I Had Remove my Eyebrow Tattoo with One Session of Laser I Want to Know is It Good Result - Bahrain

I had eyebrow tatto only 2 weeks it was dark dark...

I had eyebrow tatto only 2 weeks it was dark dark brow ink but when she keep it for me its come dark gray like black I do on laser session with q-swatch lase revlite its come gray lighter than before is it good result its only 12 days for laser treatment is it easy to remove or I need mor session please I need sombody to answer me I had pic for befor and after I will add

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Hi bronzeya,

Wow, usually tattoos don't even fully heal in two weeks and then to get it lasered off, that's a lot. You might want to wait a month of so before you go back for more. You also might want to chat with SY214 she know's a ton about Permanent Makeup and eyebrow removal. Hope that helps, and yes pictures would be great!

Thanks so much for the review!


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