Bad Neck Thread Lift

Pain,no results at all,only some thighter skin for...

pain,no results at all,only some thighter skin for 2 thread coming out behind left ear,not worth the money at all. Had a second opinion,doctor said it was no option for me at all,i only have a chicken neck.

He told me to go back to the surgeon to fix it because i have a risk of infection behind my ear,on april 8 i have an appointement and i am really scared!!

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did not say it was not approved anymore from the fda,i asked he said it was safe!!!

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DO NOT HAVE THE THREAD LIFT. I thought I researched it and went to a reputable Dr who said I was a good candidate. I didn't like my jowls and wanted a little lift in cheeks. Lots of bruising, and a couple of threads after 5 months still show on my cheek. I hate it. Dr has never removed any, but I'm going in this week to have him remove at least one on rt side. You can feel the threads even if they don't show. Definitely not for anyone over 50. Pray for me.
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how was your surgery to get it fixed?
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