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I am new to RS and currently seeking a PS either...

I am new to RS and currently seeking a PS either in Cali or Fla as I own a home in Cali and a condo in Miami. 37 yr old mother of two. (daughter 21) and (son 19). I have been wanting to have the BBL procedure for some time now and also like newbies on RS stalking this site like day and night. lol. I have narrowed down my choice of a PS to Salama and Jimerson. My actual consultation with Salama is Sept. 12. Spoke with Nomie (spellcheck), and she is such a sweetheart. Although I realize Salama is booked until May 2013, I am desperately looking to have my surgery sometime this year as I am too anxious to wait until 2013.

I have seen so many beautiful results from a lot of the PS and I must say that I am highly impressed. Thus the reason to so something about the way I look.

I have too many people telling me that I am in good shape to be a grandmother and mother of two adult children but as we all know as women, we are our very own worst critics especially when it comes to our bodies and shapes. I can honestly say that after having the procedure, I will be the happiest girl alive.

I also have realistic expectations. Nothing unusual and outlandish, Just want more bootay (as the girls say on here) lol and less waisteline.

I am just starting this journey but I feel like I...

I am just starting this journey but I feel like I have gained so much knowledge and insight from just reading all the RS reviews which really help me narrow down my my choices to three PS.

All three of my consultations are in September and I am so ready to begin.

Dr. Salzhauer Consultation Date: Sept 4
Dr. Salama Consultation Date: Sept. 12
Dr. Mendieta Consultation Date: Sept 20.

I love all of these PS reviews and before and after photos.
I think I have read so many reviews til my head hurts. I travel back and forth between California and Miami every month. Also I have family all over Ga thst I go and visit on a regular too. So Jimerson in Atlanta is on the list to get a consult but I dont know when I will be headed back to Atl.

Well, atleast I have it narrowed down and the more I think about it, the more I am sure I want this done this year. Only thing is Salama is booked well until May next year but I dont worry about that because after speaking to Noami at Dr. S office, I realize I stand just a good chance as anyone should someone cancel. I really want this done before my birthday (Dec 7) so yes, I am hopeful.

Oh... I forgot to add that I am 5'7....... 157lbs....

Oh... I forgot to add that I am 5'7....... 157lbs........ I think I have more than enough fat to transfer for my new bootie... Now that my (adult) kids are both grown and in college, I feel like now is the time and I am past ready. I have done enough research to know that this is something I really want and I am going to do it.....

Only thing I need to do now is choose a PS and stick with him. I'm like 50-50 on my decision but I guess it's better than being confused and frustrated over having too many to choose from...right?

Though I have not met or had an introduction to...

Though I have not met or had an introduction to anyone (so far only Nikki and Ruben,) I just wanted to thank EVERYONE here on RealSelf for sharing their journey whether good or bad because this alone has helped me a great deal and I am so grateful for you all.

After having Pnuemonia for a couple of weeks, I...

After having Pnuemonia for a couple of weeks, I started feeling better. Then I go in for a blood test at my Dr's request because I was always tired and irritated after, and the labs come back that I have an overactive thyroid!! I am like... This can't be happening to me!! Not ME, Not Now! So here I am in isolation from my family and friends because I just had the Radiation Iodine Therapy on Monday and all I have been able to do is sleep and eat. Not really concerned about gaining weight because I have never been able to gain any more than 10-15lbs at any one given time anyway. Besides, I'm actually trying to gain weight for this upcoming BBL. I am hoping that when I have to do my labs for this surgery, everything comes back normal and I can be on my way. It sucks going thru all of this at once but I am ok given all that's going on at once.

I have to admit that I was pretty undecided and...

I have to admit that I was pretty undecided and had three PS in mind for my BBL and now I am 100% TEAM SALAMA!!!! Just got off the phone with Dr.S and Ruben and I will be paying for my surgery in full as soon as I get this clearance from my Endo (after undergoing Radioactive Iodine Treatment on Monday.)

I was already sold after seeing Nini Fernandez and few more Salama results and now, I am just too excited!!! No matter what.... SALAMA is the man and his work speaks for itself. Will be updating soon on SD...

Hello Ladies! Hope today finds everyone doing well...

Hello Ladies! Hope today finds everyone doing well. All the ladies who recently made it to the other side, Happy Healing my BBL sisters and may you continue to move forward with those new booties.

(Changing subjects...)
I am hoping to do this surgery sooner than later, like in November or December. Does anyone have a date in either month and need to switch because I would really love to get this over with being that I have vacation coming up in January and will be going to Bora Bora. Please let me know ASAP. Thanks

Ok. So after much more research and comparison, I...

Ok. So after much more research and comparison, I have decided to go with Dr. Salzhauer at Bal Harbor Plastic Surgery. I had to think long and hard because Salama was my first choice and I really, really like the results he is producing, but the wait time to get this procedure done is just rediculous. August 2013. One of the BBl sisters commented and stated that she refused to believe that he and another PS were the only good ones producing great results and I, too in a sense kind of feel the same way but with explaination to say that I still like his results, just can't wait that long for my BBL.

Also, I have my official in-office consult next week with Salzhuaer and surgery is will be scheduled within weeks. I am getting a breast augmentation combined with the BBL and am SUPER excited about that!!! My quote was $8000-$9500 for BBL and about $4500 for BA. Rebeccah saif not to worry about the pricing because I would definitely get a package deal by combining both procedures. I like that.

I was approved for $15,000 thru Care credit and only decided to do so because I also wanted to add the BA and my Fiance and I decided we could use the money was going to pay for my procedure to go shopping for new clothes after surgery. Still on a good roll. I am happy that I decided to go ahead and switch PS because now I can still get what I want, when I want it done, and be ready for traveling and vacationing summer next year instead of still waiting. I know every person is different and everyones results will be too so I am keeping an open mind about my new choice and hoping for the best. I wish every sister here going thru, getting ready to, and has been on this journey Happy Healings, Encouragement, and Blessings.

Time is creeping up on me and suprisingly, I am...

Time is creeping up on me and suprisingly, I am not even nervous, just ready to get this over with. Since I will be having multiple procedures combined, (breast & BBL) I was wondering how in the hell am I going to find a comfortable position to sleep or rest. That has been the only thing that worries me but I will cross that bridge when I get to to it, because I really dont want to obsess about it now. The only person I know that has had this done at once is BrickhouseNY and she seemed to have it made it to the other side ok. She was one of the girls I gained confidence from to have both procedures done at the same time. Also her results are stunning!! Another Salzhauer production.

I have a few more things that I need to grab before surgery. Nothing major but I want to be well prepared. I really like ForeverBootys' idea of the chair with the bottom cut out for sitting. Girl, you probably could have possibly patented that chair specifically for us ladies needing and wanting it. Excellent idea non-the-less. And thanks for all the info you provide here on RS. I started taking vitamins yesterday and I swear it reminds me of being prego and having to take prenatal. I am so NOT a fan.

Ok. Everything is fine with my grand father!! I am...

Ok. Everything is fine with my grand father!! I am all paid up and ready to go. The only thing left to do is my labs. I feel so good about this journey. Iam not nervous, just ready to get this over with. My only concern is getting the BBL and fat graft to my breast also and wondering how in the hell am I going to sleep at night. Bummer!!! but I am taking notes and implimented a few of my own ideas. So glad I found this site because all the BBL sisters have really made it a lot easier and less stressful to do what we do. I cannot begin to express my gratitude.

This rain from that hurricane is making me want to sleep all the time and even tho Fla has nice weather all year round, I can never get used to the sun being out one minute, and the next minute it is raining buckets of cats and dogs. I was raised here andstill don't get it but that's tropical weather for you.


SAD SAD UPDAYE: SO I GOTO SEE MYDR. TODAY FOR A FOLLOW-UP AFTER MY RADIATION TREATMENT FOR MY THYROID ISSUE. I get a call to come in and my Dr. tells me that I am going to have to start taking a new medication. It appears that my once overactive thryoid is now out of wack because of the radiation treatment Ihad Oct. 1. Today was my official in office consultation with Dr. Salzhauer and of course I had to go in to see my nuclear medicine team.
I don't know what or how to feel at this point. I do know that I have no room for questioning anything going on with my health so I take this information, hold my head up high, and not let this minor setback discourage me in any way. I am still having this surgery come hell or high waters.... lol. But for now, I have no other choice but to follow my Drs' orders if I want to put this behind me and get well.
As far as how I feel, I have ups and downs about having to go thru something like this but overall I am ok. Other than the symptoms that come along with having a wacky ass thyroid, (Heart palpitations; accelerated heart rate, Chest pain
A feeling of being too warm or too cold all the time, Nervousness and trembling, (which I have really bad in the mornings when I wake), Insomnia despite feeling exhausted, Breathlessness, Increased appetite (which I don't mind because I want all the fat I can, Light or absent menstrual periods (dont care for those anyway) Warm, moist skin and Heightened anxiety, irritability, moodiness or depression. This is just a half of them and lucky me, I get more than my share.
I am determined to get better because, even though I get these symptoms, I tell myself, "You've been thru worse, and you will get thru this"... end of story.
So now I am looking at having this surgery February 2013. I should be fine by then per my Drs' words... I cried and screamed and my Fiance just held me and told me that everything will be ok. I feel better now. Now all I can do is dream about my day.

Just wondering, when I do finally have my day on...

Just wondering, when I do finally have my day on the operating table, how in the heck am I going to sleep during recovery? Has any of the sisters on RS had these two procedures done at once? ANYONE??? I know some PS don't do multiple procedures at once, but I also know that some do. I'm guessing it is up to their own discretion. Now, when I saw BrickhouseNY results and how she had both procedures done at the same time, this gave me an idea, that I too should do the same and get them over with. Didn't give it much thought as to how I was going to deal with sleeping, resting, or relaxing with both my front and backside jacked up...
The more I read about how my BBL sistas are dealing with recovery with just a BBL, I started wondering if it's possible for me to do both. Of course it is saysmy stubborn ass brain and the fact that I do have a high tolerence to pain, I keep telling myself that I am not afraid and I am stronger than I think. BRING IT! We shall see on surgery day.

Just wish I could connect with others who have been on "this" particular journey. Ladies, what do you all think? Am I being crazy for doing both procedures? Should I wait and have the BA after healing from BBL? Any and all thoughts, opinions, and comments are welcomed.

So... I have been gaining weight and I'm not even...

So... I have been gaining weight and I'm not even trying and not mad because I do want to gain a few extra pounds before surgery. All I care about right now is getting as much fat as possible without over doing it. I stannd 5'7, currently 161-2 lbs. Not sure if I should pull back from the table or set an ideal weight goal for this. I want lipo to my stomach, lower/upper back, flanks, and bra rolls. I just really hope to get a tiny waiste, hips, and heart-shaped butt, nothing too big but I do want some projection. I already have some BUTT, BUT I want a better shape. I swear I hate my body now that I have gained this weight because hardly any of my clothes fit anymore and all of my cute body tight t-shirts are pushed to the end of my closet out of sight. I'm praying for a miracle yall and hoping Dr Salzhauer gives me the perfect shape or I will cry bloody murder.... lol.
I miss my grand daughters, son and daughter. Every time I come back to Miami I miss California. Then when I am in Cali.... well you all get the point. I will be flying my grand babies and my son's girlfriend to Miami on Friday. Can't wait to see them.
Well ladies, I am going to finish cooking dinner while watching this Presidential Campaign Projection...
Have a great night and happy healings to the ladies pushing thru this journey.

After all this back and forth, switching, can't...

After all this back and forth, switching, can't make up my mind, settling just because....I have finally made up my mind to go with DR. RAMI GHURANI, (Dr. Salamas partner). I am so excited and in my heart, I really feel like I found the perfect PS for me. After talking with him and Nancy today, I feel so good and confident. I was dead set on Dr. Salzhauer because I knew I could get an earlier date and his work was good. I got frustrated with the fact that Salama was so booked and God knows I wanted to be a Salama Vixen buttttt, did not work out for me theway I planned.

I have cancelled my consult with Dr. Salzhauer and am boarding the Ghurani train. It is official and FINAL. There is no going back, no changing my mind, none of that. I feel it in my bones that this is man with a masterplan (when it comes to my body anyway.)

Yes, it has been a while since I have updated my...

Yes, it has been a while since I have updated my profile, but I have been on a few times to check my inbox and browse new info. Now normally, I wouldn't do this because I do not like drama, but it kind of had me a little confused and somewhat upset. Some of you WILL PROBABLY be upset, some of you may not like what I am about to say but I think that it is important to be truthful and honest when posting our personal journeys to this site.

i have seen a few girls on here use another girls post-op photos as wish pics. personally, i have always thought that her body was really nice and banging. but today........ i took a closer look at the same photos and well what'd ya know???.... some of the photos are, and im not saying "may be" they are definitely photo-shopped. a lot of us cannot see the imperfections because we are too busy admiring the shape of her body and wishing for results similar to hers, and tend to miss it. take another look. look really closely and most of you will see what i am talking about. i know a photoshopped photo when i see one. had to take graphics design course in college...

So now, you may ask, "who cares, or "what business of mine is it to call her out on it?"....
I for one had chosen her PS simply because of her results. I thought they were just stunning. And because of her results alone, I was on that bandwagon waiting my turrn on the table...No doubt, we can all see that she does have better results after her PS did the BBL surgery compared to before, but come on now, why mislead people and hide what your body may REALLY look like? I'm also quite sure A LOT of us jumped on her PS bandwagon after seeing her results and comments alone. In no way am I trying to start any chaos, not trying to be messy, or anything like that. I am simply upset because this is so unfair to future BBL sisters who are looking at results and reading journals to choose a PS. I for one, think that is is very dishonest and terribly misleading because maybe other BBL sisters are really hopeful they can obtain the same exact OR MAYBE similar results, when comparing body size and height to hers. Using her images as a wish pic and then get scolded for it when MOST are photoshopped is just downright wrong. I liked her, her blog SEEMED legit, and after contiplating whether I should write this made me sad. But I feel that everyone deserves honesty and IT IS NOT OK to mislead people and make your body APPEAR TO LOOK ONE WAY to a potential hopeful when you know it does not. I cannot stress it enough how much I really do not like dishonest people.
A lot of BBL sisters have great results from having surgery done by some of the PS on here and even those whom we may not have even heard of as of yet. For those who have honest reviews/blogs/photos, I applaud you. Thanks for the honesty, cannot speak for others but I am seriously grateful and YES, I have met and keep in touch with a few BBL sisters on RS, which I adore. Again, I thank you. I just felt the need to get that off my chest because it saddens me to think that someone would do such a thing to fool others in believing what is really not. Makes you wonder if she was paid, promised something, given incentives, or what?
Does't matter the reason why to be quite honest, what really matters is WHY?

And in closing, though her PS does produce good work, I would have to say that if you would go as far as to photoshop your already good results and post that fake mess on a blog, all the while MISLEADING (dang there's that word again) other BBL sisters, HOW GOOD IS IT REALLY? uuuuggghhhh. So disgusted right now...

I am back in Sunny Florida. I spent Thanksgiving,...

I am back in Sunny Florida. I spent Thanksgiving, my Birthday, Christmas, and New Years with my family and friends in California. It was cold and raining most of the time I was there and let me tell you, WAS I ever so ready to get back to my condo here in Miami. Glad to be back. My fiance was starting to get pissed and wanted me back home because we were only able to spend time together when he flew out to Cali for a few days for my birthday.

I haven't updated my blog as far as what is going on with me in a while, and since I found myself with a little extra time on my hands today, I would take this time to do it now. So, as some of you know, I had an issue with my thryoid and had to undergo radiation treatment for that on October 1. While waiting for all of the hoorah of that to die down, I was still researching and still switching from one Ps to the other what seemed like every other month. I took a look back at my blog and thought to myself, "THIS IS CRAZY!!" WHY oh WHY is it this hard to find a PS and stick with my choice. I must have nearly lost my mind doing this. I am sure this happens to other girls going through this journey as well. Even during recovery, I found myself on RS like every chance I got, sometimes 3 and 4 times a day. Rediculous, I know, and as soon as I would see/read someone's blog with good pics, good news/ bad pics, bad news, I was on the move again. Either jumping on or off of this or that bandwagon and it literally felt that way. Mentally exhausting to say the least. I am stable now. Although I have chosen a PS and it is set in stone, I will not be updating much on my blog until after my consult and my surgery date has been confirmed. I know some girls do not like reading blogs stating things like this but for me it is more frustrating to read a blog where someone can't make up their mind and choose a PS, than to start blogging about a positive/negative experience of a specifically chosen PS and able to give helpful and informative feedback. Also, this gives me assurance and makes things easier for me while documenting my journey. I have never had to deal with such a situation of uncertainty and going back and forth so many times it makes me loofy.

I have gotten a lot of PM's and I am not ignoring anyone, I'm just not on here as much as I once was. Promise to answer all PM's once I am done updating.

I will be updating and blogging again after my consult with Dr. Azurin and at my consult next week, I will be paying the $2000 deposit and scheduling a Surgery date for mid February. Fat grafting to the breast is out of the question. I have decided to go with implants, Lipo to the upper/lower back, Lipo to the upper/lower Abs, love handles, and inner knees and BBL.
I have gained a few more lbs and feel like a umpa lumpa. My Fiance, family, and friends all say I carry it well, and looks good on me, (such liars) but I still love them all anyways. LOL.

I read in another blog that being in really good shape going into surgery really makes a difference when it comes to recovery and I believe this much to be true. And here I am, sitting on my ass, gaining all this weight and stop hitting the gym because I was thinking I would need all the fat for my procedure. Not wanting to come up short on fat, I stop working out. I am mostly muscle still and we all know muscle weighs more than fat. But I was afraid I would be too tight or not have enough. So I've already started light weight training and conditioning so that I can reap more benefits than none for recovery.

To all my BBL sistas/guys who recently went thru and are about to go thru, Happy Healing and Blessings!!!

I recently updated my blog about one RS member who...

I recently updated my blog about one RS member who was obviously posting Photos of herself that were photo-shopped and passing them off as THE REAL DEAL results of her PS. I got a lot of msgs in my inbox about this but hardly anyone wanted to comment out on the open board, which was fine because as I stated in my blog, I am not one for drama. I do not want any drama with anyone either... This is just to inform and not start a riot ok. The reason I posted that blog was to simply inform other RS women and to be cautious about things like this.
Ok. Being that I am no different from anyone else going thru this journey, I too had to do tons of research, read blogs and looked at thousands of photos before making a decision. Suppose someone was dead set on going with a specific provider because of a certain individuals' blog and photos alone? Suppose they are the same height, weight, and body build, hoping for the same or similar results as the pretender who posted the photo-shopped photos? Suppose that person is just so impressed with the results, that they believe in all their heart that this is definitely the PS for them?
Surgery is done. Weeks and months go by and wait a minute....... Something just isn't right. This is not suppose to be that way, or why is this like this? OMG. Someone is freaking out right about now, right.... Sad and disappointed to say the least...

Now dont get me wrong. I know there are only a few people who actually do this and for the REAL women on RS who are genuine and have always kept it real, I salute each and every one of you whole-heartedly!!! Keep doing what you do. You are greatly appreciated.

A lot of women come to REALSELF for help, ideas, support, and ultimately..... most choose their PS because of these same photos and reviews. Now, I don't know how some of you feel about this issue but it Pisses me off to the max because trickery is an undefined evil and to mislead someone into thinking they could get these same or close to results by using their PS is just not right and I swear, it makes my skin boil. No one wants to choose a PS based on lies and such only to be disappointed with their results because some fake ass decided she/he wanted to post photo-shopped images on their blog. Thus, making someone believe they could have this booty or that shape knowing all the while it is not what it seem. No matter how slightly adjusted, I will say it a 1000 times, IT IS WRONG!!!!!
Some of you may not like this or question why do I care or ask what business is it of mine anyway. Simply because I am a woman and I have used this blog to help me get where I am now. I do not like liars and people who will go to great lengths to try and fool and/or trick others into thinking one way when it is wrong. Some of you may want to know, well how does she really know they are photo-shopped and many will say, WELL,I cannot tell the difference...... That is the whole purpose, to many of you, it looks perfect. Let's just say this: Those college courses that I thought were useless and a waste of time, really were not.....

This whole research thing, going back and forth,...

This whole research thing, going back and forth, forth and back, has really been crazy and I finally figured it out. SO I decided to blog and hopefully this makes sense. I am not jumping on and off anyones BBL trains, tired of doing that.. I just want what I want.

I know exactly what I want and since I am NOT willing settle, price is not an issue for me, and I am not looking to do a round 2, I am looking for a PS who can give me:

1. A little more projection, (not rediculous projection, just fits my frame)
2. Aggressive Lipo to the Abs, Flanks, Upper/lower Back, and inner knees.
3. I want body sculpting for an hourglass figure with HIPS... Not lateral injections but the real deal. Period
4. Breast Augmentation and BBL combined but willing to wait for BA if necessary. Just want to hit 2 birds with one stone...
6. Don't want to wait forever to get procedure(s) done.
7. A PS who will not be doing 44 procedures a day, makes his patients feel comfortable and at ease, and takes his time with his patients. Staff attitude and organization is very imporant also. Don't take my money, then I am unable to get feedback, a call back, etc, etc after the surgery.

In my opinion, that is not asking for much, tho it does seem like a lot. I think the hardest part of research is me being extra picky because although I am not looking for sheer perfection, I am not looking forward to being highly disappointed either. I can deal with some things a lot better than other things but to pay to look better and feel better only to end up dissatified with my results is not an option for me. No one wants to endure that kind of pain just because it wasn't done right the first time. I sure as hell don't. So, in a sense, I am ok with not having found the perfect PS for me, with all that has been going on and not only that, but I think the more research, the better you feel about your final decision. I want to be 100% sure about my PS and not having ill feelings towards him or her because I made a hasty decision based on hype and photos. I want to feel good about my decision. I want a PS who doesn't make me feel like I'm just another number or more money in his pocket. Which is another reason why my PS choices have changed numerous times also. Spending this kind of money, (for some) we ladies have a right to be picky and have certain expectations within limitations depending on your body type. I am not expecting to have a celebrity body when it's all said and done, I just want to improve on what I already have now. And again, that should be relatively easy. IMO...
As I stated in one of my earlier updates, I do have a consult with Azurin on next week and we shall see how it goes. If all goes well, I will be putting down my deposit and go from there. If not, Yily in DR it is. I want to stay local but if I have to travel to DR for Yily, then I will. Weighing all of my options, I would prefer to go with a PS here in the Miami area so I can recover in the comforts of my own home, which I believe plays a major role in the recovery process all together.
I said that I wouldn't be updating my blog until close to my surgery date but I think it is best to keep my blog updated and I know it will be a good for me to come back and reflect on this whole process from beginning to end.
I want to thank all the RS ladies/gents who shared their blogs (the good and the bad) because it does make a difference for a lot of us going thru this journey.

WOW..WOW..WOW... Bigbooty23 just joined as a new...

WOW..WOW..WOW... Bigbooty23 just joined as a new member JUST TODAY and decides to come on my blog and defend her supposed friend. Well. Well. Well....... this is very interesting, to say the least. You seem to be able to navigate your way around these blogs as if you have maybe, possibly, BEEN HERE BEFORE just joining today..... You gets no respect from me and YOU ARE THE ONE who had better think twice before doing what you just did. You cannot and I  repeat: you cannot and will not intimidate me whoever the hell you are. This is my blog, I will say whatever I feel and if you are feeling some kind of way and feel the need to defend the next broad, what does that say about your character?

First, let me start by apologizing to any and all...

First, let me start by apologizing to any and all of my BBL sisters for the drama that has brewed because of the photo-shopping updates in my blog. Please keep in mind that I DID NOT update with this information to cause any drama or confusion. I was simply stating how I felt about photo-shopping and how misleading and unfair this is to us doing research on results and PS. Now.... for some reason, because I pointed a certain individual by RS name, a few have gotten quite offended and even wanted to challenge my character while defending a no-brainer situation. I am not here for the drama but I also refuse to back down in what I believe in. All I have to say is this? If this does not pertain to YOU personally and I have NOT called YOU out, why get so offended, mad,and all there is to know when it comes to me making an important life-changing decision? Why TRY and make me look like I am the bad guy for speaking the truth? And yes, I stand by my update. Yet, I am over this and if anyone ACTUALLY TOOK THE TIME to read my updates, people will see that I really am not about the drama, but certain individuals vowed to take it there which, in turn, had nothing to do with them.... OR DID IT?. I do not feel bad for "calling out" what I see is wrong and if these certain individulas want to continue to make themselves look OBVIOUS, then go ahead, it makes me no difference. I just wanted my sister BBL sisters to be aware that everything is not always what it seems. Sorry in advance for those who don't get it.

Surgery Date: Jan. 9th with CAMPOS

It has been quite a while since I last posted to my blog. I stated months ago, I would not be posting again until I get closer to my date of surgery. Well, I am back as promised. I have a lot to spill about what happened with me during my absence and will definitely update real soon. Just wanted to say hello, add more pre-op pics, and make mention of my date with Campos. Yes, I have FINALLY chosen my PS and I couldnt be more sure.
Jamie Leon Campos

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Hey did have ur procedure with dr saltz yet ?
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ohhhhh come onnnnnnnn oooooooowhhhh mayneeeee How could I miss this Damn damn!!! oh well lmaoooooooo
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JWNB.. girl you are funny. I don't know why I cant get updates anymore when someone comment on my blog or send me a msg in my inbox. Hope all is well with you girlie..
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I had a breast lift with augmentation about 4 years ago and I am 1 week post op from my bbl, from having gone through both procedures, I recommend to split them up into two separate times, not just because of how hard it is to heal, but for the best results, you definitely don't want any pressure on your butt after you spend all of that money, and risk loosing or moving the transferred fat. and you definitely don't want any pressure on breast either because it can cause the implants to shift. I wanted to redo mine at the same time as well and my dr refused to do it because of this, and now that I am in the healing stage I am glad I didn't. Hope this helps with the question of doing both.
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Thank you so much for that info Lvbootie. I really appreciate the input and the more I think about it, the more I think I may wait for my BA. I do have a high tolerance for pain but Ido not want to mess up my BBL results all because I want both procedures at once. I just really wanted to get them both out of the way at once. Not having to go back and endure such pain again if I didnt have to is all.
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This comment does not follow our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.
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This comment does not follow our Community Guidelines and/or Terms of Service. We reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.
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I can tell you now that Azurin does not like to lipo stomach area, if he will be light lipo as he calls it. Your stomach doesn't look big, so you should be ok. If you are thinking of a BA, going with Azurin is a great choice as he does great breast work. However, if your breast sag the least bit and nipples don't point towards the sky, you will probably need a lift in addition to a BA, if he does your breast work. Good luck and keep us posted!!
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Prettygirlslim: I have read this numerous times about the lipo and that worries me a little. But I will see what he says next week. I also love his breast work. I want aggressive lipo and tho many say I dont need it, I figured the more aggressive the lipo, the closer I am to my hourglass shape. And hell no, I dont want a round 2 or revision. Screw all that.
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That makes sense. That could be the exact reason why girls are having to go back for Round 2. It's the 4 liter limit in FL, so docs are doing the best they can. Good point Chocolate Dreams.
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CD, I certainly do not want a round 2 and the more I think about it, I think I am going to end up a with Yily. Been having dreams about going to her and I don't know why. I never blogged it because my undecisive self was still in the midst of researching. Being happy with my results is all I really care about right. Yily for sculpting and BBL, Azurin for breasts.
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Sounds like a mighty good plan. I'm not going with Azurin only because he suggested I needed a lift, which I don't agree. I have scheduled my second consultation with Dr. Chiaramonte. His breast work looks great and natural. I am confident he will be able to do my BA without a lift. I will keep you posted. Let me know what Azurin has to say. I am curious.
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I also plan to schedule a consult. with Markmann for breasts as well since I am already familiar with him and his work. It will either be Chiaramonte or Markmann. I am really leaning towards Chiaramonte. He is about $750 more than Markmann, but he has more years of experience in breasts. He has like over 80 pics of BA on his website.
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Prettgirlslim, never even heard of Chiaramonte. I like Azurin's breast work. I guess this is why they call it a journey.. (sigh)
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True indeed. Well, keep me posted on what Azurin has to say.
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Chocolate Dreams, I may cancel with Azurin because Iwant agressive lipo. His PC told me that he does not do agressive lipo due to healing and not using drains or something to that effect. Oh well. And for him to be charging everything separate like BBL and BA, additional lipo areas, sounds like a NoNo to me. Not only that, but I can see that most of his patients are getting TT and really don't need them. Research has def been on my side thus far. Thanks for the well wishes and same to you Boo!
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Mary... Girl you are crazy but I promise you in due time, you will know. Its not like Im stalking or sitting here monitoring ppls blogs looking for photo-shopped photos. I was simply doing research and trying to find a PS like most girls on here who are trying to compare and make a decision. Some ppl base there final decision on photos and what someone has said in their blogs. And this is why I said it is not right.
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Keep watching my friends. Im also going to show you some other very interesting things too. As a matter of fact, in the end all Im going to say is remember when I said "keep watching?" Lol.
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Wow!! Photo shopped?? Really??? That's crazy smdh
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