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I had traditional laser eye surgery done 5 years...

I had traditional laser eye surgery done 5 years ago. I have starbursts, halos, fluctuating eye sight.  I have astigastism that was causd by the procedure. Now I am going to need glasses again!

Don't do it!! Severe dry eyes for a year also! This has been a very miserable experience and cannot be fixed.

Orange County Ophthalmologist

Dr. F. Moosa

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Agree. Moosa's people initially told me how safe the surgery was. When my vision was not corrected properly, I had to beg them to do "a touch up" which was supposed to be included free, but they charged me an extra $1000. When he finally agreed to do the touch up, he came into my waiting room five minutes before the surgery, to ask me if I was sure I wanted to do the touch up because as he put it, " the procedure is very risky". I do not understand fully what he was up to, but I have a feeling he is simply not very open or honest.
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