Bad Rhino - Do Not Recommend the Procedure

I do not recommend a rhino. There have been...

I do not recommend a rhino. There have been no pros whatsoever.  I did it because I had a dorsal hump and wanted the tip refined.  We discussed what I wanted and went over photos.

I now have a nose that is crooked, overresected and tipped up, nothing like I asked for.   It does not fit my face or personality at all.   After closer look at photos of his work....all his noses look the same.

The surgeon admits he is not capable of correcting it and will cost me more than I have to get it corrected elsewhere.    It is overdone and will need to be rebuilt but he took out so much septum, I've been told I'll need rib to rebuild it.

If you are ready to deal with that .....I hope you feel lucky.

Dr. Lawrence Cervino

Please be sure that you have a clear understanding of what the physicians capabilities and get in writing what will transpire if there is dissatisfaction. physician that does exclusively rhinos or facial plastic surgery. I am stuck with an overresected, tipped up, crooked nose with and admission that the surgeon is incapable of correcting the situation and refusal to help me find assistance and refusal to refund money. I am too ashamed to put a photo on the internet.

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Hi cathy i have the same problem i had surgery three weeks ago and i look very strange looking i wish i had left my original nose. I have a consultation with my surgeon 21st August but am very concerned with him reconstruting it i actually hate what i look like and like yourself would not recommend it. Sorry to hear your dreadful results
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Hi Cathy! I'm sorry to hear of your ordeal. Who performed your surgery? Are you looking for or have you chosen a different surgeon (if you're going to have a revision that is?) I'm from Cincinnati and had the same thing happen to me. I'm looking for someone to correct it, but not sure where to begin.
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