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Scheduled with salama Oct need a Nov or Dec...

Scheduled with salama Oct need a Nov or Dec date??!!! Lab work didn't come back to great!!! Please help asap!! I'm scared I won't be able to get back in the doc before my apt. I really would like to make it but its not looking to good... I've been planning since the beginning of the yr for this procedure and not I'm having to put it off for health reasons and I'm only 23!!! Wtf.. buy if anyone could help I'd greatly appreciate it just post on my wall if your interested...


I have a June 2013 date, if you're interested, I'd like to have your October date. Thanks.
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Thanks no luck yet but id really love to get it done this yr.
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HI bamabunni I don't have an appointment to switch with you but if you have to cancel your appointment please let me know I am interested in it! I am new to all this and they told me first available is July2013! Ouch! I don't want to wait that long. Hope you can get the date your looking for! Best Wishes
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E OK so my dates have been changed yayyy!! But...

E OK so my dates have been changed yayyy!! But anyways down to business OK so Dr s gives u a garment with the booty so do u need a new garment? I mean could I get a spanx tank top and a waist clincher? Why does your booty need to be covered? I would also love for a list of supplies. Also are there any reasonable places to say price wise i all be traveling alone so I'll have to hire a nurse so do anyone have the price on that pleas help!!!!


Hey girl, whats up with you?! How are you? Are you still scheduled for dec. 7th? All the best XOXO
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Hey girl, im looking for a later date, i need a november date. my surgery is on november 20th if ur interested in switching please inbox me.
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No Mstrendy june is wayyy to far but lola3105 has an Nov date I don't no if that's to early for u
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