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Bad Botox - 3 Units on Sides and 2 Underneath - Los Angeles, CA

I had botox done 3units on the sides on 2...

i had botox done 3units on the sides on 2 underneath...i look older now, my skin is puffy uder my eyes and saggy. i look older.

Hi Mimi. "Tried but Failed" is right about administering Botox under the eyes to those predisposed to puffiness. There is actually a "snap" test that allows your practitioner to determine if you are a good candidate for this type of injection and it sounds like this test was not performed. Also, 10 units of Botox for $175 seems a bit excessive. If you are considering an alternate practitioner in the future, we would be happy to book you for a free consultation. www.celibre.com or 800-958-8604. Either way, good luck.
Thank you for your response, yes $175 is a lot to pay, and the Dermatologist di not even examine me, he said ' I have never had any problems with Botox in my years of doing it' well there is always going to be a few of us out there that will have problems. i might take you up on the offer of coming to your Practice, as Dr Tahari showed no care whats so ever, it was all about money to him!
For those who are prone to under eye puffiness (me), botox should never be given under the eyes (especially directly under the lashes) because it only makes the problem worse. Diminishing the pump action of the eyes by paralysing the muscle with botox makes it virtually impossible to clear swelling and fluid that accumulates over night. Any treatment of the crows feet areas should be done from the sides only not under the eyes at all if puffiness is going to be a problem. Any competent doctor should know this, right? But we trust them to know what they are doing when lots of them are clueless. If only I had done my research on botox BEFORE my diabolical result and not after. Have a look at my post to sunshine26 - I include a link to an article which addresses the botox & under eye puffiness issue directly. Hope your puffiness is going away. Try manual lymphatic drainage and/or acupuncture. Cheers
Los Angeles Dermatologist

doctor did not even examin my skin after i told him i have a little loose skin, he actually wanted to sell me more to put in...not happy with him, very umprofesional!

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