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This is best invention in dental history. - Awesome! - Reston, VA

This is best invention in dental history. As an...

This is best invention in dental history. As an adult, I can not see myself wearing metal braces for years. With Invisalign, I could maintain my regular lifestyle and image. Truly worth it. Specailly at the price that I got it for. I qualify for express case and under $3K it was a steal....every where else it was for $5k-6500!

Contact me if you need more information on my experience.  Aside from minor discomfort initially which you will experience more with braces, Invisalign was very helpful in my treatment.

I was wondering when you paid $3000.00 for your invisalign was that with or without insurance?
Hi A W, Provider information is located at the top of the review. Please note, you must be signed in to view. Hope this helps, --Sharon
I have crowding in the front of my mouth and am looking for a good price - who was your provider? If you are finished with treatment, do you have to wear a retainer and for how long and is that included in the price? Thanks!!!
Reston Cosmetic Dentist

She is great! The price is even better! This is one high tech office and I love the staff.

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