I cant wait

I cant wait to get my procedure done!!! Im...

I cant wait to get my procedure done!!! Im scheduled for aug 20 with salama. Im 5ft 2 and 135 pounds i cant seem to gain enough weight. Ive been researching for years and finally decided to go with salama his work is amazing. I have 3 kids and they just ripped my body apart i love them but its time to do something for myself. I have a family emergency so i need to switch dates ASAP im really looking to go in sept so please inbox me and let me no if youd like to switch

Hey girlie!
If you still want to switch hit me up. Mine is for Nov. 1st!!
i msg you. i want that date! mine is schedule for 10/10/12. msg me pls!
Hi if you cant possible go to the august appointment and no one else has an earlier appt for you to switch with .. mine is Feb 1st 2013...yes 6 months away! I know its a bit far out just wanted to put that out there incase you cant go and you dont find anyone else to switch with. Let me know!
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