Had restalyne for under eyes to treat bags and...

had restalyne for under eyes to treat bags and radiesse to lift the cheeks some - looked great after first now 5 days later I have bags under my original bags...doc said this can be normal and to wait 2 weeks for the swelling to come down- I am extremely depressed now i think i look worse then i did before, doc tried to show me how much it improved....should I wait the two weeks and does this sound normal?  i am nervous and just sick to my stomach- plus my right eye is completely bruised

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I don't think it makes sense to treat eye bags with fillers, simply because eye bags (which are extra fat or skin under the eyes) need to be removed surgically, there's already extra tissue with eye bags so adding filler on top them is only going to make the bags heavier. What can be treated with fillers is the problem of undereye 'hollows' which is the opposite of baggy eyes. I hope things are better for you though...restylane is reversible incase you don't like the results. I'm getting my mid-cheek and tear troughs (undereye hollows) done soon and I managed to do some reading on fillers.
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KelKel - any improvement yet?
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