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I researched rhinoplasty for years before i made...

I researched rhinoplasty for years before i made my choice who i was going to go with. I waited about 14 year and FINALLY got the nerve to do it and was 100% impressed and would recommend my Dr.

Dr.Staninslaw,Avon, CT

He took all my requests and concerns into consideration and most important made it look natural! I was in no major pain after the surgery and I (luckily) had minimal swelling. He provided me this personal contact information at home just in case something happened during after the office was closed. His Staff was excellent as well. I would recommend that if your in the East Coast region i would high advise to see him!

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if you dont mind me asking , what made you get it ? i am tired of being talked about my nose when in public ...and how much money was it if you dont mind me asking???
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i waited 14 years to get the surgery because I had to pay for it myself and I didnt have the money in that lump sum. Also allowing myself ample time to make the right decision w the right Dr.
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 I'm glad you were able to find a doctor you felt really good about. Mind if I ask why you waited 14 hours? Was it anxiety? Money? Both?

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