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I am only 29 years old - Bad Experience - San Francisco, CA

I had the Radiesse injected under my eyes to help...

I had the Radiesse injected under my eyes to help the small amount of hollowness. The sad thing is i am a nurse and had it done in our office. I was very swollen and i also had a very painful sinus infection. I had to be put on septra for the infection. They said it had nothing to do with the radiesse but i think diffrent. I am olny 29 years old and now have on one side a red papule under my right eye that makes me look like i was in a fight. The left eye now has a very dark circle under it. I had mine done the beginning of december 2007 and it still look bad. We have tried 3 diffrent lasers (pulse dye, IPL and ND yag) , saline injections and nothing has worked. We have contacted the company and they could not really help. They had a doctor come from WA come look at me and he pretty much said it will go away eventually. It has been over 3 months and nothing. I feel very sad when i look in the mirror. People ask me everyday " o my God what happened to your face." If anyone has had this or has any advise please email me. {edited} Editor note: you must be contacted privately (sorry, for everyone's protection from spammers we don't publish email addresses). Readers should click on your username to reach your private contact form.


Natosha!!! I live in Sacramento.. I think the doc who came to see you was the same doc who ruined me.. How do I reach you?!!!! Cristina
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I had the same thing happen to me. I had Radiesse injected in the hollows around the bottom of my eyes. I had a bit of swelling that went away after 2 days. On the 4th day I woke up looking like I had been crying for weeks. The area around my eyes was very tender; if i bent over the pressure in and around my eyes and sinuses was intense. I remained swollen and red for a week and then finally got antibiotic treatment. On another note: I was told Radiesse lasts anywhere from 6 - 12 months. That's bullocks! Mine had completely disappeared after 4 weeks...that's $200/week for slightly younger looking eyes. So not worth it.
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Just wondering did it go down yet.Im 29 and have recently had the same thing happen to me.Please email and let me know
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