I'm very excited about this surgery. - Brazilian Butt Lift - Aventura, FL

Set for bbl 6/6/2013..... Hoping for a sooner date...

Set for bbl 6/6/2013..... Hoping for a sooner date.... Inbox me... I'm very excited about this surgery.... I have been researching this procedure for a couple of months now. I choose Dr. Salama because I felt he would produce the best outcome of my wish body.... I have saw many picture of his work, and I must say I was impressed.. I live in Hawaii and really would love to have this procedure earlier then June next year... Please, if you know of anyone looking to switch, please do inbox me. Thanks on advance.

Wish you the best also!!! My consultation date is November 16th. I am in school right now and dont want to sit on my new booty too soon, so i will probably wait until after next semester (spring break) :-( I wish i could do it earlier, but that will give me more time to get some cash together instead of using all credit! Keep us posted!
Hello 1klimaxx. Welcome. I was wondering about the ratings you posted, but i guess that makes since seeing as how you have not had your procedure done yet....LOL. I was worried. Anyway, i haven't had mine done yet either. I am going with Dr Jimerson. His reviews and before and afters sold me. I was torn between him and Salama. I wish you the best. I cant offer much advise because I am a newbie also, but....keep in touch!
Hi, I know I wanted to go to dr. J also, but his price is a bit much. And besides I'm flying from Hawaii, which is a bit pricey... And something else that I didn't like with him was, he quoted me a price on the procedure before even seeing any photos of me... Oh yeah, I found out by doing some research on alot of sites that they all share photos. Some of the same before and after photos on his site are also on other sites. But I'm sure he does nice work, but "Team Salama" sold me.. A lot if the girls look amazing... Some people's wish picture is so far from their body structure now, that they are not getting the out come they was hoping for.. I have to be realistic when it comes down to what I want my body to look like.. But N-E ways, I wish u the best also... When is your date?

Anyone wanting to switch to a later date, I have...

Anyone wanting to switch to a later date, I have June 2013 and would really love an earlier date. Please inbox me.

I had to cancel my husband received orders to move...

I had to cancel my husband received orders to move to Italy in November. My procedure wasn't schedule until June next year. So I will be on the search to find a good doctor with a sooner date. I would love to get this done before moving. Wish me luck guys!!!

I'm sorry to here you have to reschedule, but congrats on s new start in Italy!!! If u don't get your new booty before u move, I am sure you will find a nice Dr over there! Italians have nice bunz.

Hi there, welcome and thanks for sharing your journey with us. Have you put yourself on Dr. Salama's cancellation list? It's a long shot but worth trying.

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