I'm Going in for 700cc Implants - I'm Going in for 700cc Implants

I'm going in for implants one slightly smaller...

I'm going in for implants one slightly smaller than the other to correct a size difference. 

finally did it!!!
Will be glad to hear your journey as I plan to have a BA after finishing nursing and am in the Indy area. Many blessings!

Sounds like you are ready to go! I saw in your profile that you have children. Do you have anyone to help you with the kiddos during your recovery? Also, do you know what type of implants you'll be getting? Looking forward to your updates!

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I chose Dr Eppley based on his ratings and his client satisfaction and I felt comfortable around him. Dr. Eppley was very polite and answered every question I had and made sure I didn't have any questions not answered when I left he was very honest and didn't get my hopes up telling me I'm going to be perfect we both have realistic expectations. His staff was very helpful and very nice as well I really liked his financial lady we had a few laughs and she was very nice.

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