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OMG OMG OMG I cant believe that I booked my appt....

OMG OMG OMG I cant believe that I booked my appt. for my procedure with dr.salama I spoke with nancy which is such a sweetheart I feel super excited now all I have to do is loose some freaking weight by dec I think I will be able to do it all I have to do is focus ....I decided to go with doctor salama because I was really going crazy with all the reviews of all the doctors In the Dominican republic I was getting scared out of my mind im gonna be paying wayyyyyy more but atleast I can go with a peace of mind that if anything happens im not in another country off to I go to loose some weight lol


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Will you be having breast work done as well?

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Yes I will
Since dr.salama doesnt do bbl and tt at the same time im gonna have to go for a round 2 which sucks I was wondering if any of you girls know if doctor salama is aggresive with the lipo cuz if hes not im thinking of going else where I want a tiny waist and a big ass thats all I care about
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bbl in july

that's right just booked my bbl surgery for july 7 omg im so excited cant wait for my transformation will keep you guys posted for my mommy makeover I need to lose atleast 60 pounds by dec 7 hope I do it im working my ass off ......

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im so down

so things have been going ok I guess ive been real hungry trying to lose 60 pounds by dec 6 I don't know if I can do it im really discouraged ...feeling depressed


What was ur quote from salama
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YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I have my tt, and bbl on 12/6 as well and gonna be a Duran Doll!!! Good Luck and God Bless!!
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got quote from dr.cabral

and he said tummy tuck ,lipo and Brazilian 5,500 wow half of what im gonna pay with doctor salama but I just feel so scared but dr.cabral is the Barbie king realself buddies give me some advice ????


for the mommy make over 10,300 and for my bbl 7574 my whole life savings lol imma be looking good but dead broke lol
thanks girl

anyone wants to change

your date for bbl my date is july 22 2014 and I was looking for something sooner in the year like april or may 2014 if any of you girls need to push back your dates please let me know


who did you decide to go with?
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Hi u wrote on my post about how i choose dr. Fatima i actually picked her because my friend recomended me to her then i looked her up and loved the confidence and humanly and cool oh and atentive she is and that i could call her text her amytime and always got a response lookinh into her u could go w ur eyes close with her no infections no death clean record doctor i posted new pics check them out
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