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I had traditional laser eye surgery done 5 years...

I had traditional laser eye surgery done 5 years ago. I have starbursts, halos, fluctuating eye sight.  I have astigastism that was causd by the procedure. Now I am going to need glasses again!

Don't do it!! Severe dry eyes for a year also! This has been a very miserable experience and cannot be fixed.

Hi, I had my consult with moosa today and was all set to make my appointment, after reading your review I'm reconsidering.. Do u mind explaining what went wrong? And has your vision improved any since then? Also, has the doctor tried to help at all with correcting your vision? Sorry if it's a lot of questions im just really concerned! Thanks again for your review!!
I still have starbursts and halos. I have an astigmatism( they call it Laser induced.) I never had it before.
Oh and my night vision is pretty bad too.
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