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My procedure date is approaching and I am getting...

My procedure date is approaching and I am getting nervous. I'm not nervous about the surgery itself, but the preparation itself is making me nervous. My Surgery date is Jan. 28, I booked my hotel today. The hotel is a lot more expensive then I expected. I will be traveling from out of state and want to stay the desired length of stay Dr. Salama's office suggested. I'm sure I am being anal about things because I am a health care provider but I want to be as prepared as possible. It helps that I have a friend who went to Dr. Salama so having her as a reference makes the preparation a little easier. I'll try to give as much information regarding my procedure and experience as I possibly can!
Just had surgery on the 30!!! The staff is awesome
I know what you mean about the nerves. My surgery is on Dec 5th and it's becoming more real to me. I scheduled the date back in March... I'm excited and nervous and just ready. Good luck to you!

Breast lift and TT

I'm scheduled for a breast lift and tummy tuck in January with Dr. Salama. I am soo excited. I'm not nervous regarding the surgery itself. I am a little stressed regarding preparing for the surgery. I want to loose about 30 lbs prior to surgery. I'm probably being a little anal about the preparation for surgery as far as vitamins and other supplies needed post op. But I'm a healthcare provider and just can't help it, LOL. Luckily I have a friend who had a procedure done with Dr. Salama and she has been very resourceful! I will be flying in for my procedure and plan on staying the entire 2 weeks. Unfortunately, it's during peak vacation season so my hotel expense is outrageous for two weeks. That was an additional $2000 I was not expecting. I am to post pics pre and post so stay tuned!!!
Correction. My TT date is Jan 10th
Hi. I am having TT on Jan 20th with Dr Salama. Have you asked about the recovery house ? For 10 days $1899 includes nurse 24/7,meals, transportation to/from airport.
Two of my friends are nurses and are coming to care for me. I heard not so great things about the transportation service provided so it made me apprehensive about using that service.
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