Looking for a late Jan or Feb 2013 Date! Anyone Willing to Switch? Please Let Me Know Ladies. I Need Some HELP! - Aventura, FL

Hi Ladies.... Scheduled March 2013 with Dr....

Hi Ladies....
Scheduled March 2013 with Dr. Salama: Need an earlier date. Can anyone swap?

I am in really bad situation right now. I was thinking to get a few weeks off from my school in March, but I couldnt ... So if anyone want to switch and do a good deed let me know .... ;)
I would really appreciate your help!!!! ^^

My date is jan 21. Inbox. What day in march. I would love to switch. Let me know asap
I'm scheduled for Jan 8th looking for a march date
hi bbl sis good luck hun w the dates u will definitely find one ! just keep posting
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