupe Carrillo

Headed to work

Aww you look adorable in your dress!! =D too cute!
Thanks =)
Wow such a diff between bf and after.

Patience to the 5th

Ok ladies... My dear husband has been very patient through my recovery... There's only so much I can do to really please him, if you know what I mean. My body is still not completely ready, and frankly, I miss him!! LMAO We attempted to have sex 4 weeks after sx. How sexy can this girl in a CG be?!??! I couldn't handle not being without it still, so we attempted with the darn thing on. I tried not to use my stomach muscles. The following day my entire body hurt. I felt as though I was back at week two. We tried again a week later, this time I just laid on my back and tried to relax all my muscles. Geez... What we'll do for our men =) I wasn't sore the following day, but I miss him!! We haven't tried again since. I really would like to lay up against my husband's body naked =) But everything still hurts. Oh dear Lord, please continue to heal my body. Heal all the cells so that the fluid knows where to go. Heal the hardness in my lower tummy so that the muscle may begin to strengthen & I can go without the CG for a bit at a time. Thank you for keeping me healthy & not having any complications. Lord, I pray for all the ladies still recuperating from their different surgeries. Heal their bodies & prepare the bodies of the new ladies who will be having surgery soon. Give us your peace as we allow our bodies to heal the way you know we need to heal. Allow us to listen to you as well as our bodies. Lord, I pray for all of our husbands and significant others, that they understand what we are going through. Although this is elective surgery, our bodies are still going through a lot and help them to know when to step in and Love on us. Amen~
Amen. You look amazing! Your husband is awesome! Sex with out the CG is not at all fun. My husband says keep it on for comfort and we can role play, I can be his scuba diver, lol. I'm so glad we have come across each other in this journey, it's always great to read how another RealSelf friend is doing great, even when we have swollen not so comfortable days. I love how you say "Here's my plan" and "Here's Gods plan" anyone who reads my story will see how that works in clear sight. God is an AWESOME God!
Scuba diver! I Love it! I'm going to tell my hubby that! LOL I never thought this would be such a challenging journey. Yesterday morning as he left to work he said, "I'm tired if this armor." Poor thing really has been patient.


A little humor =)
I love reading your updates. Thank you for not holding back you are blessing to many of us:) Today is my 10 day post op and my husband and I have had 2 love sessions and one where I took care of him;) lol I can't wait for complete healing my body yearns for his body lol I can't wait for him to have fun with the new girls
Girl! You're my idol! Two love sessions already by day 10?!?!?!?? My husband is dying to play with the new girls & they still hurt. Bummer... Soon enough =) glad to hear you're healing nicely.

New bras soon

I can't wait for my new girls to settle a little more before I go bra shopping. I bought a new VS bra for New Year's Eve. I hadn't scheduled my sx at that point, but knew it was coming. VS fitted me as 34C/D. I was looking for a bra I could also use as strapless that wouldn't slide down. I went with the C knowing I wanted my implants a full C. Well, as you can see, my new, cute, kind of expensive new bra is a tad bit too small. LOL I'm hopeful I'll be able to use it strapless with some cute tops. Excited!!

New Boobie shape

Although my new boobies haven't settled yet, it's neat to see how the new shape makes a different. This pre sx bikini top picture is even before kids. My boobs were a full B, but not so perky. I like the roundness of my new girls. This top has got to go now, it barely covers my nipples. The bottoms however, show off my new curves & my love handles are no longer bulging out the sides! I haven't seen this in years. Loving it =)
Looking fantastic. Continued healing to you.
Thank you, I appreciate it.


I laughed yesterday as my husband left to work. It's been really hot in Southern California these last few days & since I live in this CG 24/7, I've been sleeping just in this thing and my surgical bra & nothing else. He looked at me as he was leaving and said, "I'm really getting tired of this armor." LOL My poor hubby. He really has been patient through this process and with me.

Today is a good day. Perhaps because it's Friday, but I have a pep in my step! Happy Friday, Ladies!
I'm still having trouble sleeping thru the night....muscle spasms! I have to get up and take a pill on occasion. I have to say, you look better after mommyhood and surgery! You're getting there honey!! I bet hubby is wondering when he's going to reap the rewards...lol ;-)
I too wake up each night between 12:30 and 2:00, and then the rest is history. I don't think I'm waking up due to sx, and I don't have stress at work right now. The only thing I can think of right now is my anxiety over wanting to be able to dress "normal" again. Wanting to be out of this CG. But I know the time will come. I'm almost out of my Unisom I take at night 1/2 a tablet) and I'm going to maybe try another brand. I can't keep on this way. I hope your muscle spasms go away soon. Hugs!

7 weeks post op

7 weeks post op~ although I'm still swollen & living in my CG 24/7 with foam inserted in the seroma areas, I can still see a big difference!! These are several side by side before & after pictures that gives a pretty good visual. I'm really happy with my PS.

We're going to a friend's house today for some fun. It's not even 10:00am and it's 81 degrees out. I can't be w/ out my CG, so I can't wear anything short n cute, but I'm tossing this surgical bra today! Gonna wear a vs casual sports bra. Dare devil!! LMAO I need to go shopping...

Going with it~

I'm going with it... I'm trying to go with it... I just hit the 7 post op week , and I'm still in awe at how slow my body is recuperating. I wondered if I was just becoming dependant on my CG, so yesterday I decided to take it off in the evening & try or seduce my hubby. It was quite funny at how slow I was moving- just to lie on my side was a challenge. I really do still hurt. My boobs hurt, my waiste hurts and my tummy feels very awkward. I can't feel my tummy really. I can feel something is touching, but it doesn't have all feeling yet. When rubbing up against my hubby I was too cautious because it hurt & I couldn't tell if I was pushing hard or not. Apparently, I wasn't. LOL. We both need to be more patient than we keep thinking. My body is not ready. I can't take this CG off yet. I see my PS in 10 days, and I don't see my body being too different than now. I took the foam in the seroma areas off on Saturday in order to not look so bulky in my skinny jeans. It was nice wearing cute tops Saturday & Sunday since I didn't wear the post surgery bra both days. I haven't put the foam back on, but think I should, so as not to give that fluid a way in again. Although, I haven't been so diligent with the arnica & Bromelain either. I know that makes a big difference.

This is a picture of my dear husband's view when I fell asleep on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Are those mine??? Wowzer, not use to that =) This was one of the reasons I decided to seduce him- oh his patience. Even though things weren't really as we remember... LOL. Go with it, right? What other choice do I have? Each day continues to be better. That's a great thing. 7 weeks... Ay ya yay...
Hey malady, I love ur hubby's pic!! Ur other pictures show mass results so congrats on those. I pray you continue healing and maybe a lil quicker too;)
Wth! LOL. My post above was for you Bubbles....
Thanks girl! I still can't believe I did so many procedures at once! I knew if I didn't, I wouldn't go back under the knife. I'm grateful everything turned out well =) Love your pix with your little one & your cute top! =)

8 week update~ Boobs & TT

I made it into one pair of my jeans this week!! Mama sees the light at the end of the tunnel! My lower tummy is still hard, so my belt didn't fit, but hey- can't have it all at once, right? I don't really see a difference in the side by side pictures from week 5 to week 8, but I can tell the swelling is getting better. I went 8 days this week without adding the foam inside my CG because it's been so darn hot, but I've worn it yesterday & today. I think it might actually make a positive difference. I'll try & be more dedicated with it.

My boobs seem to be feeling more sore & sensitive. I don't know the cause. I think I need to start massaging them both, I've gotten lazy with massaging the stubborn right boob. I'm sure I'll hear about it when I visit my PS this coming week at my 2 month appt. I am amazed at how well the lollipop incisions are healing!

So, I finally got to spend some time with my girlfriend who got me into this whole mess. LOL. She shared that it will take a good year before I feel "normal" again! WHAT?!?! LMAO The numbness, the pains, the boobs hurting, not feeling the tummy, the lipo areas... Geez, she did a good job keeping that info from me. Ha! Maybe she did tell me before, but it's not until you're really in it, that you finally "get it". I've been so impatient. Impatient with this CG, impatient with wanting sex & intimacy to be normal, impatient with wanting my boobies to be symmetrical, impatient with wanting to feel my lower tummy & it not being swollen & hard- I'm sure my list can go on. I get that this CG is helping my body come back together, but she really put things in perspective for me again. She said, "You had a lot of work done to your body at once. The PS literally cut and lifted your skin from down here all the way up. Your body is trying to put itself together. The cells are trying to attach themselves again. This faja (CG) is helping the cells to tightly grow together and is contouring your body. Even in the lipo areas, the CG is forming those areas. The longer you can live in it, the better results you will have." Talk about putting me back in my place. I need to stop this pitty party & focus on coming out of this with the best body possible!!

I'm anxious to wear cute tops & dresses, but can't because the straps if the CG show loud & clear. LOL. I'll have to wait... Soon enough...

Thank you RS ladies who have followed me & encouraged me in this journey. I really didn't know what I was getting myself into. I'm grateful to God for keeping me healthy, for my husband who continues to be patient, and to you who have lifted me up & encouraged me. May God continue to bless you~
Your looking good :-) I didn't really know what I was getting myself into either but I'd do it again :-)
You look fabulous and you are right it's only going to get better...I had my Breast lift/implant last year and it took a good six months for them to really feel like they were mine and a good year for all the redness to the scaring to completely fade...Now just when I'm feeling so good, I'm about to go through it all again! I leave in two days to have my LBL and long thigh lift...Hope I recover as nicely as you have!!!
You look amazing already! What are you talking about!? I admire your courage. Are you going to Tijuana? Best wishes and keep me posted. I'll be thinking of you.

Happy Mother's Day~

Happy Mother's Day to all the beautiful mommies on RS. I chose to spend the day at Disneyland with my hubby & babies. We went up yesterday, used a website that chose our hotel- Loved it! Two bedroom hotel, complimentary happy hour drinks & snacks, and complimentary awesome breakfast. Today was a great day at Disneyland. I did find myself getting tired early in the day, and my left repaired hernia area began to hurt. We were there about 7 1/2 hours. I guess if I can do all that walking in a day, my body must be ready to begin walking short distances around my neighborhood =)
You look great! Glass you had a good Mother's Day. I'm about 15 months po and my tummy is still numb from bb, down. I still have a little numbness on the outer side of my right breast. And have a kind of stinging sensation there sometimes too. I guess its the nerves trying to mend. The healing process is long, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. Take care grl and be patient.

Tummy Tuck...and tucking "down there"

Ladies... I have a serious question for those who have had a tummy tuck. We've wondered and sometimes even joked about whether or not getting a tummy tuck also tightens "down there". I think that when the skin is pulled toward our incision line, our pubic area is really pulled up tight. My pubs did not grow up so high before, haha. Anyhow, my real question is, have you noticed a problem for yourself in your vaginal area? I think that my vulva is really exposed now, causing a lot of discomfort during intercourse. Granted, due to recuperating, I haven't been very sexually active so I could just be jumping the gun. However, I am so sensitive to the touch now, it hurts. My husband & I finally had another try at being intimate yesterday, and I still can't have an orgasm because my vulva feels like it's being rubbed raw. I realize this is TMI, but I'm getting concerned. Did I mess up? Will this area heal more? What is there to heal in that area? Will my vulva not be so sensitive with time?

My husband and I have had a rough marriage. In the last year and a half, we've really come a long way. Sex and intimacy has been at its best. Now I feel somewhat depressed & concerned that perhaps my vanity of getting a MM will cause our sex life to deteriorate again. Signed, feeling sad & discouraged...
Hang in there. I'm three months out and I'm still wearing the CG. I will have separation anxiety once I stop wearing it. All I can tell you is that it will get better.
How are you doing my Angel? I keep hearing and watching these wild fires near San Diego , is this close to y'all's home? I'm watching about the damn heat wave too. I'm wondering about you and ur fam plz let me know something. I'm saying a prayer that God keeps y'all safe;-)
Hey doll! Thank you for your thoughts & prayers! We live a good 25 minutes to the fire furthest south. We, nor our family or friends, are directly affected by the fires. We too have been watching the news, it looks like a battle field!! It's crazy how so many fires are going at the same time. My step son lives behind one of the HS where Red Cross has set up post. A lot of school districts have been closed. We're still in session. The air quality hasn't been effected here. The heat is horrible!!! We have no A/C at home- nights are bad. I'm going to try & wear a sports bra today & roll my CG down, I'm suffocating! LOL My mom is on vacation & keeps calling freaking out wondering if she needs to come home. Thx again for checking on how we're doing! Looks like the Santa Ana winds are dying down, praying our area is in the clear (we've had to be on stand by twice in the past due to Santa Ana fires).

2 months~ May 15th!

2 months- my sx was March 15th. I am healing as well is expected for having so many procedures in one day.

My body is looking good, however doesn't feel as good as it looks quite yet. These pix are from first thing in the morning @ 2 months. I look skinny in these pictures, but I don't feel it; at all. I wish I looked this thin w clothes on. Two nights ago I wore a CG that was just the bottom portion for 4 hours. Geez Louise, I was so swollen after! Nothing holds you together like a CG does!

I had my 2 month appt w PS. Everything is healing perfectly, just waiting in this right boobie to settle. PS removed a few sutures that were pushing thru around each areola, didn't feel it. The nurse used the ultrasound machine to massage my rt boob again. This is the 3rd time. PS took a few full torso pictures. Although I complain about the swelling, it's definitely not as bad as when I had all the fluid. I asked if I should cont taking arnica. I was advised to stop since it's been 2 months & to allow my body to handle the swelling on its own. I'm to see PS again in about 6 weeks. I've been really pleased with the amount of post op appointments I've had.

My girlfriend cancelled her Botox appt & my husband was able to take me to my appt. Family affair again. We went into Mexico, ate and came back in 3 hours! The Medical Pass definitely helps!!

San Diego county has about 8 fires going right now. It's hella hot! We've been hitting over 100 degrees. I'm going to try and roll down the top part of my CG & roll it so it's not too bulky under my clothes.

I pray for all the beautiful ladies currently in surgery, those who are recovering & healing and those that will soon go into sx. May the good Lord give you peace & comfort. Amen
Girl, you are looking FINE! You've come a long way since last time I've been here. Do you think you look big in clothes because your faja is rolled up because of the heat, or do you feel fat? Either way, I bet you look great! Sorry I haven't been supportive lately, I'm sucked in to the fb groups regarding traveling, etc. I hope you get to feeling as great as you're looking hun!
I can relate to your journey. I went back to work yesterday. By the time I got home, I was swollen and muscles were so tight. I'm wondering if I should take another week off. I will speak to my doctor this afternoon during my visit. I miss being close and intimate with my boyfriend. Still sleeping in my recliner. He's been sleeping on the couch to be close to me. We slept next to each other holding hands. ( chair next to couch ) We tried to lay down on the bed but couldn't do it, never mind roll over to snuggle.

THINGS LOOKING UP @ 9 1/2 weeks!!

Hello RS ladies!! Things are looking up @ 9 1/2 weeks!!! So, over this past weekend, @ 9 weeks, I was dying in my CG due to the heat. I went on a hunt for a stage 2 faja (CG). I wanted no straps & shorter to be able to wear shorts. I found a store in our local mall that sells them. They happened to be Colombiana CG's. My stage 1 CG brand is Marena. Wow, what a difference in material & overall shape it gives you! It's much thicker, doesn't move with you. The gal working sized me in an x-small. Umm no...can't get this thing up my lipo'ed thighs... She helped me tug & pull & insisted it was my size. I couldn't see it happening. But lo and behold!! She got me into it!! She explained that it would help mold my body even more, and that in a few weeks I would be closing it to the last hooks.

It takes me AT LEAST five minutes to tug & pull myself into this thing, but once it's on, wow! Fits like a glove!! Today was only my 2nd day wearing it. Guess what!! I wore MY CUTE PRE SURGERY JEANS!!!!

I've noticed the last few days that the swelling below BB is going down & it's not so hard. I also carried my 3 1/2 year old for a bit yesterday for the 1st time!!! He fell asleep in his car seat. Oh how I've missed carrying my baby!!

I have 13 more days of this school year left & overwhelmed with everything that needs to get done. To top it off we were notified we need to pack up all our crap because we're getting new carpet school wide. I'm not picking up any boxes, we'll see how much help I'm given.

Back to the CG. The gal in the store believed my current CG is fitting me too big. So I looked & yes, I think she's right! Never did I think that thing would fit big!! I wouldn't recommend the Colombian CG as a first stage CG, as the material isn't flexible nor easy to get into. It would be painful shortly after surgery. But I would definitely recommend it for a 2nd stage CG. I am so happy with my lipo areas on my outer legs. My thighs before would always get indented and bulge with elastic on them from CG's. But look! No bulges!! I don't like how it makes my Hoo Ha look, but what can I do?

Which brings me to- I almost forgot to mention! I had a wonderful intimate "meeting" with my hubby the other night!! LOL Everything went much better, we climaxed together & I wasn't in pain the day after! I'm so relieved knowing I'm not "broken" after the TT and things will be back to normal soon. =)

Things are looking up...Thank you for your positive encouragement RS ladies!!
Wow! Look at you!! Your super tiny! You look goooooood!!! Love that cg... May have to look those up. Take care! =)
Thank you. You look amazing yourself!! Great job mommy of twins!! =)
At my last doctor's visit, he told me to get fitted for a CG and to get into the tightest garment I can get into. I live on an island and we don't have department stores. Recently read on someone else's post about the Marena CG. I love the picture of your garment. It's what I'm looking for. I think I would still need stage 1 garment as I'm only 3 weeks post op. What style # is the garment you have on? One of the things, I miss most is intimacy with my boyfriend. I still can't lay on my bed. Never mind rolling on my side to snuggle.

Wedding in July

I realize I haven't been on RS in a while. A lot going on with end of the school year stuff. I'm feeling better all in all. I'm not wearing the new CG everyday. Figured out yesterday that I can't slide into the new one when I'm hot. LOL. It slid right on!! Today I had to stand in front of the fan to get it on- fat butt. LOL

Well, I mentioned a while back that my stepson is getting married mid July. Bride wants the moms to wear silver... Two full days looking... Not enough time to order a dress & silver isn't popular right now. Think I found it. Need to work my arms out & get a tan!! Size 6! It's been a while since I've seen that. But this dress definitely shows the new girls off! I'll also post the "Mom's" dresses. This step-mom is going to strut her stuff!!!


It's going to take some time in catching up with you ladies...
You look amazing I so want to do my boobs know;)
Thank you :)
Glad ur doing a whole lot better ma Angel and I hope you find some amazing dresses and shoes!! That one looks great on you too, ;-}

Columbiana CG

I bought my stage 2 faja in a store in a mall that only sells columbiana fajas. They gaurantee their CG's and will sew any seams when they begin to come apart for a nominal fee. I took the straps off, they're removable.

If you're interested in looking into one, here is a picture of the one I recently purchased as well as websites where you can find it.


Amazing results!! I see those curves in that dress!!
Thank you =)
I checked out your profile, you'll have a flat tummy soon enough. It'll be nice once you get your hernia taken care of (I've had 5...)

Girls' First night out

Last night hubby & I went out to dinner & dancing with friends to celebrate my sister in law's 40th birthday. The new Girls' First night out!! I was very self conscious, as I never showed so much before, and now, obviously they're bigger. I do hope my right boob settles eventually because when I show cleavage, it's obviously higher than the left boob. My SIL kept making remarks about them, she always had before cuz they were bigger than hers, but umm well, they are bigger now. I don't think she knows about MM, I told hubby not to tell his family & she's quite bold, so I think she would have blurted something out, especially cuz she got quite drunk. In the pic I've posted she said I had put my boobs in her face, then I was trying to get a serious pic but had to hold her chin- out of my boobs. LOL All in fun.

We had so much fun! I danced all night & thought I was going to be hurting this morning from all the dancing. I wasn't!
You are really looking great. I live your dress.
Thank you =)
Omg that sounds super fun!! I'm so happy for you girl , you look amazing!! And if you feel ones higher I don't even find it noticeable at all;+}

3 months!!

I can't believe I hit 3 months 5 days ago! It seems so much longer than that since my big day. The first weeks went by so slow, and now that I have all my energy back, the days are flying by!

I've had a lot of "firsts" these last 2-3 weeks. Three weeks ago, I began feeling that I could hold my stomach muscles in. That's also about the same time I danced all night with no pain!

I made love with my hubby, with ALL my clothes off!! Some of you may remember I was beginning to doubt my MM in fear I had messed things up in this area. Nope! All is great!! (Happy face!!) now that I have more feeling in my boobies, I'm realizing I don't have feeling in my nipples yet...key word yet... This is a big deal for me. I'm anxiously waiting for this too to be back to normal. I haven't mentioned this to my husband.

I've been wearing 2 different spanx. This was exciting because I didn't want to continue feeling I was so dependent on my CG. I tried to go out to dinner w jeans & no CG one night. No, not ready for that yet. It was painful still. I even stopped sleeping w my original CG & w/ out the surgical bra- just spanx & sports bra. Downside to no CG... I'm gaining weight!!! WHAT!?!?!? I need to get back on track. And with lipo in thighs & back- the pounds are going to my arsh!!' Yikes!!! Hubby says I'm starting to look like Jennifer Lopez!! LOL I have a dress to fit into in 4 weeks for my step son's wedding!!

Without the CG, I noticed 2 days ago I'm getting a pocket of fluid again in my upper part of my stomach. It hurts, which worries me. It feels hard to the touch. I need to schedule my follow up appt as PS advised to do for mid June. Needless to say, I put my original CG on tonight to sleep in- at the tightest hooks.

I haven't gone shopping for cute bras yet. I've bought a few cute thin sports bras & tube bras for summer tank tops & dresses.

I'm surprised at how use to I'm getting to my new girls. I don't know what new size bra I am, assume 36 D, but I kinda think they're not that big! LOL I know, bigger & I'd be complaining they're too big. Last week I went clothes shopping for a job interview @ my school site, just a different position. I tried on a cute conservative dress & they looked huge!! It'll get interesting trying to dress the girls once I go shopping.

Another first- went shopping yesterday at a discount store & couldn't believe the sizes & styles that were fitting!! I'll post a pix soon of the dress I got to celebrate my birthday coming up soon.

Last weekend hubby & I went to another friend's birthday celebration & my boobs & new body were the attraction again. Very weird for me... I asked hubby afterward what the deal was- and he said even they (girls) think you look hot. LOL I always dressed so conservative before, although my boobs weren't out there this time.

My incisions continue to heal well. However, the incision line around my left areola seems to be thicker/wider. I wonder if my hubby lov'en on them is hindering the proper healing. I bought a stick sunscreen for more protection. Hubby seems to believe my aureolas are much darker than before MM. My nipples are definitely out more often. The other day I wore one of the thin sports bras under a dark , tight pink t-shirt to work. OMG! I had to go to school nurse & ask for large band aides!! LMAO. But it worked!! Better than regular sized ones. This did't work. My boobs have also been feeling more sore than usual. Curious to know if it's due to me using my pectoral muscles by putting up large picture frames in my home.

I've been off line for about 3 weeks. Last weeks of school were hectic. On summer break now!! Enjoying summer with my two babies & hubby.

I pray those who have been thru their surgery and are at peace and without pain. If you're still waiting for your big day, may you have peace in your decision. God Bless You fellow RS ladies!!!!
Hey girlie! Hope you're doing well and enjoying your bikini bod this summer (bet you are)! Thinking about you.
Hello there!!!! I'm doing pretty good =) I didn't think just 4 months later I'd be feeling so good. I get anxious just thinking about how in 4 more months I will feel even better!! How are you doing? What are your dates??
YOU are AWESOME...and everytime I READ your updates I get EXCITED all over again...its been some mishaps this month...but, I am still having my surgery this YEAR...our Big Rig broke down and it costed $10K then my car costed $1k...but, the DEVIL is a LIAR...LOL...I had to push back my surgery to Nov which I think I was gonna go with that Month any way so that I can have DEC off from work and be ready for my birthday on Jan 8th :-)

43 and feeling...AWSOME!!????

Hello RS ladies! It's been a while again. Busy with my boys on summer break. It's quickly coming to an end already. I haven't taken anymore pictures of my body without clothes, as I don't think much has changed. I still wear the CG to keep the little pocket of fluid under control. I know...I haven't been back to visit my PS- my fault. My scars are healing, not as well as I'd hoped, but I've also been lazy in applying anti scar meds.

I feel AWSOME!! I had my 43rd birthday celebration this weekend! And without being conceded- I think I was the hottest one! LOL

My husband hooked it up! A group of about 25 of us went dancing. He got a party bus to take us & bring us back home safely.

It's been exactly 4 months since my Mommy Make-over. I had a longer healing time compared to others...and I know I griped about it for a whole, but it was all well worth it!! For those of you waiting for your sx date, remember, be patient & allow your body to have the time it needs to heal well.

I'm a little disappointed that my right boob still hasn't dropped as it should have to match the left boob. Perhaps it never will. Because of it, my nipples are not even. It's noticeable when I don't have a bra on. I had lipo done on the sides of my legs. There is a noticeable dip now. I'm hopeful more exercise will take care of that. I also had 3 hernias repaired, and I think I may have hurt one. Geez!! Really?!?! My soon to be 4 year old skinned his knee badly about 3 weeks ago so I was babying & carrying him... It hurts & bothers me every so often.

May God continue to Bless each and every one of you! When He opens doors for you to have your surgery, He believes in your ability to go through with it. Have Faith that you are already a beautiful woman inside and out. He's just helping you feel more of that confidence you deserve!! Believe!!

One year difference...

OMG look at you which ya fine self!! Girl you look amazing. Love the dress , ur shoes and tell your sis n law I love her shoes too. Check ur hubby out with the party bussss!! Brownie points lol. You look so happy , and I'm happy for you my friend. Enjoy life girl you only get one. Btw you look a whole lot younger than 43, & happy late bday xoxo;•]
Thank you =) My dress was $9.99!! Score!!! Yes, living life!!! Feels great!

Step son's wedding

My step son's wedding was 4 months after my Mommy Makeover. Although there are a few things I'm trying to be patient about- waiting for my body to continue to heal and meet "my" expectations, I'm really happy with what the world can see. Here is one picture from the wedding.

5 Months post op, August 15,2014

5 months...wow...I've come so far. It seems like yesterday I was logging in & reading as many posts & comments as I could to learn about what I was about to put myself through.

I'm healing well, not perfectly, but I'm healthy... I saw my PS this week. She said my concerns are normal & to give my body time, "It's only been 5 months". Five months do feel like forever! My right breast implant has yet to settle under the muscle as the left implant did, I still have a bothersome part on my upper abdomen, and I have indentations on my outer thighs after lipo. PS's response- I can go in for more ultra sound massages on thighs & right breast, to give my boob a year for the muscle to loosen up. And my abdomen went through a lot. I understood her to say the healing in that area didn't heal as well under the skin because of the fluid I had developed & to also give it time. Sit ups will tighten that area, but that it's too soon to start doing sit ups. She also poked her finger into my new belly button which kind if freaked me out. LOL She opened it up a little. I kinda liked it how it was. PS also suggested I begin using silicone gel anti scar strips now around my nipples and front of TT scar.

I'm very happy with what my body looks like with clothes on. I don't go a day without wearing a CG though. I go from wearing an extra small one that feels great on my abdomen to not so tight ones, but then I swell after 2 days.

I suppose patience is needed, but every week is better =). I pray you are doing well in whatever path you are on...

10 days short from 6 months PO

I'm about 10 days short from my 6 month post op mark. I still can't believe I did it!! I definitely feel my confidence is back. I only wish I could get motivated to exercise & get toned.

I've pretty much tossed my CG. Partly started because I was gaining weight & it wasn't comfortable at all, and the other girdle types didn't give me the support in my upper tummy area that needs compression. I'm frustrated that I still have this sensitive area. I'm wearing an elastic band 24/7 around my rib cage area which keeps the swelling in that area down. My TT area is still slightly sensitive, but the feeling is coming back slowly! My nipples are also very sensitive, I think because the sensation is coming back.
You look great and you shld be out and about in tank tops and sleeveless anything:•}