Ready or Not, Here I Come: Oct 2, 2012 - Aventura, FL

Ive always dreamed of having a big butt. I think...

Ive always dreamed of having a big butt. I think the world of my shape and the only thing is missing is a bigger butt. Im 5'2 nd weigh in at 155. Yeah im short nd love it. Ive been researching this procedure for a while nd decided to go ahead. Im from Indiana and wanted to find a surgeon in town. After doing researh I was stuck between a surgeon n Atlanta nd Salama nd decided to go with Salama because his work is fucking hot! The ladies he's worked on are the bomb, nd he's very reasonable. Im paying out of pocket nd I had to save, talk about sacrifice lol but I did it. October 2 is the date nd I can't wait. Ooohh! If anyone with that date wanna share a room email me. Im thinking Hampton Inn since it's close to the doctor office. Chow!


Hey girl can you share your pics with us? Thanks
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hey girl! i am scheduled for oct 5 so we will be there at same time! i am flying in on oct 4 which is a lil after you but hopefully we can meet up and compare scars or something lol
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Hey Girl,
Would you like to switch days? Im scheduled for Aug. 13 and cant do it cause I have no sitter...?
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