Wish I Could Go Back in Time and Refuse Invisalign

If I could go back and change my decision to use...

If I could go back and change my decision to use Invisalign I would! I was referred to an orthodontist when I noticed that two lower incisors were becoming loose. He diagnosed me with occlusive trauma. I had braces as a child and, although my teeth were still pretty straight on top, my two center-most lower incisors had crowded and rotated a bit.

I was happy with the way my smile looked, but I was afraid I would lose these two teeth if I didn’t do something about it. Although I wasn’t happy about having braces again, my ortho assured me that I was an easy case and could do Invisalign Express.

Well, I finished those 10 trays, and my bottom incisors still aren’t straight. My ortho says they are good enough, but one of them is still banging on an upper incisor when I chew. Also, none of my molars are in alignment, and I am pretty sure they were before I stared Invisalign.

Oh, and I also have small black triangles in between my six smile zone uppers! So, basically I spent $4,000 to mess up my smile.
I wish I had just asked for regular braces because it would have been less expensive, and I am sure he would have been able to get a better result. The black triangles aren’t huge, but I had none before. I wish I could have my old smile back.

Sadly, after having this bad experience and doing lots of Web searches, I have learned that I am not alone in regretting my Invisalign decision. I even completed a patient survey at Align Tech in which I said I thought their product was terrible ad misleading and that I would never recommend it to anyone.


So sorry to hear that you were disappointed with the results. When so much time & money is spent on something that is the worst feeling.

How long has it been since you completed your treatment? Did your orthodontist say if the black triangles are expected to fill in??

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I met yesterday with an Invisalign Elite...

I met yesterday with an Invisalign Elite orthodontist. He took one look at my first Invisalign Express tray and said you should never have been offered the Express treatment. He said that I definitely needed more rotation and movement than is possible in 10 trays.

He actually doesn't offer Express anymore because of the exact situation I am in. He said it is really only appropriate for people who need to get into a little better alignment before restorative treatments or for people who only need slight tooth movements to get back into ideal alignment.

He assured me that where I am at now is not the result of Invisalign, but rather because I had been given inappropriate treatment. The good news is that I definitely can improve my smile with further Invisalign. The bad news is that I have to start all over again with Invisalign Full...and pay again!

I have learned so much about Invisalign after this experience. My advice to others is this:

1)Go with an Invisalign Premier or Elite if you can find one.

2) Make sure your doctor shows you your Clincheck before you start treatment. I never saw mine until I went in to complain about how my treatment ended up and asked to see it! When we looked at it, I said "it clearly shows there will be black triangles in my teeth. You could have shown me this and maybe I would have made a different decision!"

3) Make sure you get the Invisalign Informed Consent booklet. I was never given one, but found it on the Internet after I started doing all this research to figure out how I ended up here. It will point out all the things that can occur in treatment so you can talk to you doctor about them.

4) Interview several Invisalign doctors and ask to see their work. I went to my ortho based on a recommendation from my dentist. I never asked any of these questions and wish I did. I am sure my ortho is great at doing regular braces, but he is only Preferred Provider of Invisalign. I didn't know about the Premier and Elite statuses when I started this whole thing.

This hasn't been a fun journey, but I think in the end I will get to a happier result. I just keep reminding myself, "live and learn, that's what life is all about!"


I have been using invisaline for a month now and am not impressed at all...I didn't know I had to wear buttons and within 3 days they fell off. I went back and had them put on and 3 days later they fell off again so I had them put back on again. When I put my second tray in, a week later the tray split in front so I went back to my dentist again. I wish I would have got old fashioned braces put on with all the problems I'm having. I don't have much faith in this product anymore.
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Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear you are in the hands of someone you feel will be able to get you the results you are after.

There is a forum open to talk about if a person should go to an orthodontist or a general dentist for Invisalign - sounds like you might have some good info to contribute to that! Click here to see it.


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Hi Megan... are you an invisalign representative? I have a few questions/concerns as I too was unaware that there are graded providers. After further research after reading Sheny's post, I found that my provider is only a "preferred" provider, not premier or elite. As I mentioned, I am only half way through my treatment and I do have black triangles forming. Please advise.. Thanks!
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