Looking to Swap Dates with Someone in July With Dr. Salama - Aventura, FL

Ladies it's insane to try and get any early date...

Ladies it's insane to try and get any early date for Salama since he's grown so popular but if there are any ladies getting surgery done anytime in July and would like to switch for a later date (for numerous reasons: nervous and needs a little time to shake you nerves, would like to have time to save more money, or just want a later date due to other things) then please contact me. I really need this done before school starts back in the fall.

Girl you are already ooking good- I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for you too!

Good Luck and may you get the results and wishes that your heart desires!
LOL...Girl I wish that was my booty now!! That's a wish pic but please keep a look out for me because I really can't wait until March of next year!!! Wish me luck! When are you having surgery done?
Thanks ladies for the response... @Tampa...I wish I could have everything done and moving by July 3rd but that's way too last minute for me. Hope you find someone to switch with babe...
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